UWS Elephant Park - NY

BAD nanny sighting 2012
Horrible incident on the UWS Elephant Park Thursday, 11.10.11 - I saw something very disturbing at Elephant Park on the UWS in NY. I'm still shaking. If anyone recognizes these little boys, PLEASE tell the parents! The boys are approx. 1.5 (wearing a grey shirt with a big smiley face) and 2.5 years old (wearing a blue hooded puffy jacket). Both with brown curly hair. The nanny is a tall Russian-speaking woman. She had on a blue hoodie, black jacket, brown Coach shoes, black sunglasses.

She left one of the little boys to play near us for over 30 mins. We never saw her. I kept asking around who was watching him. Then a woman came over carrying the youngest little boy. She found him alone, crying in the MEN'S bathroom! Anyone could have taken/hurt him. The nanny never looked for either of them. When we approached her, she didn't seem upset. I know she understood because her friend translated what had happened. When we left, both boys were left unattended again. The youngest boy was pushing a large, yellow Tonka truck and was close to the exit. My heart breaks that something bad is going to happen to one of them. She definitely should not be taking care of them. Please, if this sounds like anyone you know, please contact the parents.


ericsmom said...

wheres the pic?

Nanny of One said...

Dear OP:

I would suggest if you see a situation like this in the future that you take action and alert either the park authorities or even tip off the police or child protection services.

Just think, all it takes is less than one min for that boy to get abused in the bathroom or perhaps to run off and even get killed.

If I ever saw so much neglect I would for sure report it to the authority there as well as I would even to the extent to bring the little boy to lost children and wait with him. Upon the nanny's recovery I would ask to speak to the parents or demand that authorities make contact with his parents.

100% Unacceptable!

Truth Seeker said...

I agree Nanny of One.

That poor child could have been molested or killed by some pedophile in the men's restroom or kidnapped by someone at the playground!!

I sure hope the parents see this and fire Ms. Neglectful ASAP!!

How Do You Know She's The Nanny? said...

Could be the mom or an aunt. Either way this should be reported.

Nanette said...

What was the other woman doing in the men's restroom?