Nanny Needs Ideas on Being Organized

opinion 2 I have interviewed and completed a trial day (paid) with a family. They are interested in hiring me after running my references to verify my experience and character. I got very lucky - given the state and market it is hard to find a well paying position.

The family wants me to:
-manage light housekeeping (we've established the details of what that entails) and they are hiring a weekly cleaner.
-do the family laundry (I don't mind) and take care of dry cleaning
-care for an infant
-care for and pick up the toddler from full time daycare
-cook for them

They very much want me in an assistant position which I love. I have a good amount of nannying experience but I really want to be even better than I've always been. I would like to have a weekly planner with breakfast, lunch, and dinner items set up for the week. Meal planning. Activity planning. At home planning. Basically a very organized system so that they can see all I do and so that we can work together and be in sync.

Does anyone know of an online system that displays these things and help you set things up in a neat format? Or have any other idea?


Bostonnanny said...

I use baby connect app on my iPhone for the children. It's a really cool log that the parents can check out throughout the day from their phone, iPad or online. You can customize it pretty easily.

As for doing errands and meal planners I'd just use iCal if you iPhone/Mac because you can sync it with theirs. I dunno if you use apple products but they have been a life saver for.

Kleigh said...

Bostonnanny I just checked out baby connect n it's awesome. My family got me an Ipad for Xmas n this will work perfect. Thx for suggesting it

Bostonnanny said...

I love that app and it makes the families I work for feel more secure because they can view it throughout the day. I have an iPad as well but the app is much easier on the iPhone when your out and about. The only downside is people give you the evil eye because they think your txting on the job, when your actually just logging the children's day. Best part, it's Eco friendly! No more log books :)

OP here said...

Thanks it looks like a fantastic system!