Fairfield Nanny Friends

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I saw a post like this in recent past and figured I'd submit one myself! I live and work in Lower Fairfield County, Connecticut. I'm in my twenties and nanny for a 7.5 month old baby girl. I have zero nanny friends - period, both here and where I grew up, and I would love to find some nanny friends (selfishly for myself as well as for Little Miss). =) Are there any nannies in the Westchester/Fairfield area?

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bry said...

I wish this was posted a year ago. I was also a nanny in Easton (so basically fairfeild) and that area is really hard to make friends. I only did as I had friends at UCONN and met one other au pair who is now I am very close too. My suggestion is to find people your own age at fairfeild university or at some sort of club.

Best of luck