Glen Rock, NJ Park

bad nanny sighting 5
This has been bothering me - so I wanted to share.

Sighting Date: Thursday, Feb. 23rd
Time: 11 a.m.
Location: Glen Rock, NJ Park (next to Glen Rock Pool)
Nanny: Neat appearance, about 5 feet 7, reddish/brown straight hair, short bob cut. Asian eyes. Pea Coat, knee high leather boots.
Child: Boy, about 12 months to 16 months, looked like a new walker.

As I was pushing my charge on the swing I saw a lady, who I assumed was the nanny (sorry, I guess when the child and adult look nothing alike we assumed she was a nanny since her demeanor appeared such as she was not the mother and she seemed really uncomfortable and rather detached from the child, like a robot.)

She walked into the park with a little boy and put him on the rocker (which I think is supposed to be a turtle?) The little boy was on it and the nanny was rocking it - but so much - that the child's head was whipping from his chin to the back of his neck. She did this for about 7 shakes and then stopped, looked around (but not in my direction) and did it again for about 7 to 8 rough shakes. I was thinking I should go over there and say something but she then took the child off and he toddled away but looked a little dizzy or like a new walker.

I saw her follow him inside the paved path that goes around the playground, but she kept looking around like she was uncomfortable, and then I lost track of her as my charge was on the go and I had to follow behind.

About 10 min. later I saw her walking with the child in the stroller through the wooded area behind the park. She was only at the park about 15-20 min.

The image of the child's head whipping from front to back haunts me. She clearly has no idea how to interact with a toddler.


concerned mom said...

Poor baby! Thankyou for sending this in, OP.

What a shame that so many people often ask "are you sure it was the nanny" that OP needed to even mention her reason why she thought it was the nanny.

Just a question to clarify OP, was the nanny asian or was she white and have "almond-shaped" eyes like an asian? Also, can you describe the boy alittle more: like what color hair maybe, and what was his nationality?

I hope the mom sees this. That nanny sounds like she has a cruel streak in her!

Bethany said...

Wow! She seems very strange.

I wonder if she was supposed to be with the child at all, or if she was under the influence of something.

Are you able to provide more details about what she & the child looked like?

I hope the person or people who need to sees this.

Anonymous said...

I am the OP. The nanny was def. not white. Her eyes were almond shaped- and she had a round face. Her hair was def. colored- because the redish tint on the dark brown looked un-natural. She could have been Alaskin? or a mix of Asian-Korean? I assume this due to her round shaped face.
I did not get a good look at the the little boy- and have idea what color hair he had- as he had a knit hat on- I am sorry I can't recall for sure what color his hat or coat or pants were. I def. recall his little face had the appearance of a white child-and he had round eyes- of a dark shade.

The stroller was a darker color- maybe a green? and looked more of a jogger type or citi-mini.

Sorry that is all I can remember for certain.

If I did get the chance to say something, honestly I would not have known what to say.
Maybe- your little one is so handsome? how old is he? I see he likes to be rocked, but I was a little concerned about his head whipping back and forth?
Really what do you say to someone like that- that may just not know how to interact with a child? and what is not safe?
I've heard of in-experienced sitters/child minders who think nothing of jumping with an infant on a trampoline or leaving a young child to wander alone in a library. I just think some of these woman are a bit clueless- but mean no harm. So sad because many families have passed me by to hire these less expensive child care givers and I see one like the above person mentioned on a weekly basis at the library or park who do the bear min. when with a child.

Truth Seeker said...

This Nanny sounds very weird to me. I wonder why she kept looking around. Like...what was her deal???

concerned mom said...

Thanks for the extra info OP. I know what you mean about wanting to approach a nanny in a situation where you think a child is being mis-treated, I've been there. You worry it might make the situation worse.

What would some of you guys do? Would you say something or leave it alone?

Phoenix said...

I get the impression she was enjoying abusing him. I don't think she should be caring for that boy. She clearly does not like him.

MissMannah said...

Phoenix, I immediately thought that too but I didn't want to say it because I thought it sounded accusatory. This woman just doesn't seem right to me, the way she was looking around, it seems like she knew exactly what she was doing and she wanted to make sure she wasn't going to get caught.

redrosebeetle said...

That poor kid! I hope he doesn't have whiplash or a concussion.

Nanny of One said...

What if everyone kept quiet when something wrong was going on in public...

then we would have more abused children, more mistreated youth...

People, its called harm reduction. Yes, it may be awkward to go up to someone whom clearly is being abusive and comment, but what you can do its simply call 9-1-1. That is what the police are there for to protect others. Who cares what the lady would have thought of you etc.

Posters! When you see someone doing something that is outright wrong, and abusive CALL protection. Children cannot protect themselves, we need to be their voice.

Worst care situation, the 'nanny' or even 'mother' is warned and will be on the radar for abusive tendencies.

In this world today too many people are turning a blind eye...

arizo said...

She should go to jail for doing this...
You people, are the experts..

Aries said...

If it was literally whipping back and fourth the child would of cried or had some type of verbal reaction. Or would of made some type of face. And i think if the child cried or yelled out something you would of mentioned it in your post because thats a very important fact and since you didn't i'm going to assume, in my opinion, that you exaggerated a bit. I hope you weren't so tuned into this nanny that you were neglected your own charge.

Anonymous said...

OP response to Aries
No the child did not cry out- because he seemed like he was in shock and she stopped after 7-8 whips back and forth.
And no...I was not so turned into this nanny that I neglected my charge. As a nanny and someone who loves children- I always have my radar up and when something seems out of place I notice quickly.