Thank You, MB

Photobucket Dear MB - I have been with your family for three weeks, and it feels longer than that. I wanted to let you know what a wonderful person you are, and that you are amazing. As a high matienence child turned adult with special needs, I remember the level of energy it took from the adults in my life due to my moving in a different direction than my peers. As a mother, you are amazing-the way you handle your special needs child with the gluten and dairy free diet, along with your gentle, welcoming personality makes you a pleasure to work for!

Although I am only there 4-5 hours one day a week, which is used by you to run errands, volunteer at the siblings' school, and have "mommy time", I love working for you. Things have been working out great so far, and I love your DC. She is the sweetest child, with her own unique way of communicating due to her special need. Today the goal of potty training was being worked on; I arrived this morning and A wasn't wearing a Pull-Up. I was so happy when she used the potty! I learn so much about her from the therapists who take the time to explain to me how to work with her and children similar in need. Figuring out your "high tech" washing machine gave me a laugh for the day as I pushed a button and waited for the cycle to start after throwing A's bedding in following an accident.

I want to thank you for coming into my life and giving me the opportunity to work for you. It has been an educational experience that I will always remember.

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Wow said...

That's sweet! If she doesn't sign onto ISYN, I hope you communicate this to her. I think it will make her day!