Outing Ideas?

opinion 2 I just began a new position in San Rafael, CA, as a nanny for one just-turned-six year old boy. Being new to the area, I am looking for ideas for outings. We have a small window (2-3 hours) in the afternoon between camp pick up and dinnertime. Since we are working on weaning him from the computer, the more natural the better. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks so much.


Manhattan Nanny said...

My charges are physically exhausted at the end of camp days. We go home and do piano practice, a lot of reading, maybe play a couple of games or watch a DVD, take baths, and just chill. They do have summer work for school, so I try to get them to do a bit of that, but don't push it. They can do most of it on the weekend.

Mrs. Billy Lamar said...

If the child has just returned from camp, he is probably in the mood to do something light to wind down. I would perhaps toss a ball w/him in the backyard, play a board game/cards (Yes..I am old school!), ride bikes and maybe visit the library.

rebecca said...

As I've lived in Marin for the past 17 years I have many places I can suggest for you. E-mail me!