Shallow Pockets Send Nanny Off the Deep End

opinion 2 I have a problem and need some advice. I have been working for a family that I started with last year. They have one child that is about 1 1/2. I started with her at $8 an hour and when she was around 3 months old.

I have been looking for another position. I have been asking my current family, for the last three months, for a raise - (since our 1st anniversary came around) (Each time they told me "no" "we can't afford it) Like most of us, we are struggling with more money going out then coming in. I was offered another position at double what I am making now. On this website; parents have an option what you want to pay/ offer. It is multiple choice. $5-10 dollars, $10-10 or $10-15. My current MB told me she choose this one by mistake - that was the only one she could choose.

I was really excited; that is until I told my current family. My current family went off the deep end and were mad. I understand. Note: I found this family on a nanny website.

The day after I told the current family. I found the current family had re posted on the same web site for $10.00 AN HOUR. I was livid and obviously upset.

Unfortunately, the job I was suppose to take fell through. I am continuing to look; but do I stay with the current family who lied to me and hurt me deeply or do I not go back? Any advice will be helpful.


Move On said...

There is no going back in my opinion. They are cheapskates and you were foolish to work for three years without a raise.

If you can afford it, stick to your resignation and move on with your job search.

If you can't afford it, swallow your pride and tell them you've reconsidered and ask if they would want you to stay on.

Lissa said...

I am sorry, but I read, then re-read your statement and do not understand it. Anyone care to explain things to me?

Btw, I have seen families offer a certain amount, then offer another amount later on. This usually happens on CL.

Alex said...

I have reread this a few times and don't understand it. I definitely understand the wanting to make more money but what do you mean with, "My current MB told me she choose this one by mistake"? Meaning she chose the $10-$15? Why did you start work with them knowing they were only paying $8 an hour?

Then this, "the day after I told my current family, I found the current family had reposted on the same website for $10 an hour. I was livid and obviously upset."

I am guessing you mean the current and the prospective? Either way, here is my two cents. Don't ever put in two weeks notice or say you are leaving until you have a contract, things can always fall through. Now staying with the current family who lied to you? You have been with them a year and have always been making $8 an hour. You must have known when you started it would be $8 an hour, even if she did say something different on the site. I think if you are not happy you should keep looking but do not tell them until you are CERTAIN you have a job and do not take anything less than what you are looking for.

oh well said...

You don't have to feel hurt. This family thought they could get away with $8. Since you talked about leaving them because of the money, they realized that they would have to offer more. And, you just saw their post. If they do hire someone else, how do you know that they are not going to try and weasel their way back to $8? This is about them, not about you.
I think the answer to your question lies in your finances. Can you afford to go? If you need the money, you can offer to go back. They probably will need you while they are interviewing for another nanny. Whatever they do try not to take it personally.

Nanny who loves what she does said...

OP says: I get $8 an hour. I don't know if it was because they were mad and upset- but they posted the new profile for $1 an hour after I had ask them several times for a raise- which they said we can't afford it. I asked her about and she said I choose the wrong one by mistake- but she hasn't made te change and is sticking to $10 an hour on the profile.

Sorry, I have ADD and sometimes its just hard to get things on paper/ Especially, when you r emotions are in the way. Hope this helps.

Nanny who loves what she does said...

OP said: meant to $10 an hour. sorry

Bostonnanny said...

They can prob afford more but don't think your worth it. They didn't offer you more when you said you were quiting and are not trying to keep you. I bet even if you asked to stay they would eventually replace you because you already showed them your willing to leave as soon as you find a better paying job.

You need to move on. If you can't find a nanny job then work at a daycare or afterschool programs until you find a good job. It will give you experience with different age groups, benefits and pay at least minimum wage if not more. If you don't have the minimum education or experience to work at a daycare then take any minimum wage job you can until you find a nanny job. Next time make sure you have a letter of hire and a contract ready with a start date before you quit your next job.

I just wouldn't go back to that job unless it was my only option.

MissMannah said...

I work in one of the lowest-paying cities in the country, so I'm feeling ya. I'm currently making $9 and that's only because I love the family and I know they can't afford more than that, otherwise I would have asked for more. Trust me, hon, you can find better, it'll just take some looking. And get used to parents fudging the price-what the advertise is not necessarily what they're willing to pay. I'll bet you whoever they hire is going to be making $8 and they'll get the same "accident" line that you got. Don't get taken in again, what kind of moron doesn't know how to click the right amount? And don't assume you have the job until it is on paper and both you and the parents have signed. I've had several jobs fall through at the last minute and it sucks having to start all over again.

Avril↕ said...

I live in CA and eight dollars an hour is highway robbery for a Nanny!!!!! Anyway, times are tough, the economy is in the tank and it seems like this family is taking full advantage of the situation. Shame on them. I would try to find another family.

alex said...

Thanks for clearing that up OP! I am guessing they probably aren't planning on paying $10 an hour but will give $8 again like they did to you. I would find a new job asap.

I said...

$8/hour?! Isn't that less than minimum wage? (Iguess that depends on your state). I make more than that working at a daycare (although not much more!). I would find another job. good luck =/

MissMannah said...

Federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, although states can choose to make theirs higher. Or at least that's what it was last time I checked, they might have raised it again.

When I first started working, minimum was $5.15 and when I got a raise to $5.85, I thought I was raking in the big bucks!