Carroll Park, Brooklyn NY

bad nanny sighting 5 Your nanny is an African American woman with very cropped, bleached hair. Your son is about 2 years old and has big blue eyes and dark blonde hair. On Thursday May 5th, he was there at about 6pm and sitting crying/sobbing on the ground. I thought he had lost his mother. No one came. He kept crying. No one came. I said to him "what's wrong?", but he seems too small to really speak and just kept crying. I looked around to see who was with him. It was not apparent. Eventually, he just stopped crying and wandered off. Later I saw your nanny with him. This wasn't a tragedy, but it was a sign that this happens all the time. He cries, she doesn't pay any attention at all.
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Reese said...

Wow..I can't believe the nerve of this nanny. This story truly breaks my heart. I wonder where this nanny was when this child needed her. It's so sad and I hope the mother sees this and fires his nanny on the spot. This poor child could have been kidnapped by someone!

Jade said...

I feel like though, there are children that tend to cry a lot or pout, a lot of times it would be worse to coddle them or give them attention for that. It's hard to judge that kind of thing and easy to jump to conclusions. When my little girl goes off pouting and crying in a corner because she had to wait her turn for the swing.. I'd hate to think people were judging me or saying I was neglectful. Not saying that is the case here... I don't know.

erics mom said...

Sorry, not to bash the OP by any means. But why not call the police? Especially, if he was so small he really couldn't speak yet? And you just watched him wander off??? You mentioned later you saw him go up to a "nanny". How much later?

How hard is it to pull out a cellphone and call 911. We live in such a crazy world its better to be safe than sorry. And if the police came at least the parents would learn what a terrible employee they hired to care for their precious child.

Video Monitor Chris said...

This post really broke my heart!! I cant believe that nanny!!! I totally agree with erics mom!