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I would like to know what benefits other nannies are negotiating in their contracts. Do you get holiday pay? Sick days? Vacation time? Do you have medical benefits? (I would also love to know what part of the country you are from in your reply!) It's a huge spectrum (I'm learning) and I want to make sure I'm getting what is fair, without pushing my luck.


DC nanny said...

I get 2 weeks paid vacation, 1 of their choosing and 1 of my choosing. I get 5 paid sick days, medical and dental insurance, and a 401k. Between the other nanny and I they expect coverage 365 days a year, so getting paid time and a half for federal holidays is also in the contract. Actually, now that I think about it, I don't think I was paid time and a half for New Years or Presidents Day, so I ought to check on that.

I also was allowed to bring my dog to live in their house. I consider this a huge benefit and one of the main reasons I agreed to take the job in the first place!

I work in Washington DC.

Anna said...

I work in Northern NJ and care for infant twins (live out). I net $1000 a week for a 40 hour week, plus $30/hour for overtime hours. I have decent- not great- medical coverage to which the family contributes $125 a month into my flexible spending account (but I don't have dental). I get three weeks paid flex time off and ten paid holidays. I use family's car for all job related expenses and they give me $50 a month towards my cell phone since I use it to call, text, and email them throughout the day.

Jenn said...

I work in Fairfield County, Connecticut and care for two young school aged children. I net $1100 per week (with ALL taxes taken out) for about 50 hours and get overtime for any extra hours or babysitting. I am also given at least 4 weeks of paid vacation (2 of their choosing, 2 of mine) and 3 sick days per year. As for the holidays I basically get every holiday that the kids are off school, plus all the major federal holidays. I can also choose to work a school holiday and then swap it out later for an additional day off. I also have great medical insurance that the family is currently contributing 50% of the cost towards, but no dental insurance. I also use the family car for all things during the day and always with the kids, etc.

I took my time looking for this job and was very specific and up front I absolutely wanted and then the other things that I was flexible on.

Best of luck!

Tigger Stripe said...

I work in Missouri and write my own contracts -- here is what I give myself each year:

- guaranteed minimum of 40 hours' pay each week (they can't dock me below 40 hours if they send me home early or decide they don't need me one day because Grandma's coming over)

- 2 paid personal days

- 3 paid sick days

- 10 paid vacation days (I choose 5, they choose 5)

- 7 paid holidays (New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve)

- time and a half for every hour over 40 each week

- double time if I actually end up working on one of my paid holidays

I get paid on the books with all taxes withheld appropriately and receive a W-2 every January.

ELam said...

In Chapel Hill, NC I had..

-2 weeks paid vacation, 5 paid personal days, 5 paid sick days

-Paid holidays (Thanksgiving and day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, Easter, Memorial Day, Labor Day, July 4th, my birthday was always given to me as a paid holiday)

-Reimbursed for gas/mileage when I used my car

-No medical benefits. I was paid for any days I was scheduled to work and the family did not need me. I was paid time and a half for any hours over 40 per week. I was also paid on the books.

Manhattan Nanny said...

I care for four children in NYC.
2 weeks vacation ( I actually get much more, as the family travels without me a couple of times a year.)
Holidays off, (Christmas, New Years, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Labor Day, Memorial Day)
5 sick/personal days
Rate for overtime hours.
Pay for overnights
Travel with the family. It specifies my own room, and all expenses covered, including meals on my day off.
Metro Card ( This is to take the children about, and also for my personal use.)
My initial contract listed my duties. Each year when we renew the contract we go over them and discuss what changes may be made.
The family contributes toward my health insurance. They added this benefit after I had been with them for three years.

MissMannah said...

I get 3 paid sick days annually and I am always paid whenever they don't need me to come in. I don't get my own paid vacation time, so if I want to take one I just schedule it for when the family was going away anyway. I do not get paid holidays unless I am working or they specifically ask me not to come in. Some would say I didn't negotiate my benefits very well but I get paid well over market so I don't mind. Oh, and I live in Oklahoma if that helps.

Canadian Nanny said...

I work in a major Canadian city (Toronto).

I have one child, light cleaning, heavy laundry, and errand running duties.

I bring home $700.00/week for Monday-Friday (44-or less hours per week).

The family has provided me with a car, that I take home and use on my personal time as well.

The family pays for:
- Car insurance
- Work related Gas
- All car repairs/oil changes etc
- Seasonal passes to attractions (theme parks, water parks etc)
- Gives $ bonuses throughout the year for occasions and my birthday.
- Takes me out to dinner monthly.
- Use of their amazing pool and vacation house.

I get 2 weeks vacation (10 working days) however, if I go over this it is never an issue. In fact they encourage me to take time off.

I get 5 paid sick days that I never need or take. I do not get reimbursed for them directly but do not feel the need to take them because of the extended vacation days.

I am a student as well and they work around my school schedule, are very trusting and allow me to travel distances with the child (we sometimes go for road trips 3 hours plus).

When I do eventually travel with them, I will get all expenses paid, paid overnights, and all travel expenses paid.

I have been with this family for just about three years!
The only downfall is that I work for a single parent family, and that parent is extremely unorganized and has tendencies to treat me as 'the help' rather than be inclusive or interested in me as a person.

NannyPants said...

I work in North Carolina. My contract includes 2 weeks paid vacation, 1 week paid sick leave, all federal holidays off and paid, they pay for my health insurance, they provide a car for my personal use and on-duty use and pay for the car insurance as well as the gas. They purchased my cell phone and pay for my phone bill, I have a credit card linked to their account for groceries, gas, etc. I just have to keep receipts, obviously.

Lyn said...

I'm a Nanny to 2 children in Winston Salem North Carolina.
I get 4 weeks paid vacation. 2 weeks of my choice, 2 of theirs.
I have UNLIMITED paid sick days! My MB asked me how many I typically receive in our interview (wayyyy back when), I replied 4. She then said that because she gets unlimited paid sick days she feels like she should pass that benefit on to me as well. :D I almost can't wait to get the flu or something! Haha.
Half of my car insurance.
Gas/mileage reimbursement.
All federal holidays off and paid.
Season passes to attractions:museums, theme parks, zoo, country club memberships for my hubs and myself, and gym memberships.
I make a $650 (before taxes, after it ends up being around 520ish) every week (for all 52 weeks in a year)for up to 37.5 hours. A number I came up with after problems with my last family being late by 10-15 minutes every day :)

Hope that answers your Q's!

Lyn said...

Oh, and of course I have Thanksgiving week and the week of Christmas until Jan 2nd off (paid) as well.

Silent Aspirations said...

I live near the twin cities in MN. And work 50 hours a week caring for 1 toddler. I get $600 per week every week, all federal holidays off and paid, 19 paid days off (they choose dates), 3 personal/sick days, reimbursement for gas (.55 cents per mile) and anything I pay for my charge while out, and they pay 1/2 my health insurance.