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Hi. I am a nanny and I love my job. The parents stay out of my hair and I make more than any other nanny I have met. I live in the basement of their home which is a walkout basement. I have my own entrance to come and go as I want. I have no complaints about my job except something weird to discuss. After the parents put the kids to bed, they sometimes go down to the pool or hot tub which is literally out my window, but I often leave the window open at night because the air is so nice. I better back up here, the parents I work for are hands on. I take care of absolutely everything during the day-playdates, appointments, shopping, etc but the second they walk in the door, I am off. Sometimes it is as late as 7, but sometimes it is as early as 5. It doesn't matter which parent comes home, they thank me and send me off. Many times I will just go somewhere right after work. My car is in a double car garage with a vehicle they don't really use, so they never know if I am home or not. On Friday, the husband came home around 530 and talked briefly about the day and sent me on my way. I had been feeling sick all day, so I didn't feel like going out. I didn't mention this but went to get my handbag and some books from the car and went downstairs. I took some tylenol and fell asleep, probably before 7. I woke up and I heard quiet noises outside the pool. I was too tired to even get up and use the bathroom. I just laid there trying to go back to sleep. I heard whisper and laughing. I think I heard the sound of glasses clinking. Nothing unusual at all. Saturday morning I still felt sick I woke up and went back to sleep. Around 1PM, I woke up feeling completely better. I got showered and went to go do some shopping. As I was backing up, my male employer waved to me and stopped me. He asked me for a favor. He said he had an important conference call to make and could I come up to main house and watch the kids for an hour and a half or so around 4? I said of course. I ran some quick errands. Came back. Went upstairs and he thanked me profusely. He went in to his office and I played some boardgames for the kids. In about an hour, he came back up and handed me some cash and said "thanks so much, ---(Wife)-- got stuck in --(city she travels to atleast once a week)----- last night and I forgot I had this thing". Okay, so I leave. I go back Monday morning as usual and everything is fine. He is gone. She is there. She asks me about my weekend. I tell her about being sick and doing nothing all weekend. We make small talk and she runs out the door. The same thing today, except they both left together. My question is who was in the pool/hot tub on Friday night. My mind says let it go, but I cant stop thinking about it. Part of me thinks I might have been sicker than I thought and imagined it all.


MissDee said...

Hmmmm. So MB was out of town while DB was home? If MB was gone while DB was home, MB doesn't know about anything that went on while she was away. That means she doesn't know about DB's "friend" that was in the pool.

I had the flu earlier this year-tripped over my own two feet to get to the bathroom and fell onto the floor, scaring the cat. (Seriously, I did! She stayed in the basement for most of the weekend.)I drifted in and out of sleep that weekend, until Saturday night. I was pretty sick and didn't even remember falling onto the floor.

If you are still thinking about what happened, that means that SOMETHING happened.

Have you noticed anything about DB's behavior recently?

TC said...

Let it go, there is nothing good that can come from you saying anything even hinting.

I just found out, although I suspected all along that the father was cheating. Too many things didn't add up but I kept my mouth shut because I knew she would find out eventually. Have you heard that saying "don't kill the messenger?" I've learned the hard way not to voice my suspicions when it comes to infidelity. I lost a best friend that way, I saw her husband kissing someone else and told her, she confronted him and he lied of course and then turned her against me and I lost a friend.

Tired nanny said...

OP, did he give you extra money? Like a tip or something? I worked for a family once when the father was gone and the mom asked me to babysit at night, since she had a meeting. They baby slept and I feel asleep. I never knew what time she got back home.Next day, she came to thank me profusely for babysitting the night before and than gave me a gift. Extra money and a gift card. And in the end she said "Please, don't comment with --- the dad--- that I was out". Jesus, she just told on herself. I really believe in what she told me, that she was going to a meeting, why would I doubt her? Anyways, the father was a jerk anyway, so he deserved get cheated on.

alex said...

I really hope no one would be so stupid since that is exactly where your room is and he didn't know if you were out or in... although people have done stupider things.

Now here is what I am thinking, if you heard glasses clinking do you think it could have been beer bottles? Who knows whether he was just having some friends over? I really wouldn't say anything or get involved in that as you have no idea and there are reasonable explanations for it.

Anonymous said...

It could have been the neighbors. It's none of your business. Let it go.

Mrs. Billy Lamar said...

Since you were sick and on medicine, it could have been your imagination. Or maybe your boss had some friends over..male + female...or just male. I would not think too much into this and just let it go for now as you were medicated and could have imagined it. Even if Dad boss is cheating, as long as you want to keep your job, then do not mix business w/pleasure. What they do in their off time is their business and as long as they pay you for watching the kids, I would just butt out.

nycmom said...

I like this question because I think it is one of the most clear and obvious answers we have ever had!

You say and do nothing. You have no information and it is none of your business.

Even assuming you looked outside and saw DB being intimate with another woman, it is still none of your business. Your options would be to leave the job if you feel you cannot be employed by someone who has acted immorally (though, my goodness, there would be a lot of unemployed people in all industries then!). Or still say and do nothing.

AMom said...

It sounds like you have a good job for nice parents with good pay and a nice private place to live. Mind your own business! No good can come of pursuing this matter.

Phoenix said...

Oh. It just clicked. You should stay out of this one. DOn't even think anything about it. If I were you I would just say I was hallucinating due to being sick and leave it at that.

NannyM said...

I don't have a real opinion on this one, but I'm glad I'm not in this situation!

I just wanted to say I like the title of the post. Brilliant!

Just sayin'... said...

I've got to second the brilliant title comment!

Oh, and third, fourth, fifth the keep your mouth shut comments. Aside from it not being any of your business (and you actually liking your job, which can unfortunately be a rarity) you have no hard evidence and would most likely only accomplish hurting your MBs feelings.

I know it's "juicy" to think about all of the "what ifs", but some things are better left alone (and not known).

in my opinion said...

I've had a couple similar situations:

1. Found trackback links on the dad's computer that he was looking for tranny's on craigslist.

2. Found trackback links on dad's computer that he was looking for women in other states.

In both situations, I stayed out of it. The mom will figure it out sooner or later and it's not your business to get involved in the middle of the marriage. And really you don't have all the facts so there isn't much you can do other than place doubt in the wife's mind, which believe me, ruins a marriage just as much as if there actually had been something going on. Leave it be.