Stressed Nanny Doesn't Want to Invest More Time

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I have been working for a single-parent family for since last August. I first started out as her laundry lady, then her personal assistant and now I also watch her 3 boys. The kids are very busy with school, sports, drama & tutoring. This has been the most stressful nanny job I have ever had & I have been nannying for the past 10 years. I am paid 10/hour while the kids are at school and when they get home i earn 15/hour. I do only work 3 days, but they are the most stressful days.

I originally was supposed to be off work at 6pm, but then it was changed to 7pm. I RARELY am out the door by 7, which disrupts any social or family plans I have, much less study time. I am a full time student & have had many other job offers that pay more by the hour & I would be done working by 4pm. I really want to quit, but feel very invested in the family & I do not want the boys to be left with nobody to take care of them. Any advice on how to talk to her & how long I should give her to find a new nanny/personal assistant/housekeeper?!


hmmmm said...

I think you are being paid a fair wage for the work you are doing....but I agree you could be making more money in those 3 days than you are now since you could be watching kids for $15 and hour all the hours you are free. However, if you are stressed out caring for 3 school-aged kids, maybe a nanny job isn't for you...or maybe you just need a job where you only watch 1 kid or baby. That said, if you don't like this job, you can quit. Two weeks notice is standard and if you already have other offers lined up, give your two weeks notice and move on.

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

I think that is great that you are being compensated while the kids are in school. I wish I could find a job like that!

Regardless, you sound very unhappy in your job and if you stay, you will just become more and more unhappier. I would tell MB that you are also a full-time student and that perhaps working as a Nanny and going to school is a little too much for you right now. Say that it has nothing to do w/her simply bit off more than you were able to chew, etc.

I would give her 2-3 weeks to find a new Nanny.

Sorry you are going through this and I wish you the best of luck in any future endeavors.

Claire said...

You could definitely find a job that lets you get off at 4pm. However, this will probably be a 5 day a week job rather than three. Even though those days are stressful, that still gives you 4days free every week. If you are used to this, suddenly having to conform to the 2 day weekend is tough, especially if you are in school as well.

The mom-isn't-home-on-time is one of the biggest problems nannies have. I have started mentioning it on interviews now, because what I realized is that they just didn't know how much it bothered me. Maybe you can talk with your MB about how important it is that you have adequate study time.

Good deal said...

If the mom can be taught to come home on time, can I have that job? Being paid all day while the kids are in school sounds like a pretty good deal! BTW, why don't you use that time to study?

ELam said...

I agree with Good Deal, I'm not really seeing the issue here other than the parent arriving at home on time (which you could discuss with her and make sure you are getting compensated for any time past 7pm).

$10/hour to just housesit all day, maybe do some laundry or light cleaning? Not too shabby. I would use that time to get some homework done as well. And $15/hour is fair for watching the kids, plus you get 4 days off a are you not finding time to get your work and social life in? Kids are stressful, it comes with being a nanny. I have yet to care for a child that has not made me want to pull my hair out at one time or another!

You can probably make more money in another position, but you'll be working every day, and you will be watching the kids the whole time as opposed to part time.

been there done that said...

honestly, your job sounds like a dream job for a FT student. You have 4 days where you don't work at all and get paid $10 an hour to do laundry and personal assistant stuff? I think you sound a bit lazy and that you are going to have a hard time once you have to work FT in the real world....getting off at 7 pm? That isn't that late!

Bethany said...

You didn't really describe the stress you have with dealing with the kids so I can't comment much.

Personally, I don't like fluctuating rates, but I doubt you'll get Mom to pay you $15 the whole time.

The only thing I would bring up to is the end time. You have to leave when you have to leave. Doesn't matter your reasons you have to leave.

It might be time for a different job for you anyway you don't seem very happy. Maybe try something more closely related to your major.

She will find someone else don't make the mistake of thinking you are irreplaceable.

If you leave I would say two weeks is sufficient.

MissMannah said...

If you don't like your job and you're getting other offers, just quit. What's the problem?

♫ Amy Darling ♥ said...

Getting paid ten dollars an hr while the kids are in school is a great deal..esp. considering you are working for a single parent.

Use that time to study up for tests, write papers and read and you will be able to manage both school and your job.

workingMom said...

The issue is that everybody has different thresholds for stress, and this nanny has reached hers.

Yes, it's a great job, but it's more than she can or wants to handle at this time in her life. We don't know what she's going to school for - maybe her major is something that requires a LOT more focus than she feels she can give it right now. I applaud the OP for making herself and her own goals a priority!

Hoever, I also think that the OP should get over the concern that the children will be "left with nobody to take care of them". As a few posters have said, it's a great job with great terms, and the MB will easily find another nanny.

The OP should give the MB two week's notice. Everything will be fine.

Village said...

They are not invested in you. THEY ARE NOT INVESTED IN YOU. If it's not you in their house, it will be somebody else. In a few years, or months, they won't even remember your name.

LEAVE NOW for a better job with better hours and better money. Only you can look out for yourself.

Good luck!

Phoenix said...

you are not their parent. You do not owe them anything. You have yourself, your life, your sanity. If you need to leave your job, leave it. At times like these you have to take out the emotion. In the end it is a job. The mom will find someone else to take advantage of.

Nanny S said...

Jesus Christ people, childcare is a JOB. I know what it is like to have a connection with children and with a family, and to also have parents treat me like caring for their children is a reward in itself. If you're not happy with your JOB, then do what is best for YOU. Her children WILL be okay. She will need to find a replacement. You are not responsible for this. Give her at least two weeks notice and try your hardest to leave on good terms. I know it's hard to tell a parent you don't want to work for them anymore, but it's the most polite thing to say it in person and also give her a letter of resignation. People might disagree with this, but I find a little white lie softens the blow. "My class schedule is conflicting" or "I need to take a GRE prep class and am therefore reducing my work hours (by not working for you...) so I can focus more on school and my future career goals." You can always make it about YOU and your schedule and priorities and she can't argue.

arizo said...

It is just a job. Quit if don't like it. They wouldn't care about you if they had to fire you.
Plus: don't let people take advantage of you.

Speaking truth said...

Arizo you gave the best advise😊