67th St. in Central Park Playground, UWS - NY

bad nanny sighting I saw this post on the UWS mom's group. One of the moms suggested emailing your site with it:

I generally do not like "tattling" on nannies, but I was part of a rather upsetting situation on the playground at 67th in Central Park today around 10:30/11:00am. (note: incident occurred Wednesday, September 15th)

A girl (dressed in all pink with a ruffle pink flower on her shirt and blonde hair) was climbing alone up the high ladder to the twisty slide. When she reached the high platform she lost her balance and fell on her head. She was beyond hysterical and was bleeding from her mouth. Since I was the closet adult I rushed over to her. Several other parents and caregivers then rushed over as well because they were so startled by the fall, one parent was ready to call an ambulance, however, none of the adults who rushed over were her caregiver. So I started to to yell on the playground who was responsible for a little blonde girl dressed in pink. Several minutes passed and the little girl's nanny (dressed in a long sleeve gray shirt and jeans) strolls over (with another small girl dressed in pink in tow) not seeming all that concerned. She took her to the water fountain to wipe her mouth and did not leave the park. It seemed like a bad enough fall that it might warrant some medical attention.

Again, I hate "tattling" on others, but I just felt as a parent I would like to know if this happened to my child.


MissMannah said...

This nanny sucks, she seems so disinterested in her charge. But the little girl probably was ok, most mouth wounds heal pretty easily, as long as she didn't bite through the lip or tongue or knock one of her teeth loose. If she was bleeding as heavily as you said, it is likely that she was left with a fat lip, in which case the mother probably found out about it when she got home that evening. But the poor girl at least deserved some comforting. And I'm guessing she was probably too young to be on that equipment in the first place.

A Mommy Nanny said...

So you are a "closet" adult, huh?

Amy Darling...♥ ♫ said...

Don't worry about "tattling"...this child needs an advocate it seems like.

This Nanny sounds horrible. She let the little girl play on the equipment unsupervised, was not there when the child fell and then didn't perform first aid.

Yes, I am sure when the parents see her, they will know something happened. The Nanny will probably just say the child took a "nasty little fall."

Let's hope someone sees this or the parents do. This angel deserves a Nanny who cares. ♥
It's so obvious her current one does not. Shame on her.

soccermama said...

Are you sure it was a nanny? Maybe it was the mom and she didn't think it was all that serious?

And before you jump all over me, I am not saying it is ok for a parent to do that too, just making a statement of observation........

NYCMOM2 said...

soccer mama

This may not be politically correct and no apologies about that, but in NYC there is about a 99% chance that you can tell if someone is the nanny by ethnicity here. I have never been wrong (and I chat with nannies all the time as my child befriends their charges) when I see someone who is Asian, AA, Hispanic and/or very young is the nanny when they are with a white child (especially if it is a fair skinned child).

The poster did not describe the skin tone of the nanny but if she said it was nanny, then I'd assume she pretty much knew that by one way or another.

FYI-We adopted our son, so i am aware of this as a possibility as well.

I am not trying to be racist, but I happen to go to this particular playground (Adventure Playground) at least twice a week with my son and can speak from experience.