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I recently started working for a very well known celebrity. Other than the obvious things covered in my confidentiality agreement, is there any advice nannies in similar positions can offer on how to conduct myself?


Susannah said...

What else do you need to do other than conduct yourself like a professional?

Lauren said...

Be a professional. Follow every rule, no matter how bizarre it may be. Don't "steal" motherhood from mommy. Let mom see first step, etc. even if you've seen it already. Make a big deal of "Mommy's home now, YAY!" so baby does that when she sees mom. If Mom thinks baby likes you best, you're gone.

ericsmom said...

I disagree with following every rule even if its bizarre. Never ever do anything thats against your beliefs or makes you feel uncomfortable.

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

I would stand far away from the parents if the paparazzi is snapping photos...doing so would make the parents look like they are more involved.

Tell Brangelina I said HELLO!!

UmassSlytherin said...

I have some advice: tell us who it is. Or at least give us a hint.

Susannah said...

I can't decide if you want actually advice or if you want us to know you are working for a celebrity and we all try to figure out who it is.

I think you'd behave as any good nanny would.

Follow the rules. Engage the children. Don't involve yourself in family dramas and pick sides. Always advocate for the best interest of the children. Don't sleep with your boss. Don't be too eager to accept gifts from a boss or ungrateful for any gifts you receive. Be on good terms with the other staff but don't involve yourself in their dramas either.
Don't think you owe them your life and soul just because they are paying you. Don't talk about your job even the most innocent story told to a friend can become a tabloid tale. Have fun!

ELam said...

I would conduct myself the same way in a "celebrity" household as I would a non-celebrity household.

Nanny on the block said...

Hello'! I also work for a high profile celebrity and I can honestly tell you : dont be someone your not just to please MB. A great nanny can adjust to the scenarios they are put in. For example: if another celebrity comes over for a playdate With baby don't go all crazy just greet her like u would greet any other mom. Working with celebrities has its advantages .. but dont let Hollywood take over what your real job is : watch and advocate for the children. I've gone to premieres, Grammys , backstage concerts but it's all just part of my job. At the end of the day MB will realize if your there because you love your job and the children or because you like the glitz Hollywood has. Don't fall for it.

OP HERE............ said...

Nanny on the Block,

I appreciate the tips. I've been a nanny a LONG time and have worked for a lot of well known families, but this one is HUGE... and I'm a bit nervous when it comes to protecting their privacy, how to act around other celebs who are visiting, etc.

To the other posters who think I'm "attention seeking" or want you to guess who I work for... that's inaccurate. I signed a confidentiality agreement, so even if I wanted you to guess, I couldn't confirm nor deny. But thanks for being so helpful.

The Devil said...

Lemme guess you are going to be the nanny for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Give me a break you want to crow about your job.

Any advice I'm working for a very well known celebrity.

I have a confidentiality agreement

I have so much experience with well knowns. Did I mention they are very wlell known.

I have a confidentiality agreement What should I do! The sky is falling.

Clearly the thing to do is run to one of the biggest nanny blogs on the web and ask for advice.

Bicoastal nanny no more said...

I loathe celebrity jobs. I've been a nanny for 22 years, and most celebs are insecure, preoccupied, uninvolved parents. Not all. But many. Often, you are expected to work 24/7 and they don't have any respect for your life. IMO, it is a pain in the ass to get all dressed up to go to most events. Although years ago, I went to my boss' weeklong celebrity golf tournament/softball game/basketball game, and that was awesome. I met my celeb crush (Josh Charles) and all I remember is he bought me a green drink with sugar around the rim at the bar, and then spent the night talking about his love of smoothies and exercise (in between cigarettes). So that was a nice reality check and I realized no celeb belongs on a pedestal. But also at that tournament, I got to hang out with Samuel L Jackson and Joey Pantaliano, and they took a few nannies and their charges to see Star Wars episode one in the theater. Nothing like seeing the movie with Mace Windu! So there ARE some great people in the entertainment industry, but I would say for every good one, there are a good 10 crazy ones.

In general, I feel like the nanny industry is pretty broken. I read the nanny experiences on here and can relate to so many of them. It really is amazing how many nannies have to put up with poor treatment, employers that try to overwork and underpay, employers that try to get a nanny / a housekeeper / a personal assistant / a handyman all from one individual for a lousy 25 or 30 bucks an hour.

Nope. After 22 years, I am thrilled to be getting out. I start an amazing graduate program this July and by next June, I will be teaching deaf and hard of hearing children auditory-verbal language skills. A great salary, WITH long-term stability, retirement matching, benefits (without fighting tooth and nail or them), etc. I can't wait.

You can act like you are some lucky girl posting on here about you HUGE celebrity job, and all I can say is, you go excited about being hired to be, and treated as, a second-class citizen. A servant. Woo Hoo. Good job. Did you see the film, The Help? Sad, but true, not much has changed for household employees in the last 50 years. But good job on that celeb job.