Nevada Nanny Reflects on Possible Prospects

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I'm a student, struggling young adult when it comes to keeping up with school + rent and necessities all by myself without help of parents like most. I started this this nanny thing, as a live in nanny.. but i also clean the house (kitchen, her room, living room and laundry sometimes) plus watching the child who is very bad and you cant keep an eye off her for 2 seconds, she's 2. I get paid 200 a week, 40 if i work over night one day, plus food of my choice.

I'm a very humble spirit, I've been reading these posts and some of you get paid 300 to 700 a week. I'm like wow! I think i'm too humble :\, my boyfriend said they're cheating me of pay because i clean too, plus i feel like i'm walking on egg shells with the mom all the time. Oh well, I'm not on contract but i have 4 months left, then i would look for somewhere to rent with the money i made, and some work back in Florida. I'm a Nanny all the way in Nevada. I wish there was a Nanny offer in south Florida, that would be awesome.


Anonymous said...
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Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

Any nanny, whether LI or LO is entitled to earn minimum wage. LI nannies *generally* do not earn OT. So, yes, you are being cheated, and frankly, many nannies do not do housecleaning that is unrelated to the child(ren)'s care.

So, you have been underpaid by a lot, and now you know better. Don't accept illegal pay, and get paid for every hour of work, including fair overnight pay. Good luck to you!

MissMannah said...

"watching the child who is very bad"

I'm sorry, I stopped listening after this.

Anne said...

Looking after a 2 year old typically involves having your eyes on them all the time.

What does she do that is so bad? Believe me I'm not one to say that children can never behave badly. I would like to know what she is doing maybe offer some tips.

Either way I hope your situation improves at this job or your next.

Manhattan Nanny said...

Yes, you are under paid, but understand that the highly paid nannies you referred to have experience and knowledge of early childhood development.
I too am disturbed by your reference to your charge as bad. I suggest you get a couple of books that will give you information about a two yo's level of development, and appropriate activities and methods for guiding behavior. It is a fact that you have to keep an eye on toddlers every minute they are awake, but they are also a bucket of fun!

NANNY OF ONE said...

Dear OP:

I find that when you post on this site sometimes you may get chewed up and spit out, when replying to your post I promised that I did not want to be that "mean-spirited" poster whom critiques you...

That being said...

Steps for being a successful Nanny

- Treat yourself, the employer family, and charge in a professional mannner.

- Develop a nanny portfolio which includes past letters from children, volunteer agencies, copies of child care related certificates etc. Have it accessible to the family and ensure that you update your CPR Child levels etc.

- Protect yourself at all times with a contract which outlines every aspect of your job, salary, and expectations.

- Educate yourself, and continue this education process. For instance, you are experiencing issues with a two year old, research it online, through books etc.

- Do not bite off more than you can chew [do not take on more children then you can handle, do not oversell or undersell yourself at any time].

- Maintain autonomy, this is mainly for live in nannies, ensure that family respects your personal space and ensure that you respect their personal family time as well!

- Be PROFESSIONAL! From your post, with your lack of capital letters and calling the child "bad", as well as potential of shifting around states etc, be professional, represent yourself the way that you wish a nanny would represent herself if she was seeking employment from you. Dress professionally, use proper terminology, behaviour issues versus "bad" etc.

Hope this helps!