a day in the life
By Nanny Robyn
Here is my day in the life submission for my amazing job taking care of 2 young girls :)

7:55 - Arrive, get buzzed up into the apartment.

8:00 - Make it up to the apartment, greeted with a very sunny "Hi! I missed you!" from Toddler Girl. MB asks me how my weekend was, and lets me know that Baby Girl has just gone down for her first nap of the day. I pop my lunch in the fridge.

8:05 - Prepare breakfast for TG and sit with her while she eats, while MB goes to get ready for work.

8:20 - TG is done with breakfast, she helps me clear the dishes and goes to play with her fake food and cooking set. I suggest we bake a pretend cake, and she agrees.

8:30 - We've baked 3 types of cakes already, and MB is out the door. We say goodbye (no tears from TG today, thankfully!) We spend another half hour playing with the cooking set and talking about random things. TG tells me about her ballet class she went to yesterday, and shows me some moves.

9:15 - Baby Girl is awake! I go to her room and am greeted by the happiest, most smiley baby I've ever encountered. I change her diaper and dress her.

9:20 - Feed BG a bottle while TG hunts for the kitty cat.

9:40 - We all get down on the floor to play with building blocks, and the cat appears to investigate.

10:30 - Snack time! A bit of cereal for BG, and strawberries and cheese for TG.

11:00 - We all settle down to read some books together. TG is full of 'why?' questions, and BG is content to watch us talk and chew on a toy.

11:30 - Another nap for BG. Close the blinds, turn off the light, rock her for a few minutes and then say 'goodnight!' TG and I decide to have a party for the cat, complete with pretend food and party hats I make out of some craft paper.

12:30 - BG is awake, and it's lunch time! A bottle and some yogurt for BG, while TG has leftover asparagus and a ham sandwich. Once BG decides to start feeding herself yogurt, I grab my veggie bagel and smoothie.

12:50 - Once lunch is done and cleaned up, we decide to go to the park. I put sunscreen on the girls, grab their shoes and hats, and pack up the stroller. Getting through the building with a stroller and an excited toddler is always a challenge, but thankfully someone holds the front door for me.

1:20 - What should have been a 10 minute walk takes twice as long, since TG loves to stop and pick every dandelion she encounters. BG is very content to sit in her stroller and babble at the cars that drive by. We get to the park, and TG takes off to go down the slide.

1:30 - BG and I hang out on a bench, and she practices standing. She holds on to the bench and stands all by herself for at least a minute!

1:45 - TG comes over, and we take a break for a snack. A few drinks from the bottle for BG, and dried fruit and grapes for TG. The grapes are too big for her to chew so I end up having to break them in half (which turns out to be challenging to do without a knife!)

2:15 - Time to leave! TG throws a fit and I end up having to carry her off the playground. By the time we've started walking back, she's back to her usual chipper self and is wondering if it hurts the flowers when she picks them.

2:45 - Back home, and another nap for BG. Once BG is asleep, TG and I read books in her parents' bed until she falls asleep. I sit down on the couch, check my email, and then grab my book.

3:45 - BG is awake. I change her diaper, and we play with maracas and an xylophone on the bedroom floor.

4:15 - TG wakes up, totally disoriented and sobbing. I calm her down by singing her favourite songs, and then we read a few more stories together. When BG gets bored, we decide it's time to dance! TG puts on her tutu, I put on some music, and we start dancing! BG likes to watch us and clap.

4:30 - Another bottle for BG, and I tidy up the girls' bedroom and any toys that have strayed into the living room. I wipe down the table and pick up and dropped food while TG tries to have a tea party with BG.

5:05 - MB is home, and the girls are so happy to see her! I give her a quick update on when BG ate and slept, and MB hears all about what we did that day from TG.

5:10 - I grab my stuff, and I'm ready to head out the door. MB and I chat for a few minutes, and then TG tells me "Bye! I miss you! I love you!" All I can think is that I'm so excited to come back tomorrow.


RBTC said...

very good job and very good writing ! keep it up !

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

This was a well-written piece and not boring at all.

Robyn, you sound like a great Nanny and your post clearly illustrates how tough a Nanny's job can be, but also how rewarding as well.

Keep up the good (hard!) work. Those children are truly blessed to have you as their Nanny!~

Abc123 said...

Very sweet, I liked this one!