Expecting the Unexpected

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In a few months I'm going on vacation with the family I work for. This isn't the first time I've gone away with them, but this trip is a little bit different. We're going to see the kids' grandparents and we'll be staying with them for about a month. We've already talked about me having some time off there to go do my own thing and I'll have my own bedroom so all of that is covered. The one aspect I'm confused about is how I should be paid. There are three kiddos and between mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa I'm assuming (probably not the best idea) that I won't really have a lot of work to do, but I'm also not really sure what to expect.

MB approached me today, asking me what I thought was fair and I really didn't know how to respond. She thought the easiest way was to just pay me like a normal month, assuming that I'll actually be "working" less hours. While I see her point, I'm also there, away from my own life, including the weekends which I usually have off. I left it that I was going to think it over and we would discuss it at a later date. I'm hoping that some of you have had a similar situation or if not, could tell me what you would ask for? Thanks!


ChelleLeigh said...

When ive vacationed with my families, ive received normal pay along with my normal time off. Take into account that they covered my travel expenses along with any food.

I went on the Disney cruise with one family for two weeks and I had so much off time to explore the ship on my own. Lavish in the vacation spot and be thankful that you get a sweet vacation along with getting paid. I literally got paid to hang with the family, eat some really good food, along with enjoy a lot of beach time/deck time to myself..I was very thankful!

another nanny said...

IMO, you should ask for your normal salary (because you'll be there and available to work for your normal hours), plus additional pay if you happen to go over your normal hours (although you say this is unlikely, I would at least put it out there beforehand, just in case). I would also ask for a small nightly stipend (which would depend on what your typical rate is, etc). to account for the fact that you are disrupting your own life/time off for 1 month in order to be available to them. Bringing you with them is a luxury for them, not a vacation for you.

StrawberryShortKakes said...

I think that you need to determine what your available hours are. If you agree to be available during your normal hours, then you should be paid your normal pay (even if the family doesn't use you during those hours). Since you said you don't work weekends, be very clear about that with MB. It is possible for some parents to expect you to work weekends if you worked less during the week, DON"T LET THEM DO THIS TO YOU! Be clear that you are available to them during your normal hours and NOT on the weekends. If the kids go off with grandma and grandpa when you are supposed to be watching them, that is the parents decision and you shouldn't owe them those hours.

As far as the pay goes, I can see your point about being compensated more since you are being forced to be away from your regular life at home. If you have any expenses on this "vacation" you shouldn't have to pay for them. They are bringing you with them so they should foot the bill. I do not have experience with this sort of situation so I'm not sure if you should be making more money since you are away from home... perhaps someone else can help you in that area :)

ELam said...

I agree with ChelleLeigh. When I went away on vacation with families I was paid my normal rate, plus overtime if I worked more than 40 hours. I know it's not exactly a getaway of your choice, but they do (or definitely should) pay all of your travel expenses, food, etc.

Definitely take Strawberry's advice too and establish what hours you will be working...anything over 40 you need to be compensated for.

ChelleLeigh said...

I would just reiterate you only expect to work on your designated hours. When and if you end up working during a time you do not normally work..if the adults want to treat themselves to a nice dinner, then you expect the extra pay.

Do not let them rollover time you didn't really work on your designated hours to hours you might be working on your off hours.

Keep a log with you of the times and hours you worked. It's their vacation, the last thing they're worried about is tracking your working hours..that's your responsibility. Give your log to your employers once you return home or before the end of a pay period.

Just be clear and thorough. This can be a bit confusing for the both of you.

Again, good luck. :)

Travel nanny said...

I agree; get paid for your regular hours and anything over that should be overtime. I travel with my family all the time and always work the weekends when we're on a week or two week vacation, so I get compensated extra for that.

I also charge $100 a night for any nights away from home. The only exception to this is when we travel to their vacation homes for an extended period of time. In this case, they normally rent me my own apartment or put me up in a hotel and I don't work the weekends. (If I'm staying in their house, I get the $100/night). Of course, while we are away, they pay for everything including air fare, room service, food etc.

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

It seems like you are not too clear on what hours or how many hours you will be expected to work. At this point, you are assuming you will be working less since the Grandparents will be around, but find out for sure. Then when your bosses tell you the hours you will be working, it will be much easier for you to calculate an amount based on that.

Good Luck OP.

Anonymous said...

I'd make clear, same hours and duties, same rate Monday thru Friday. But if you don't usually work on weekends, then compensation has to be made for that. I'd charge $200 for EACH of the four weekends. So, I'd ask for your regular salary plus $800. They don't get to move to around like a chess piece for free. JMHO.

Anonymous said...

to move you around

Anonymous said...

One more thing. Your employer said 'the easiest thing' to do. The easiest thing (and the cheapest way for her) is best for her, not for you. Get normal pay plus $200 a weekend. You will earn it. My guess is you will be expected to watch those kids 24/7, with a few awkward hours off, at their choosing and with short notice.

nannynanny said...

Late to the game here, but in case you're checking, here's my situation.

DO NOT EVER TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THAT THEY ARE PAYING FOR YOUR TRAVEL. That's just idiotic to be honest. Obviously they'll pay for every single travel expense (including meals, car rentals, hotels, airfare- WHATEVER) because you're not asking to go along with them... They are asking YOU. It is their obligation to get you to and from the location and provide as comfortable/convenient lodging as possible.

Every summer I travel for 2-3 weeks to the vacation home out of state (not anywhere near our permanent residence.) At the house I work amazing hours (meaning, not many at all) because of the amount of family that happens to be around, and because the charges are able to enjoy much more freedom there than in our metro area.

I absolutely receive my normal salary, plus any overtime past my normal hours or on weekends. I also receive around $500 *maybe 600? I can't remember off of the top of my head* for the entire trip just for inconveniencing me and taking me away from my normal life. If both parents are gone for any reason, I get paid an overnight fee of $100/night that I'm there with the charges, regardless of extra family being around at that time.

Good luck!

FormerNanny29 said...

When I traveled with the family I worked for, I was paid my usual daily rate ($90 per day) for every day we were gone, weekend days included, plus $30 per night I spent away from home. I didn't necessarily watch the kids my usual hours, some days I started earlier or worked a little later, some days I worked less or more than usual, but it all came out fairly even in the end. They also paid all my travel expenses and provided my food. I would say that you shouldn't expect to have most of your time off, when I went to visit the grandparents at their vacation home I watched the kids more often than not, their grandparents were very hands off and honestly not that interested in time with the kids other than an hour here or there. I would try to get the mom to outline exactly what she expects of you so that you don't feel taken advantage of by the end of the trip.

get more said...

This answer is simple: for the family's convenience of having you travel with them for a month of your life, they need to compensate you. This is such a no-brainer.

ChelleLeigh said...

If you're still super curious, why not call a nanny agency and ask them how vacations with the family pay applies. I'm positive they'd be more than willing to give you info. :)