a day in the life
By Anonymous Nanny
A day as a Mothers Helper

2:30 Open the door and greated by morning nanny.
2:31-2:40 Talk to the morning nanny and discuss what went on earlier the day what time the children were put down for their rest etc.
2:40-2:50 Do dishes, sweep floor.
2:51-3:10 Walk to pick up child from school.
3:11-3:30 Talk to mom, figure out game plan for the day.
3:31-4:00 Child 2 is done with his rest give him a snack and turn on the tv.
4:00-4:30 Child 3 is done with rest give her a snack and allow her to watch TV.
4:30-7:00 Mom and daughter 1 go out for extra curricular activities.
4:30-5:00 Finish snacks, clean up, allow children to play by themselves.
5:01-5:15 Potty time and get socks and shoes on.
5:15-6:00 Play time in back yard.
6:01-6:15 Clean up kids, put their coats and shoes away.
6:16-7:00 Play time until mommy comes home.
7:01-7:30 Prepare dinner and eat (mom tells me she needs to run errands and she will be back at 9)
7:45-8:00 Clean off table and dishes.
8:01-8:45 Bath time for all 3 kids.
8:45-9:00 TV pull ups, potty and teen brushed.
9:00-9:10 Mom comes in apologizing for being late I say good night to all the kids.
9:10-9:30 Last minute clean up before I leave for the night.


Ellen said...

nothing juicy :(

MissMannah said...

So here we have a stay at home mom who has 3 children, 1 of which is in school and has 2 nannies? Is this mom physically unable to care for her own children? I can see kids being difficult and needing a second set of hands sometimes but these kids take naps, play alone for over 30 minutes and watch TV for over an hour. Is there a father in this family? If so, it seems as if the mom should be able to run her vital errands for 2 hours every night after he comes home.

This is only my opinion. And it is my opinion that if a woman wants to stay at home with her children, that is exactly what she should be doing, rather than pawning them off on someone else.

Lisa L. said...

I agree Ellen. Nothing juicy. Read the one after this one...has more drama involved.

By the way, what ever happened to Rebecca's weekly columns? she still a guest writer for this website?

Marypoppin'pills said...

Lisa L.,

I had assumed Rebecca was taking a short break. I am not sure if she is going to continue writing... maybe she will see your question and answer it herself. ;-)

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

Regarding Rebecca, I hope some of the negative comments did not deter her from submitting writing on here.