04 March, 2012

Is This Considered Job Creep?

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I was wondering if you think this is right. So i was a live-in nanny until the wife left 2 days after i was here. So now the man that hired me said i can stay and he will pay basic necessities, food, and everything else i need... as long as i clean and do laundry and cook dinner and give him a massage once a week. Nothing nasty or like that just back, legs, and arms. I was wondering if you thought that was okay? is there anything to be ashamed of? oh btw, hes not naked.


  1. Job creep and sexual harassment. Check and check!

  2. Nanny who loves her career!!Mar 4, 2012, 8:47:00 AM

    Yeah, don't agree to the massage. That is very creepy. Please be careful.

  3. lmao, love the title! yea, totally creepy job and dad!

  4. Time to look for a new job! Mayor McCreepy from Creepyville isn't going to stop at massages, oh naive one... ;)

  5. Haha! are we having an influx of made up nannies and nanny problems?

    This can't be real? If it is OP you need to stretch your eyes wide open to the world?

    No! This is not ok and it's not job creepy, just plain old creep and sexual harrasment. Get out of that house. File charges. Find another job.

  6. This is funny, and I am not sure what is funnier: the father wanting massages as part of the nanny's weekly duties, the OP being an idiot, or the creepiness of the entire thing.

    So tell me OP: If you have an issue deciding on whether or not this is a creepy request, consider getting a present from Victoria's Secret from someone you went on a date with twice. Weird, huh? OK. Well, he gives me the "gift", which wasn't my style or color. There wasn't a price tag attached, and I left the "gift" in the backseat of my car, forgetting about it. One day I cleaned out my car, and there was something about the "gift" that struck me as odd. Using a plastic bag on my hand, I picked the gift up, placing it in a plastic bag. After typing in the product number numerous times, the girl was unable to find the product/price. She looked at the gift, and a smile appeared on her face. She suspected the "gift" was used. A used thong. My date gave me a used thong. I told her the guy was ugly, and she started laughing, giving me a free pair of panties in exchange for the gift.

    OP: the used thong was pretty creepy, however, I think that used underwear fails in comparasion to the request DB made.

  7. I'm guessing this is fake, but just in case it's not...

    OP, if you would have no problem working at a "happy-ending" massage parlor or creating an account on SugarDaddies.com, then I guess there's nothing wrong with this situation.
    If you consider yourself to be a nanny, there is everything wrong with this situation.

  8. I do not think giving massages is a Nanny's duty. He should hire a separate masseuse to do that. Why in the world would he ask the Nanny to do that????? That is like asking the Nanny to wax his back....ewwww.....

    If you are okay with cooking, cleaning and childcare by all means keep the job. However, if you think it is all too much to handle, I would decline his offer and start looking for something else.

    Good Luck.

  9. Yes, this would qualify as a creepy job!

  10. OP said nothing about childcare. I am under the impression the kids left with MomBoss.

    Either way... nothing I would do. The massages will very quickly become something else. You're basically a prostitute for this man, or a kept woman at best.

    Good luck...

  11. OP, did the kids ever refer to "MB" as "Mommy"? Is it possible this whole thing was staged and DB is just a creepy guy who hired some classless woman to help him find someone that will feel him up (and then some) on occasion? Oh, and care for the children, of course. Call me Madam Paranoia, but this most certainly is odd and I'd run like the dickens if I were you.

    (Mild Outburst: Why would he ask to you for a massage?! I'm with Truth Seeker in that he needs to hire a masseuse - if, indeed, he is legit and non-pervert. No boss in the corporate world would ask for such a thing unless he wanted additional "favors".)

  12. Oh my god, I love the title of this post!

  13. extra creepy get out now!

  14. Oh OP please tell me this is a joke.
    "Nothing nasty or like that just back, legs, and arms"--sweetheart the mere fact that he asked you to do it at all is nasty.
    Sorry but if you really had to resort to this blog to figure out whether or not this was creepy, I really wonder how dumb you are. GET OUT OF THAT HOUSE IMMEDIATELY.

  15. OH COME ON, OP! Are you serious???? You have to ask if this is okay? There isn't already a big flashing red DANGER sign going off in your head?

  16. Ewwwww! Omg you need to get out of there ASAP!! Run fast!

  17. ARE YOU NUTS? He wants a wife with benefits, and you are the easiest path.

    Get out of there NOW!

  18. I suggest you read up on the job description of a nanny.

    If you decide to provide massages for DB, please do the rest of us a favor and no longer refer to yourself as a nanny.

    There are enough nanny posers out there offering ridiculous services and confusing parents as is. We don't need to add free massages to the list of "nanny chores" and another faux nanny to the mix.

  19. AMEN, CATE!!!!

  20. you are the nanny, period. You are not required to fill the shoes of the missing wife. You should explain to him that he should hire a house cleaner as well.

  21. OP, if you are not a certified massuese (sp?) you need to stop "playing house" right now and leave! As a mother I am very concerned about you.

    Your situation is unprofessional, unethical, and just plain icky! It is NOT alright. The longer you allow it to go on, the more 'job creep' (ugh!) the DB will ask you to do - and how far will you go? You don't seem to be capable of establishing appropriate boundaries at this time; what makes you think you will be able to later?

    What will you do when he disagrees with your newfound limitations, and possibly tries to force you? It's just you and he in the house now, right? Bad, bad, bad situation.

    You should both be ashamed. You should both know better. The MB probably thinks you are already having an affair with DB, and that may have been the final straw that caused her to leave. He certainly sounds as if he is working toward that end. Won't it be great when you're charged with being the harlot who ruined their marriage during the divorce proceedings? It won't matter if it's true or not, your reputation will be ruined. Try getting a good nanny job after THAT.

    Predators are very manipulative and crafty. You are so immature and naive that I have no doubt you will find yourself down in the dark pit of despair very soon.

    And if, in the back of your mind, you are secretly wishing he WILL become your boyfriend/sugar daddy, beginning a relationship this way makes you "this close" to a prostitute - and a low-paid one, at that.

    If he wants a cleaning lady, he can hire an actual cleaning lady; if he wants a massuese, he can go to a licensed massage parlor; and if he wants a prostitute, well, he can get that elsewhere too and I guarrantee it will cost him much more than you are costing him!

    Get OUT! Get a different job! Get some self-respect! Ugh!

  22. RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I agree with Cate, too. If you want to do this... "job" then please don't claim to be a professional nanny! Ew!!! Would you agree to such a service if you worked at Sears and your shift manager asked for a full body massage? Heck no! I know you probably feel sorry for the creep, but he obviously needs to learn to start respecting women. RUN!!!


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