Daffy's in Atlantic Center Mall - NY

bad nanny sighting I saw your nanny at the Atlantic Center Daffy's being very rough with a baby who looked to be about 15 months old. The baby was in an orange stroller and was squirming and fussing and the nanny was yanking the baby around. I suspect she was a nanny because she was black and the children (there was an older child) were white. Perhaps it was adoption, you never know.



Marypoppin'pills said...

Adoption or not, it is still wrong. These kids are absolutely adorable. Thank you for reporting the incident, OP.

AMom said...

Is this Daffy's at the Atlantic Center Mall or on madison Avenue? I'm confused by the title of the post, they are very different locations.

Truth Seeker said...

Poor kiddos...;(

Mom of two said...

Thank you for posting this. These are our children. It's really important to us to better understand what you saw that day. How can we contact you directly?

NannyPoppins said...

MomofTwo these are your children? Can you please follow up with the outcome of this situation?

Marypoppin'pills said...

My apologies... I am not from NY. When I receive a Sighting without a location, I usually Google it. I was unaware there were 2 Daffy's.

To the Readers,
I forwarded the Parents e-mail to the OP. If they feel comfortable enough to report back what happened, it will be at their discretion.

Thank you for the personal e-mails I received in support of this Sighting... this is what ISYN is all about.