Jumping the Gun

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I am a nanny for a 7 month old baby and I have been here with the family since the day he was born. My bosses have been talking about having another baby and constantly ask if I will stick around when they do. I love my job and my bosses and would love to stay with them. I currently get paid 400/week for 50 (sometimes more) hours of work per week. While some may think it is on the lower end for the hours I work, I am a live in and they do pay for groceries, health insurance, car, cell phone, etc, so besides my personal student loans, I have virtually no expenses.

Would it be unfair of me to ask for more money when they have another baby? I may be jumping the gun because MB isn't even pregnant, but I am just curious. I really love this job and my charge and I consider myself part of the family and I think I would stay even if I didn't get a pay raise..but is that fair to me? Just need some nanny input..what would you do?


melissa said...

I think you're completely within your bounds to ask for more money. With another child comes more responsibility. Plus, caring for a newborn AND a toddler is no easy feat :) I'm in a similar situation, except my MB is already pregnant. She and her husband have said already that we'll talk about my hourly rate again when they have the baby. I think it only makes sense. Good luck!

MissMannah said...

Of course you need to ask for more money. If they are serious about having another baby, the next time they ask if you're going to stay as their nanny just say "I would love to, but we'll have to renegotiate our contract and I would have to ask for a little bit more money." I'm sure they expect to pay you more because it will be a lot more work.

Manhattan Nanny said...

Yes, a raise with the arrival of a new baby is standard. Once the baby is on the way, you should discuss how your duties will change/expand once nb arrives, and what your raise will be.

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

I would wait until MB is actually preggos before approaching the subject. If and when she is expecting, I would most definitely ask for a raise. I am pretty sure they were thinking of giving you one anyway, and who knows? They just may offer you one on their own.