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I'm a local business owner in Larchmont, NY. A couple of times a week I see this hispanic (mexican) nanny pushing a stroller down the street with a little girl in it. She is about 2 years old, caucasian. The nanny has brown hair which appears to have been colored that way. The poor child cries uncontrollably the entire time while the nanny talks away on her phone. The little girls face is beet red and it's heart breaking. They appear to be going to the Voracious Reader bookstore. (Today is Monday, March 5). If I see her on the way I am going to ask for your number, although I doubt she'll give it.


Phoenix said...

I don't mean to be rude but I fail to see how this is a bad nanny sighting. Sometimes children cry. The child may be throwing a tantrum. Since you don't actually know this child then it is hard for you to tell that the nanny was being neglectful. Simply using the phone while a child screams itself out is not neglectful or abusive. If you say this happens often I am willing to bet this child just doesn't like the stroller. Some kids just plain ass don't like it and they will tell you so by screaming.

oh well said...

Maybe the kid hates the stroller, but
since she is two years old, why doesn't the nanny let her walk then?
This is exactly the kind of thing I would like to know as a parent. Not something to call the police about, but definitely worth looking into.

Bethany said...

The positive thing is you are keeping your eyes out.

But this doesn't sound like a bad nanny , Sounds like the child was having a tantrum probably because she doesn't want to be in the stroller.

And PP the nanny may have been instructed not to let the child walk or maybe the child runs off when not sitting in the stroller.

hmmm said...

I'm a nanny in this area and this is a BAD nanny sighting. This poster sees the woman talking on her phone while ignoring a sobbing kid. I am a total hardass, but to defend someone who chronically lets a kid cry is bs. No one takes the time to send in a posting like this if they don't see for themselves that it seems neglectful.

Agree, not something to call the cops about but I'd want to know if that was my kid. And go into the voracious reader and ask, that owner is very attentive and could tell you the kids name for sure.

Susannah said...

Well since you're a nanny in the area have you actually spoken to the nanny to find out what's going on? Nope just run to a blog start some drama!

God! If I had a dollar everytime I was walking to storytime a certain charge in stroller having a fit because they hated the stroller but weren't allowed to walk I could've quit being a nanny and join the high life. Kid was totally fine once out of the stroller.

yaurn said...

One of my charges used to throw ridiculous and spectacular tantrums every time I put her in the stroller to leave anywhere she enjoyed (park, library, museum). Walking her wasn't a safe option anyway (twins, 18 months, downtown), but have you ever tried to lead a child anywhere when he/she is midtantrum? My dear girl would have thrown herself on the ground and refused to move - the only way to stop the tantrum was to get her home. Probably some busybodies on the street thought I was a horrible mother.

PointlessIMO said...

I agree this particular sighting is probably exaggerated! You do not no the situation and a child throwing a tantrum is far from abuse. Just go on youtube and type in ''Baby/toddler throws a tantrum'' i bet thousands will pop up and you'll see the same thing.

I think posts like these are whats getting in the way of REAL bad nanny sightings.

Not saying this was not a neglect situation but theres really no evidence to suggest it was. The nanny could of been on the phone trying to call to see what needs to be done. Maybe she was calling her boss or her friend or another nanny for some advice. I'm pretty sure she isn't just on the phone talking about boy problems. Or maybe she was, but who really knows?

rules said...

Funny how so many people are flaming OP and whenever I disagree with an OP, I get reprimanded. Oh, well I guess the rules are different for some of us.

Regarding this post: if someone asked for my boss's phone number, I would laugh in their face. Good luck with that one, OP.

"the crazy is strong with this one." hahahah priceless!

Belle Vierge said...

The changes in verb tense make this post slightly open to interpretation. If the OP saw the child crying one time while the nanny is on the phone, that's an isolated incident. But if the child is crying every time she sees her, and the nanny is on the phone every time she sees her, then it's potentially a problem.

I don't know about other nannies, but the only time I'm on the phone with my charges is if I'm talking to their parents or if I'm talking to my parents (who only call me during work hours if it's extremely urgent).

Just because a bad nanny sighting isn't blatant child abuse doesn't mean it isn't worth mentioning. Yes, we can all speculate if if if for valid reasons the nanny acts as such. But in the interest of children's safety, if we are legitimately concerned with a sighting, we should bring it up just in case there is a legitimate problem! Then the MB/DB can discuss it with the nanny.


Aries said...

Belle Vierge I see what you're saying and I agree but i also wonder how thease nannies would feel being put up and judged for something that might of been really nothing. If i was the nanny walking and my charge was throwing a tantrum crying and i was on the phone trying to call the parents and seen it posted on ISYN the following day i would take offense. But that aside i agree with what you're saying. Better safe then sorry.

Bethany said...

If OP has seen this nanny enough and seen her in acton enough where she thinks this nanny is abusive or neglectful. She should report it to the proper authorities ask around town, As some previous poster mentioned it's a close nanny circle in that area someone probably knows who she is and who she works for. If you are that concerned you turn her in. You don't just hope someone sees your post on a blog and that goes for all these bad nanny sightings.

Manhattan Nanny said...

Oh, déjà vu! Here we go again. There was a long thread recently about a nanny pushing a screaming toddler in a stroller.
The general consencise was, he didn't want to go home/go out/get in the stroller and you don't give a child attention when tantruming.
Without seeing what happened to trigger the tantrum, we can't tell if this nanny is Mary Poppins, or the nanny from hell.

OP was concerned enough to take the time to post this, and she may be justified. When it comes to a child's welfare it's best to err on the side of caution. If this is a great nanny with a charge going through the "terrible twos" hopefully the parents will understand.

Re the phone:
I am usually the first to condemn nannies/moms who ignore children to yack on the phone, but in this case, I don't think it matters whether she was on the phone or not. She is pushing the stroller, and you can't sing The Wheels on the Bus when your charge is having a loud tantrum.