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I have been a nanny for a little boy since he was 2 months old. He is now almost two and a half. I love the family I nanny for. They give me lots of paid days off. They are just amazing. The question is, they are due with their 2nd kid in the beginning of February. How do you handle maternity leave? It has kind of been brought up a couple of times, and we are thinking I will go spend time with the boy a couple times a week, but how should pay work and everything like that? Does anyone have any suggestions?


Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

I think your best bet (unless you can manage with limited or no pay for 3 months) is to indicate that you will be glad to work your normal hours or a reduced schedule, but that you will be holding their normal tomes for them for the duration of mom's leave.

IOW, you are available and BEING PAID. they choose whether to use you and when.

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

Sorry, tomes = times.

Don't let them bully you into taking unpaid leave. If they are only willing to offer that as an option, start looking now for a new position.

Tiffany Johnson said...

I employ a nanny, and when I had my second child, she kept doing her exact same job/hours/etc while I was on maternity leave. The first couple weeks I was physically recovering and unless your employer has a grandma coming to help, getting up to chase a toddler is SO hard, particularly when you've had no sleep! Once the baby started sleeping and I could actually function during the day, I would have my nanny do errands or housekeeping while I spent time with both kids. Then I would be there with her and both kids, to help get her used to both kids, then I left for short periods, leaving her with both kids, so that when I went back to work, it wasn't a sudden "two kids" thing for her. I was willing and able to keep her at the same pay the entire time I was off, and it was a godsend to have her around to help! Hopefully your employer is ok with something similar - if she is getting paid maternity leave, they are probably more willing to keep you on paid during her leave. If she's on unpaid leave, it might be tougher. Good luck!

MissMannah said...

Maybe you can offer to do errands or housework during this time, or work different hours so Mom can get some sleep. If you show that you are willing to be flexible, they are more likely to be willing to pay you your full amount.

StrawberryShortKakes said...

I agree with all the previous posters that you should not agree to take unpaid time off while MB is on maternity leave. It is not your fault she is having a baby and your wallet shouldn't suffer. Of course if she wants to give you time off AND still pay you, that would be terrific :) Yeah right.

I think you should flat out tell them (in a nice way) that you are still available to work your normal hours will MB is on maternity leave and therefore you expect your normal pay. If they choose not to use you, you still need to pay your bills so that is not an option. I agree that you should also suggest that you could do other chores (within reason) if there is not enough childcare to go around- but I don't see why that would be.

If MB is on unpaid maternity leave from her job and is looking to save money during this time, she may be expecting to only pay you for the reduced hours that you work. I can see both sides of this coin because on one hand I would probably enjoy the time off and temporary part-time status but I do not have all the bills that most adults have. If you cannot afford to take the time off then make that clear to MB.

Best of luck!

I said...

I worked my normal hours when my MB was on maternity leave. But since I only work 3 days a week, they were really flexible with which 3 day I wanted to come in as long as I let them know in advance. I mainly took care of Child#1 during this time, but occasionally, MB would go out on an errand and leave me with both kids (only fair since they were paying me my full salary too!). She has since gone back to work and I'm back to a set, unchanging 3 days a week!

So during her maternity leave, I was more like a "mother's helper" than a nanny but she loved the days I was there so everything worked out.

TC said...

My boss was on maternity leave for 3 months.

I got paid my full salary and my hours were cut shorter....I work 10 hour days and 3 days a week I worked 6 hours and the other two days I worked 5 hours.

Basically 3 days a week I had just the baby and the other two days I had both, it was a way for me to get into the grove of taking care of both kids and gave mom a break.

Brandi said...

Like others have said, nicely make it clear that you are available your regular hours during her leave and will expect to be paid at the same rate, perhaps to soften the blow you could offer Mother' help type chores and errands during this time period for example preparing family meals, laundry etc, but don't get pulled into doing these things once mom is back to work.

Lastly, I hope you are renegotiating your salary because caring for an infant and a toddler is a big change from caring for a toddler.

Good luck!