Southridge Recreation Center Pool - Highlands Ranch, CO

bad nanny sighting
Location: Southridge Recreation Center Pool, Highlands Ranch, CO
When: Tuesday, July 19/ Thursday, July 21/ Saturday, July 23 AND some days in the previous two weeks
Time: Early to mid-afternoon all days

I apologize in advance for not knowing whether this woman is a nanny, but her consistent behavior just makes me nervous enough that I think someone should know.

The woman in question is extremely short, probably 4'10 at the very most. She has short-ish, sparse black hair and has a bald spot. She wears glasses, and looks to be anywhere between 50 and 60 years old. With her is a girl, probably about 10 years old (taller than the woman, light brown hair, colorful one-piece swim suit). Sometimes other girls come with them too, sometimes not. I've never heard any names mentioned.

I work at the facility and see these two quite often. The woman is extremely overbearing towards the girl, who is an excellent swimmer and often just wants to swim by herself. She can't go around once in the lazy river without the woman marching to the side of the pool to yell at her for something. There is a lot of shouting involved, and the woman is very in-your-face and gestures with her hands a lot. Once, the girl looked a little angry at the woman and said something to her on the pool deck, then jumped into the water. The woman got red-faced and started crying, arms crossed. I have never seen the woman smile, and every time she's in the water with the girl, she seems to be harassing her about something.

On Thursday, much of the pool was closed because of a "sanitation issue" and the woman accosted a lifeguard and yelled at him, again getting red-faced and hysterical as he explained to her why the pool was down. Then she turned and grabbed the girl by the arm, quite roughly, and led her away to another pool.

I realize this isn't very specific, and I wish it could be more so. I'm on duty whenever I see this woman, so I've been unable to watch her more closely. Something about this lady just screams "unsafe" to me. Regardless of who she is (nanny, grandma, aunt, etc.), I just can't understand why a child was left in her care, especially because of how hostile she is towards the girl. I know
there are a lot of nannies in this area, and it would be great if the parents could see this. If she were my kid, I would want to be aware of how she was being treated.

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Truth Seeker said...

Perhaps this is the Grandmother. I have seen Grandmothers act in this fashion toward their could be a cultural thing.

Is there any way you could find out if she is the Nanny? Maybe ask the ten yr old nonchalantly?

This doesn't sound too bad, but if this woman is a Nanny, she sounds very over-protective to me.