Beware of Fabiola from Chicagoland

I am the neighbor of two lovely girls in the Chicagoland area and I just found this website. I wanted to let you all know that I witnessed abuse to both of these girls from a nanny by the name of Fabiola -- several times hitting, yanking the arms of, and insulting these two poor children. I let the parents know and they fired their nanny... but please be aware if you are hiring part-time or full-time nannies in the Chicagoland area... I would hate to see anyone elses children suffer like these two did.


Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

Omigosh! She sounds horrid.

Thank you for the public service you are doing and I hope she NEVER works w/children again!!!!!!

Bethany said...

I like this. You did sometthing about what you saw involving people that could actually do something, and then posted here as a back up.

I hope their parents spread the word as well.

Nanny Kate said...

What neighborhood did this occur in? I also liver in Chicago and would like too steer clear of her and even warn my neighbors. I'm a Nanny myself but I live in Wrigleyville where there are tons of nannies. I don't want my neighbors hiring someone like her.

Nanny Kate said...

This stupid phone frustrates me to no end! I meant *live in Chicago, not liver. Lol. And I would like *to steer clear of her. Not too. I do know basic grammar, I promise.