Bowling alley off highway 5, Southern Pines, NC

good nanny sighting GOOD NANNY SIGHTING: Bowling alley off highway 5, Southern Pines, NC - Nanny was a young, attractive blonde. She had a 5 or 6 year old girl with dirty blonde hair and also what looked like a VERY new baby in a stroller (grey/black jogging stroller). Looks like they were meeting another nanny or mom with another little girl. Nanny helped and cheered on the little girl as she bowled and as baby slept in stroller. I watched her also feed the baby and she looked very comfortable and skilled doing so. I ended up asking her how old the baby was and she said 6 weeks old. After baby was fed and burped, she walked around with him while helping little girl play games. I just wanted to submit this because she looked very comfortable and was able to smoothly handle a newborn and a young child on an outing which I was quite impressed by. If you are reading this, North Carolina Nanny, job well done! Your employers should know that they found a gem.


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Its so nice to FINALLY see a GOOD Nanny sighting. There are always the bad ones... and my thoughts are- what if a parent were to find this site?

1) they would see why all the news about nannies are true and want to not have a nanny

2) the bad apples do ruin it for the rest of us.

3) sometimes it does better to have the good over the bad... makes people turn their moods around

Dont get me wrong- I LOVE this site- and love the fact that I have a place to go where I can relate, but its just nice to see the good times.