Remote 10-Day Vacay

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Question in regards to traveling with family...I'm wondering if anyone has traveled with their family and stayed in a big house that doesn't have much access to anything else outside the house. We're going to a tropical location and they've rented a house with friends and their nanny but we just found out that the house is in a somewhat remote location. Yikes! I'm just looking for pointers so that I can stay sane for our 10 day vacay. I've traveled with them before but we've always stayed in hotels and I feel like there are more boundaries that way. Any advice is appreciated :) Thanks!


bluebell said...

When you say remote, are you saying not-even-a-Starbucks remote? Make sure you negotiate daily time off, even if it means you can only go for a walk on the beach or take a nap without someone wanting you to do something...load up your Kindle or pack a lot of books...and why not make preparations ahead of time for a new activity for you and your charge/s to do while you're there? Anything 'fresh' will seem more exciting, and will hopefully keep them occupied - and you sane - until the trip is over.

PS: Good luck!

MissMannah said...

Are they renting a car that you might be able to borrow on your days off so you can drive into town? I don't think I could handle that much togetherness. I'd probably even volunteer to do the grocery shopping alone, just to get away for awhile!

Anonymous said...
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OP said...

Yep not even a Starbucks (oh crap! good thing I've loaded up on VIA packets to bring with me!) There is definitely time off and I'll have my own space on the top floor of the house so I know I can escape there and relax (with cable and wi-fi available) but there's not much option to leave the house/area and go elsewhere. No renting a car we're being driven to and from the airport. I'll be loading up my iPad with new movies/books/games for myself and I've already packed a few things for the kiddos that are new to keep them occupied!

Thanks for the ideas :)

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

I would also draw up a travel contract, specifically outlining the exact hours you will be on duty, your responsibilities while traveling, and how the parents plan to make sure you have your time off each day, as well as specific compensation above and beyond your normal wages.

Since you won't be able to get away from your employers/charges, you need assurance that your time off will be respected and enforced.