Chelsea Waterside Park in NYC

bad nanny sighting
For those of you who love bringing your kids to frolic in the water at Chelsea Waterside Park as much as I do, I witnessed some extremely disturbing behavior by a nanny there Friday, (June 17th) morning at around 10am. This nanny took the 3 year old boy she was looking after by some of the spouts where the water sprays out, pulled down his shorts, and told him to go to the bathroom there! It was definitely her idea and not his, because the little boy seemed uncomfortable going to the bathroom there out in the public, yet the nanny kept patting him on the behind and encouraging him to go ahead.

I was extremely upset by this because my daughter Sydney and hundreds of other little kids splash and play in the this area all the time, and the way the park is set up all the water eventually flows together at the opposite end of the park, which is often turned into a kiddie pool when it gets really hot. When I asked the nanny to please not allow her boy to pee in the park, especially directly in the heavily used water play area, and to take him to the nearby Chelsea Piers bathroom or port-a-potty instead, she was extremely rude and responded, "It's not like we do this all the time, just every once in a while." When I explained that a lot of little kids played in the area and might ingest some of the water by mistake, she feigned ignorance and said, "Oh really? Kids drink this water?" Which was really beside the point.

I usually try to mind my own business, but the idea that a professional caregiver doesn't care that she's spreading urine all around a public water park is just not acceptable to me. I snapped a picture of this nanny in case anyone knows the family she works for and can please mention this incident to them, especially given that it's apparently been going on for a while. Also, outside of helping her boy pee in the middle of a public playground, she completely ignored him and her brother (around 18-24 months old, asleep in a grey double McClaren stroller) and pecked away on her iPhone the entire time. At one point the older boy was dangling by one arm from the climbing apparatus, apparently stuck, and she didn't even notice. I believe she's Filipina, and her two little boys were both light brunettes wearing shorts.


alex said...

that is so gross!! Are there park officials or anyone in charge that can step in? That is not only disgusting but potentially dangerous because of contamination, eww!! I am sure there were plenty of other areas for the kid to use the bathroom, I mean even a bush would have been better! I hope the parents see this! Good sighting OP!

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

It seems this Nanny was too darn lazy to take this child to use the restroom properly. Sightings like this anger me as I am currently an unemployed Nanny and would LOVE to have a job now and if this Nanny cannot do a good job, I would gladly take her place.

OP, could you have notified someone who worked at this place? This is very unsanitary and someone should have been told. Also, I wonder what some of the other parents thought. Probably the same thing we all do...that it is disgusting and that Nanny cared more about checking her Facebook page than about the health of the children around her.

TC said...

Yuck, I'm with everyone else is there someone you can tell?

I know in my city and we have a parks and recreation department and I'd go to them if I witnessed something like that

Ms. Vivienne LePeaux said...

Isn't public urination illegal in most places?

MissMannah said...

That is so gross and I don't know why people think it is acceptable to let little kids pee wherever they want. I see parents letting their kids pee in the park all the time, but at least they usually do it behind a tree. Would you find it acceptable for a 40 year old man to whip it out in front of everyone and let his pee mix with all that pool water? Hell no!

Mrs. Billy Lamar said...

This nanny is just plain lazy...and uneducated to boot. She should be canned effective as soon as the parents see this which I am sure they will sooner or later.


Phoenix said...

I try to mind my own business too but that is just gross and very stupid of that nanny. It is behavior like this that makes me wonder how different most humans really are from animals.