Summer Contracts

opinion 2 Hello, I'm a student nanny, and as such, the majority of my employment is during the summers. Last summer I didn't have a contract with my family, and that was something I really regretted, so I'd like to have a contract with the family I'm working for this summer. I've never done a contract for just a summer job, so I was wondering if anyone else ever had, and what it might look like? I have a copy of the contract with the family I worked with this past year, but I feel like the two jobs are so different that it barely applies. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Beth said...

I never ended up having a contract with summer families but there were definitely times I regretted that. I'd also love to see a copy of a summer contract if anyone has one!

Bostonnanny said...

Basically write a summer contract just like you would a normal contract. Obviously benefits such as health insurance, paid holidays, vacation and socks will have to be adjusted for a temp job. I'd say put in two paid sick days, 1/2 paid holidays(4th July, labor day) and make sure it states you will be paid for every working day they will not use you. That way they can't just dip out and take a vacation without paying you. Add a list of duties you will preform, hours and days you work with your hourly rate.

Summer jobs contracts arent very different from regular contracts.