Baldwin Hills Ruben Ingold Park - Los Angeles, CA.

bad nanny sighting Monday, 6/27/11, late morning around 11:30 ish. Latina nanny with dark hair, maybe 40-50 yrs old wearing green top and black pants, with three african american children - two boys maybe 3 and 5 or 4 and 6 yrs old and one little girl (maybe two yrs old) in red pull wagon. Baldwin Hills Rueben Ingold Park - overlooking La Brea and Kenneth Hahn. Both boys on scooters. Nanny was distracted (all the time I was there - an hour) looking out toward overlook while her back was to the boys who were both on the jogging/walking path and on the side walk right next to street/cars. At one point both boys were right on curb and looked like they were going to cross. One lady called out to them to stand back and it seems they were waiting to leave the park/cross the street but they were waiting for nanny - half the park distance away. I also asked them to stand back for safety. The other woman reprimanded the nanny once she was close enough to hear her - something to the effect of - are these children with you? They are too far away from you. Nanny dismissed her and yelled something. It seemed to me the children were quite used to this and trained to wait, however I am absolutely sure that the nanny having her back to those boys for that extended amount of time and allowing them to be practically on the street - they were waiting at the curb handicap ramp (no barriers) - endangered their safety and was irresponsible.

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