a day in the life
By Nanny Kelly

6:10: wake up, make coffee, turn on the computer, read the news.
6:40: take a shower and get ready for the day.
7:20: grab breakfast for the bus and leave.
725: catch the bus and eat breakfast on the way.
8 AM: arrive at work, walk into the apartment area of the building and don't find J or her parents.
8:05: put dishes away and start new load in the dishwasher.
8:10: walk down to the factory area of their building and find J with her dad and other employees of his business eating breakfast, sit down with them and have a coffee.
8:30: walk with J back to the apartment area, clean up her breakfast plate, while she takes out coloring supplies.
9:30: we've finished coloring and are studying a world map, we talk about where we are (Europe) where I come from (USA) and where her family's cleaning lady comes from (Brazil)
9:45: clean up coloring supplies, head into the playroom to play Barbie.
10:45: set up a tea party in the playroom.
11:30: play barbie again.
12:00: take a puzzle out onto the patio.
12:45: I start making lunch for us and her dad.
1:20: we sit down to eat together and speak in a mixture of French and English, J finishes most of her plate, tells me how delicious it was and of course asks for a chocolate bunny leftover from Easter for dessert, we (her dad and I) both say yes.
2:00: pack J's snack box and we leave to catch the bus to the natural history museum.
2:30: arrive at the museum and talk about the animals we see.
3:45: sit down at the café for J's snack, I buy a "coca zero" for myself.
4:15: take the bus back to J's.
4:45: arrive home and say hello to her dad, he tells me he'll be up in 5 minutes.
4:50: J takes out coloring supplies again.
5:00: her dad walks in, sits down at the table with us to talk about the day and J gives him a princess coloring book to color in.
5:30: I finish my coloring and J's dad asks if J if she thinks its better if I stay all night, she says "oui!!", her dad tells her that sadly, I must go home.
5:35: I give J a kiss and say my goodbyes.
5:40: make the bus just in time.
6:20: arrive home and make dinner for my husband and I.

I work for an amazing family who really respects me. I feel very lucky.

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