New Year Benefits?

rant 1
Hi, I guess I basically need to vent. I made a year earlier in the week and with every family I have been with and every nanny I know, benefits (sick days, vacation days, etc) start all over the day we began. However, with this particular family (who have a lack of communication) just informed me today that my benefits do not begin again until January 1st.

I took yesterday off because of an eye infection to go to the doctor. So, DB tells me about the benefits and I let him know that I started a year ago Tuesday and that I thought that is when my benefits started all over. He said he was annoyed at MB because now he is in the middle of this. THE MIDDLE OF WHAT? MB and I never discussed this. He then states that he understands what I am talking about because that is how it normally works (benefits begin again the day you started) and that he will talk to MB it.

My question is does everyones benefits start January 1st no matter what date you started or do your benefits start over the day you started? Also, my benefits began the day I started, I did not have to accrue anything.


StrawberryShortKakes said...

Benefits should start a year and a day into when you started working. What if you started in July?? By their theory, your benefits wouldn't start til January 1st?? That would make no sense. It is the day after your anniversary that you were hired.

Phoenix said...

Benefits should start on your year mark. Not calendar year

Manhattan Nanny said...

On your 1 year anniversary you should have a new contract. Ideally you sit down with both parents for a chat. Discuss how things are going, any issues, and any changes that may be made in the contract. As children grow older the job changes and the needs of the parents may change. Your new benefits start with the new contract, not Jan. 1 !

ELam said...

Yep, benefits should start the year to the day you started working, just like any other job.

I am also working for a family who has the same theory, that benefits start Jan. 1, even though I was hired on June 1. Yea, ok. Just one of the many reasons why this coming week is my last week with these people.

ELam said...

Year to the day...I don't think I worded that right, but you know what I mean. You start May 15th 2010, your benefits/contract renew May 15th 2011, etc., etc., etc.

NANNY OF ONE said...


I don't know about others, but my benefits start on the same date I was hired.

So I was orginally hired August 1, 2010, and during that calednar year I had taken off my two week vacation and did not use the five sick days that I was allowed to have.

My employer also gives me substantial time off during Christmas! About 14 paid days off. As well as random days off throughout the year. If I get a day off that I did not request I am paid for it!

I love my job and employeer! Honestly, shop around until you find the right employer for you! Never settle!

Go Nannies said...

It also depends what insurance they have and when open enrollment is. MB should have told you ahead of time that it was not going to start when you thought it was and she needs to pay that medical bill if you ask me. I don't care of DB is upset that he had to get involved.It is his kid too therefore you also work for him and if his wife dropped the ball he needs to pick the thing up and take care of your insurance!