A Typical Tuesday

a day in the life
8:14—MB gives me my semi-weekly reminder to water down Lucy’s orange juice because she believes that her diaper rash is actually an allergic reaction to something, probably citrus. Unfortunately we cannot check the journal I have been keeping for patterns as MB has lost it.

8:19—MB closes the office door in Lucy’s face, saying she has to work. Lucy cries at the door for several minutes.

8:22—Lucy whines alternately at the back and garage doors, wanting to go play in the wet grass or with the leaf blower (a new obsession).

8:25—MB comes out of the office just long enough to remind Lucy that she is still here, then goes upstairs, where Lucy tries to follow her. I spend the next few minutes pulling her off the stairs, screaming.

8:32—Lucy runs around the house, only getting into the things she knows she is not supposed to. Just goes to one after the next, me telling her no each time.

8:48—MB calls me to the stairs, where she is standing on the balcony in a bra and a thong. She then throws a load of laundry over the edge for me to do. This reminds Lucy that her mom is still here, so I hold her screaming in one arm while I do the laundry with the other.

8:52—I tell Lucy we need to go change her diaper, MB immediately comes out of her room and meets us at the top of the stairs, where she takes her and changes her (because she still thinks her occasional diaper rash is somehow my fault).

8:53-9:20—MB tells Lucy that she can play in her room while she gets ready, so I spend this time constantly telling her not to play with the razors, get in the tub, try to plug in the straightener, etc. I also receive my daily chores—clean MB’s bathroom and do the laundry. I get to clean the bathroom “because she doesn’t want to waste her time doing it.”

9:22—She pulls together some things in her office, Lucy runs back and forth between the office (where she plays with her dad’s super expensive electric guitar and amp) and the kitchen (where she wants a bite of graham cracker).

9:26—She tells me to take Lucy upstairs to look for her phone “because it will be fun for her.”

9:28—She yells up the stairs to tell me her phone is actually downstairs.

9:30—She asks Lucy if she wants to walk her out to the garage (where the leaf blower is), she screams in my ear because she wants the leaf blower, she yells over her screams to add toilet paper stocking in all 3 bathrooms to my chore list.

9:35-9:50—She plays with something for 30 seconds, comes to table for graham cracker, plays for 30 seconds, comes to table for graham cracker, over and over (this is the only way she will eat.. Won’t eat anything if she is forced to sit and eat. She has to be moving around). This results in a disaster in the entire house.

9:55—She pulls out all of the pots and pans, drinks, and kitchen appliances she is able to access from “her cabinet” (which just has aprons and baby friendly things, but is under the island so is open to the rest of the locked cabinets under the island).

10:07—Lucy stops in her tracks, cries for no reason, looks at me, I raise my eyebrows a little, she stops and moves on to another toy.

10:18—I am sitting on a chair, Lucy is standing on my lap. She tries to climb over the back, I pull her down and tell her no. She does it again, I tell her no. She does it again, I tell her no and say that if I have to do it again I’ll make her get down. She does it again, I put her down. Immediately starts whining. After I don’t let her back up, she head butts the glass table because she is mad at me.

10:23—She has been out of the room for 10 seconds, so I follow into the other room. She is in the closet with the vacuum cord wrapped around her neck. I harshly tell her no and pull her out of the closet. She runs into another room and picks up the candlestick that is on the table at her level. I grab it and yell at her to stop.

10:32—She goes into the partially constructed wine cellar and opens the wine fridge, which is working and has bottles of wine in it (again, at her level on the tile floor). I tell her to close it, she closes and immediately opens again. I tell her to leave it closed, she shakes her head no.

10:39—Lucy starts whining and screaming because she is mad that my feet are on the ottoman instead of the floor.

10:49—MB decides to drop in to take some measurements for the living room remodel. Measurements that I have seen her take 3 times and that she has called and had me do twice. She leaves 20 minutes later, Lucy is pissed.
ISYN - A Day in the Life

11:34—Get to the library because I can’t handle it anymore. Find out that library doesn’t open until 12:30 today.

11:52—We go to lunch.

12:32—Put her down for her nap, she screams.

12:35—Empty dishwasher and reload with the dirty dishes that are filling the sink.

12:42—Pick up around the house.

12:50—Lucy falls asleep (in record time!)

12:52—Head upstairs to clean bathroom.

1:08—Go to the garage and get giant bag of toilet paper to carry around to restock the 3 bathrooms.

1:19—Take dog out to poop, clean up her poop.

1:23—Fold the laundry I have been doing throughout the day.

1:32—Do my daily chores of washing the high chair, scrubbing the grime off the table, and wiping down the counters.

1:39—Time for a break!

2:22—Lucy wakes up, crying frantically.

2:28—MB calles and I accidentally hit ‘reject’ on my phone. I call back immediately but get her voicemail. I wait less than a minute and try calling back again—she answers and is very concerned about me not answering the phone and makes a comment about me possibly talking on my phone. I then tell her about my plans for the afternoon for us to go to the library again and she says to hold off on that until another day because the gardener is coming today and she wants Lucy to be able to watch him. Even if the gardener is just across the street, she spelled out that she would like us to walk across the street and watch the gardener.

2:42—Get Lucy out of bed and change her diaper.

2:54—Lucy whines because she can’t reach her balloon.

3:01—Lucy is mad because she is sitting on the ottoman and her balloon is on the ground next to the ottoman.

3:04—Lucy wanders into other room and picks off part of the armoire and hands it to me with a smile and heads over to the other area of house with extensive non-babyproofed items on low tables.

3:08—She won’t stop pulling on the shutters and I manage to redirect her by having her go and find her juice.

3:09—She runs to the stairs and starts going up on her own. I tell her no, we have a stare-down until she finally says ‘mama?’

3:14—We sit down to color. I let her have 1 marker at a time, she tries to color without taking the cap off, I tell her to take it off, she scribbles a little, puts cap back on, and wants a different color.

3:17—MB calls and wants me to measure the current couches because she is at the store right now and needs to know. I measure, turn back around, and Lucy has colored all over herself, the table, and her high chair. I had tried to take the marker away before I walked to other side of the room, but she started screaming and her mom would have been highly concerned if she continued.

3:28—Another poopy diaper.

3:30—Lucy cries because she doesn’t want me to put another diaper on her, I once again explain that she has to wear them until she decides to potty train. She shakes her head no to this.

3:32—Lucy opens the drawer and pulls out the peeler.

3:34—Lucy opens the cupboard and starts pulling all of the food out of it.

3:35—I put her in her high chair and give her some crackers.

3:37—She has eaten all of the peanut butter out of them, wants more, I tell her no, not until she finishes what she has.

3:39—She wants down, I reach over to get her, she frantically grabs her remaining crackers to stuff into her mouth. So I leave her there and give her more.

3:45—Whines because she wants the tape measure, I make her say please, she goes and tries to measure the furniture.

3:48—Play with balloon on couch.

3:51—Lucy fake cries because she threw the balloon over the couch on purpose and the dog started smelling it.

3:53—She measures my body parts.

3:57—Teach Lucy the word “you.”

4:03—Head out to the backyard.

4:15—Sticks her arm in a puddle.

4:18—I accidentally peg her in the shoulder with a plastic baseball, she is so shocked that she doesn’t react, so I start to laugh and she does too. Then we run pretend bases together.

4:20—She starts to turn on the hose.

4:24—Started to pick a lime off the tree, I said no, picked it, I got mad, she tried to put it back, then gave up. Then picked another one.

4:37—Lucy listens the third time I tell her not to destroy the palm tree. Breakthrough!

4:40—I continue to attempt to teach her not to run while holding a stick.

4:58—Head home.

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nycmom said...

This does not sound like a very happy job for you :(

It reminds me of one of the first Day in the Life with a similar passive-aggressive, inappropriate mom.

Did your original job description include this degree of housework?

How long have you worked for this family?

Lucy sounds like a difficult child, but it is hard to judge a toddler harshly. My first child is and always has been a tough kid - from poor sleeping, OCD type behavior (similar to Lucy freaking because your feet were on the Ottoman!), and constantly on the move. She is still high-maintenance at almost 11yo.

I hope this family at least pays you really, really well!!

enough! said...

I am getting tired of all these "days in the life."
just my opinion.

i feel your pain said...

Wow !! This sounds like my day except the child I nanny for is quite good ( if dad isn't around). And its the dad working from home. He didn't work from home in the beginning and it was glorious !! it is just awful having a work from home parent, if I knew they were going to do this to me I never would've taken the job. I love my charge so much now but am casually looking for a new job only because of the dad !! Good luck op !

unicornsparkleprincess said...

i agree...i don't know, i find that the perfect, happy ones are getting to be obnoxious. i liked this one because i can relate to being in such a bad nanny position and i thought it was humorous, but for the most part they're a huge pain to scroll through since they're so long. Could we at last put a cut on it?

lmurph said...


agree about the cut - I like to read these now and then, but it is so irritating having to scroll past the whole thing; for that matter, how about a cut on all of the long posts?

Phoenix said...

Why the fuck would her mom want that brat kid to watch the gardner. So maybe she will scare the living day lights out of him and never come back? Your day sounds so horrible. I feel very bad for you. Please at least tell me you get paid well. The parents obviously don't tell that girl "no" That one would have tested my limits and would have found herself locked her bedroom all day. Wow that is just crappy

Floor dweller said...

I agree they can get rather long. Although I do
enjoy reading them. Perhaps they can be more of
an hour by hour account rather then minute by

Wow said...

I'd like to make a few suggestions about this post. First, you have to define your job. You are clearly working as a babysitter/housekeeper, not a nanny. I don't know how much experience you have as a nanny, but it seems to me like you can attempt to redirect this situation in a more positive direction by exercising some insistence on doing your job as a nanny (if that is what you signed up for). Maybe do some research on what a nanny's job description is, if you don't already know.

That said, if you plan some activities to do with Lucy, her behavior would improve. She's bored and needs some structure. Talk to MB about this and establish what's most important. If you have a lot of chores that she wants you to do, she'll need to take care of Lucy while you do them. Otherwise, you'll have to do them while Lucy naps and take a break during that time too, which would limit the chores. This needs to be discussed and clarified, and it would define your role. If cleaning is the bulk of the work, it changes your job description. Are you a nanny/housekeeper or a housekeeper/babysitter?

Also, Lucy's behavior would improve if she ate balanced meals. Based on your post, she's not eating enough, nor nutritionally. She needs fruits, vegetables, protein and calcium rich foods, as well as carbs. What she eats affects her mood. She should be offered 5 - 6 mini meals a day.

Clearly the child is not benefiting from this situation, and unless you like chaos, it's not pleasant for you either. If you attempt to make appropriate changes and get resistance from MB, it's time to look for another job. But my guess is that if you step up your game and schedule your day and stick to the schedule, plan developmentally appropriate activities, include a daily outing, plan nutritious meals, and discuss the chore situation with MB, things MIGHT go a little more smoothly. If MB is resistant, you have a choice to make - stay in the chaos or leave.

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

Sounds like your job is really stressful - are you looking for a new position?

I think when a parent is home and obnoxious like your MB, it makes dealing with normal kid issues so much more difficult and draining.

RBTC said...

you should be very careful - all those dangerous things where lucy can get to them - if lucy ever does get hurt you can bet those parents will not take responsibility

Reese said...

OP, I must say I really enjoyed reading your post. I agree, the posts where everything is happy and sweet are boring to read, however these are pretty interesting to read as ALL of us nannies see ourselves in these situation at one time or another.

OP, unless you are getting a very pretty penny, you are being overworked. Not only do you have a difficult toddler to care for 'round the clock, but you also have a lot of chores to do as well. Are you a Nanny/Housekeeper for this family? If not, then they are using you beyond belief. They are paying you a Nanny wage, then giving you the job duties of both a Nanny and a Housecleaner. However, if you applied for the position labeled "Nanny/Housekeeper" then your job sounds appropriate enough, but I hope you are making what a Nanny and a Housekeeper should make. I don't know where you live at, but considering the mother is home, the child is difficult and demands a huge amount of attention + you have to do all that cleaning, you should not be making any less than $30/Hr. Or if you are not making that much, at least you should be getting some extra benefits on the side.

No offense, but your job sounds like the job from hell. (I know, I have held many similar positions!) If you want to keep your sanity in tact, I would search for another position. This one is not only mentally taxing, but physically it must wear you out as well.

I hate working for parents who either stay at home or who work from home. I always feel like they are listening to me 100% of the time and I hate the interference I get from them. The micromanaging drives me nuts and I hate having orders dictated at me all day.

FrmrNannyNowaMom said...

Obviously, your boss sucks. No one could argue that based on this column. But, I have to say, it really sounds like you are pretty clueless about how to deal with a toddler and "oppositional behaviour" It sounds like your redirection of her behavior involves a lot of saying no and explaining things. Not gonna work. You dont say how old she is, but I am guessing under two.
It sounds like you do a whole lot of chores, and very little with Lucy other than telling her what not to do.

I'm sorry, I know you have a hard job, but you really dont sound like a very good nanny.

Maybe you should expand your horizons....


Are you in school? If you are not it might be a good idea because being a nanny is a go no where job/career choice. Do you want to spend your life doing this type of work? Even if you have "nice" parents, it is the same drill. How long can you do this for, it is not mentally stimulating. After reading all these day in the life stories I am so happy not to be a nanny anymore! No wonder moms dont want to stay with there kids it is easier to go to work. so if you do not have a alternate plan you need to get one unless you want to waste your life away. I came from a third world country and put myself through school, I had some help from the dad I diddled but I did the work

NVMommovedtoTX said...

Totally agree with above post (FmrNannyMom). The Mom may be a b**ch but that doesn't mean this child doesn't deserve better. Quit and find something you are really good at. Not trying to be mean, not many people canare great nannies, but you really need to quit now.
Guess MB has no clue either as to what quality childcare looks like.

Phoenix said...


yay you finally said why you are saying the things about the husband screwing the nanny. You were the skank nanny! it is stragne to me to find someone who is very crass and harsh like myself but when that person also has no morals that just takes the cake. What third world country are you from? Is hell a third world country? I don't know what made you so ugly but your energy is just nasty. I almost want to think you are kidding but you're not.

RBTC said...

monkey shines is one of those troll-types that evidently get an adrenalin rush by as david niven once said " showing their shortcomings" anonymously on the web.

i usually ignore her but this time i was proud of her at first as her comment seemed to be reasonable until you get to the end - she can always be counted upon

Rebecca said...

Phoenix - you only caught that right now? I swear MS mentions that in practically every comment. I dared her to actually write a piece about her exploits months ago but she has so far declined. Perhaps it is not even true, and as RBTC said, she's (or he?) is just a troll. I suppose we'll never know...


Gee, rebecca
havent seen anything written by you lately, guess since the "spanking" you arent the fav around here anymore!

Why would you want to know about my sexual exploits? It would be a porn column and never get on here

Rebecca said...

Not so MS, I'm just crazy busy. You should write something. I for one would love to read it.

arandomnannyinNJwherepeoplearealwaysrude...mustbewhereMonkeyShinesisfrom! said...

Monkeyshines bad day much?? Wtf is your problem? Your so rude..in almost every post, your so rude. Are you un happy in your life, and so being rude makes you feel better? Wtf?

sickoftheseshittynanniesoutthere said...

Ugh I seriously can't stand people who suffer from Little Person syndrome. She is a child. A very young one it sounds like. She's naturally curious and defiant. You, on the other hand, are a moron. I want to smack you with a child development book right upside your head you lazy, uneducated brat. Heads up - The mother probably treats you like shit because you treat her child like shit.

If you're miserable in your job then leave it. Don't make that kid suffer.

And a question for ALL Nannies - if you do not actually KNOW how to care for small children and if you do not take the time to educate yourself as to what a proper childcare actually should be then how on earth can you expect to ENJOY the job or do it well? I mean really??

I love the day in the life. When it doesn't enrage me like this shit.

And an apology too, I am a childcare provider and witness inept caretakers all day as well. Today it took its toll and this was the last straw.

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

OK. Let's all agree that monkeyshines is a skank, and then move back to this DITL.

I doubt that OP is making anything like $30 an hour (since that's an insane and unheard of salary...) but I am curious - Reese, did you pay your nannies that much? I am assuming not, since, to quote you:

"I never told my nannies to do anything but watch my sons. During their nap times, my nannies usually watched T.V. and I didn't trip."


Anyhoo, OP, I think you do need to look for a new job where you can actually be a nanny, not a toilet scrubber.

I am curious - is this your first nanny position? IMO, novice nannies tend to land in positions first time out that kind of...suck. A lot.

I feel a column coming on, lol!

Marypoppin'pills said...

enough! said...

I am getting tired of all these "days in the life."
just my opinion.


I am sorry you don't like this Feature but I must be fair and Publish all of them. You have about 7 more to go.

According to the traffic report though... it is very popular.

Nanny E said...

Sad! I was looking forward to submitting my day in the life! It would be full of intellectual witticisms and and would fill all of you with a mysterious yet tangible peace. But how will you know now!! :)

Personally I like the day in the life feature, I think it's fun.

I agree with the above poster that said Lucy needed structure. Toddlers are notoriously finicky and full of energy as most of us know, so it can be hard for them to not know what's coming next. I would recommend creating some sort of tentative daily schedule, so that you can have a somewhat regular routine in place for her.

@MONKEYSHINES I really don't know what to think about this poster anymore..I can't tell if she's joking or trying to be a nuisance or what..that's why I was slightly suspicious about the whole stolen moniker thing..but that's just my opinion.

justmy2cents said...

I LOVE the "Day in the Life" features! Keep 'em coming.

LAK said...

I really enjoy the Day in the Life posts.

I find it annoying when people comment that they don't like this kind of post or that kind of post BUT they don't suggest any ideas or submit any posts.

@Enough-why don't you leave a comment with some suggestions?

SanDiegoNanny said...

In defense of OP...

I am not seeing how this post deserved any backlash about her needing to quit her job and 'find something she is good at' or that she is making the child 'suffer' currently....isn't this a little bit dramatic?

I know that I have been in similar situations in the past where it has been impossible to create any kind of schedule/routine/lesson plan with the charges because of the lack of respect from the parents' side. (i.e. they create unpredictability in what they expect or require of me for the day) I also know that I have been in situations where the discipline strategies or redirection methodologies I attempt to employ become ignored by a child whose parents do not reinforce them (or anything else) in my absence. That is to say----we don't know all the information so I think it's absurd to jump to conclusions.

I enjoy following this blog because I feel it gives me a lot of new ideas, as well as support in the form of solidarity with other nannies in other areas that are doing similar things and having similar struggles. Can we keep this supportive/helpful??

wfs said...

well, in that case, I want to have a job like this. :-)

meganrose said...

I am sorry, but I think it is important to implement some kind of structure for young children.
The poor girl is being told no every few minutes, what kind of lesson does that teach her.
Where is the nanny/child positive interaction?
Where are the arts and crafts?
Where are the games/ lessons?
It just doesn't sound like a positive environment for the little girl. No wonder she whines all the time.

Wow said...

Man, some of you guys are ROUGH! I tried to be positive by giving OP some suggestions, but some of you just reamed her out.

It seems to me she is inexperienced and needs to learn the nanny field. As we know, it's not an easy job, and everyone is not cut out for it. Either way, she does need to do some study in early childhood development and to learn the duties of a nanny. But we can express that in a nice way.

Can we not be so vicious in our criticism so that people will feel comfortable posting? Please? It's possible to be honest without being insulting or mean. Not trying to lecture, but isn't that what we would tell our charges?

meganrose said...

You are right, it's just frustrating to see a Nanny complain about her situation, when there are so many things she can do to change the environment of her job.

Maybe that could be a new idea for ISYN posts. Nannies can right in with some Child Development information that they have learned and find helpful in their jobs.

arandomnannywhoLOVESmyjob said...

I agree with Annonymous/Sandiegonanny...it's almost completely impossible to work for stay at homes. I've been there done that, and will NEVER go back. Why would the kid want you around, when they can have mommy? Of course Lucy is generally and unhappy and doesn't listen. It's because of her mommy being home, but yet, she's not, cause someone else is taking care of her 50 hours a week. I'd be pissed too.

a mom said...

you sound like a horrible nanny. The kid sounds BORED. Basically you follow her around all day and tell her 'no' and 'don't touch'. How about playing with dolls, blocks, going to the park, reading to her, putting on music and dancing with her, doing a craft project, blowing bubbles or playing with chalk on the sidewalk. Honestly you should find another line of work. This job is not for you.

AMom said...

just wanted to say that I like the "day in the life" posts.

Dr. Juris said...

I like the DITL posts too, but I have to agree that this does not sound like a good fit. You're throwing a ball to a toddler (not suited to her age), you sit on the couch while she plays with a balloon, it seems like you allow her to wander the house with no supervision at all, and you obviously hate the mother. I suggest a few child development classes and a different work environment.

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

How OP could improve her work situation:

Obtain magic wand

Use Magic Wand to cast spell and make MB less apt to toss laundry at her and tell her to clean toilets. Also make MB leave house sooner and stay out of Lucy's way when she is home.

Use Magic Wand to fully childproof house (locking cabinets, securing doors, moving breakables out of reach) and make parent(s) think childproofing was all their idea.

Ask Magic Wand for child development books and books on "spirited Children", and for the time to read them during Lucy's LONG naps.

Use Magic Wand to correct bad habits adults have allowed Lucy to develop, like walking and eating.

Marypoppin'pills said...


"Why would you want to know about my sexual exploits? It would be a porn column and never get on here."


I beg to differ! As long as it wasn't full of crude language (sprinkles here and there are fine)... and you don't describe in COMPLETE detail what you did behind closed doors (knockin' boots is fine)... I would love to post your story.

In fact MS, I challenge you! I have a feeling it would be the most read column on ISYN ever, lol.

You never give me enough credit, always thinking I am going to censor you.

So, go for it.

christine said...

I think she is running around all day saying no because these moronic parents have chosen NOT to babyproof the house. Clearly that is the point she is trying to make.

The mom saounds like an idiot... sorry. I think the nanny would be able to do activities and take the little one out if this mother stayed out of her way.

As far as the bathroom cleaning... you know my ideas on the cleaning... NOT the nanny's job.

unicornsparkleprincess said...


I have a magic wand...Hitachi made it though


MissMannah said...

I would like to know how old Lucy is. She seems very young to me, maybe only 1 or a young 2 year old, but you seem to have higher expectations of her. Something that immediately stuck out to me was said close to the beginning: "getting into the things she knows she is not supposed to". That could be true and she's testing you, which you've obviously failed because you continue it all day long. Or it could be that she's so young that she really doesn't comprehend what she can and cannot touch. Saying "No" over and over becomes ineffective very quickly, she just turns a deaf ear to it. Lucy is craving a set schedule and a playroom where she can just go nuts. She wants to make a mess and be able to go from one toy to another quickly. (ie: normal toddler behavior) If you can't let go and let her do this in a safe environment or if the parents are completely unwilling, this job is doomed.

As for cleaning the bathroom and measuring furniture, I've said it before and I'll say it again: only you can let people take advantage of you and only you can put a stop to it.

another nanny said...

I'm going to give OP the benefit of the doubt- maybe she has already tried engaging Lucy in play activities, but it is impossible because Lucy does not have an age appropriate attention span and/or the mother is flitting in and out of the room sending Lucy into a tizzy every time.
Personally, I would try to select some age appropriate toys, take Lucy in her bedroom, and close the door. Maybe suggest to the mom that she pick up a toddler table and chairs for the room (if they don't have already- also a good way to get mom out of the house) Otherwise, OP, you are constantly going to face this problem with her running around the house. But you'll still have to put some effort into getting her interested in activities

SanDiegoNanny said...

@Christine: I totally agree--I think the reason it is so unstructured and crazy is because of what the parents have set up.

What sane person would CHOOSE this? I would guess it has to do with being a new nanny who didn't know what to ask for/establish at the beginning and now is stuck in a terrible routine.

I would definitely suggest having a conversation with the Mom about finding ways to switch up the day more.

Babinurse said...

People, Monkeyshines is just on here to get a reaction out of people. I suggest you ignore her. Perhaps she will get bored and go away.

OP - Clean MB's toilet? No. I'm sorry that is not a nanny's job.

Jacqui said...

What's the big deal? If you don't like the "day in the life" posts, don't read them? Is it really that much of an inconvenience to scroll past it, regardless of how long it is? If so, I wish I had your problems! I could think of a couple dozen more things that cause me hardship on a daily basis :-)

I personally like them, even if some of them are a tad annoying in their sugary sweet enthusiasm. I'm a big fan of bringing a positive attitude, but I definitely can't relate to some of the entries.

As a nanny myself, it's fun to read the day in the life of other nannies and their very individual experiences. Keep em' coming, MPP!

Truth Seeker said...


Truth Seeker said...

Sorry Mary Poppin Pills for my previous "x" comment...I was testing something to see if my new Google account worked.

Anyway, please keep the "A Day in the Life" blogs coming if you keep receiving them. I love to read them as they boost my morale since it feels good to know that others are in the same boat as well. I appreciate the advice that follows by those that read these posts. It's hard for me not having any one to talk to here in my local nanny community so this website really helps me to deal w/all the unique problems only us nannies
have to deal w/ while on duty.

@Tales From The Nanny Hood: Take a chill pill please. It annoys me beyond belief that you always have to say something "snarky" to anything Reese says. It's like you are antagonizing her on purpose. Whatever disagreement you both had, let it rest already. Stop looking for trouble where none exists. You are starting to freak me out w/your keeping track of times/dates and your latest link shows you need to get a job, hobby, life....etc.

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

Truth Seeker, unless you actually are Reese, feel free to butt out. If you actually are Reese, do a better job keeping track of your multiple identities and your supposed background so people don't call you out.

People who post under different names, and/or accidentally post wildly different stories/personal backgrounds under the same name amuse and entertain me. I like to call them out on it once or twice to see how they react.


Truth Seeker said...

@Tales From The Nanny Hood: I tried for a long time to butt out, but unfortunately your posts are starting to get on my nerves. All you are doing is showcasing to the rest of the viewers to this blog what a psycho you are. Who actually spends their time on this blog keeping track of the times/days someone posts, then copying and pasting them into another post? Even if I wanted to do something like that, I just don't have the time. I go to college and nanny on the side so it would be a complete waste of time for me since every minute of my life has to be productive in some way,shape or form. All you are doing is looking for trouble. From what I have read on this subject, Reese didn't even mention you and you put her on blast like that.

I am not Reese and I only have one blogger name/account, but if you believe I am her, then go ahead.

Again, instead of trolling people on here, go get a life.

nycmom said...

To Reese and Truth Seeker:

1. Where do you each live?

2. How many children do you are for?

3. How many kids of your own do you have?

4. How many years have you been a nanny?

5. How old are you?

I'm glad to answer these questions myself so it doesn't seem so intrusive:

1. NYC

2. Not a nanny, but was a pt nanny and regular sitter in college. In addition to growing up in a Family Daycare.

3. Three: 3, 9, 10yo

4. See above.

5. 35yo.

I have confused you both in the past also as I showed with your very common writing styles and posting times. Perhaps it would help flush out your individual personalities if we could put some specifics to your IDs!

Nanny E said...

I too thought Truth Seeker and Reese were the same person...I thought that because I remember them having very similar arguments about doing extra chores and the like.

Britney said...

NYCMOM: How do I know you are not both nycmom and Tales From the Nanny Hood??

Wow this whole identity slash moniker thing is getting pretty out of hand. As a long time viewer of this blog, I have often seen similar writing styles, opinions and the like and have had my suspicions, but since it is the internet, I know it would be unrealistic to think that everyone is being 100% honest, especially when writing on a public forum.

For the record, I am a nanny who does not like to do chores and have no problem saying so. So then, who am I really?

nycmom said...


If you read carefully, this and my prior post, you will see I did not accuse them of being the same poster. In fact, I asked directly and the person got very defensive. I even pointed out an old example of Nanny Taxi and World's Best Nanny who were sisters, shared the same computer, and often posted right after one another. So I am not jumping to conclusions.

I do think there is a big amount of confusion around Reese and Truth Seeker (from Tales, myself, NannyE, perhaps more). Thus, I thought having some details to keep them as individuals would be helpful. To make it clear I was not asking anything unreasonable, I provided my own information as a peace offerring.

Tales (old Chick :) and I have both been on here as long as I can remember (do you still miss Mom, LindaLou, and the UMass controversy?)! I have admitted that when the blog first switched to mandatory monikers, I did use several until I settled on my "identity" and felt comfortable knowing I would be a certain person not just anonymous. I understand that process, but rest assured I am now "nycmom" and intend to stay that way (unless I move, hmmmm...). However, should you ever doubt I am double posting under two names, feel free to ask, I'll answer honestly, and won't be offended.

This isn't a witch hunt. Just that over time ISYN has become more of a community of "people" rather than random posters. I find it leads to better, more civil discussion if you feel like you "know" who are talking to!

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

Truth Seeker, you're kind of a rude beeyotch, aren't you? And you seem awfully concerned about Reese. Just saying...Since you are so very busy, I would expect you don't really have time to worry about my posting habits, so maybe you should let it go?

I'm hardly a troll. I've been reading and posting here for years, I write and submit columns, and I have strong opinions. I also do get annoyed by certain posters. Who doesn't?

And for the record, I was not the person who was questioning you and Reese about posting times. That was nycmom. I **AM** the person questioning Reese about whether she's a nanny, a nanny employer, or some combo of the two. And when she screws up again, I'll question it again. What I won't do is comment any further on her work habits.

And I'll answer nycmom's questions here - will you?

1. Where do you each live?

* I live in the Southeast US, and have since I was 5 years old.

2. How many children do you care for?

* Currently, just 1 - BB. Yes, my DITL post was credited to "Nannydebsays" rather than Nanny Deb. I blog (rarely) at "Tales from the (Nanny)hood".

3. How many kids of your own do you have?

* None, unless you count a cat with a bad attitude. I consider the 14 charges I have had over the years to be "my kids" in a way though!

4. How many years have you been a nanny?

* Almost 18!

5. How old are you?

* Let's just say I watched the last Royal Wedding in 1981 as a pre-teen.

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

"old" chick, nycmom???

I may have to stalk you and harass you for that, lol!


I do miss some of the regulars from way back when - wonder if they ever peek in here?

And just to clarify my position to anyone who cares:

I tend to get annoyed when posters make obvious gaffes that reveal they are posting as several different people (or that they are pretending to be something they are not), who all support the exact same position. Why? Because if you believe something deeply, you should have the intestinal fortitude to defend your position without making up and posting as "yes women" to bolster your beliefs and claims.

There are certain pairs and clusters of posters who have VERY similar writing styles, and I do wonder if they are, in fact, one person. Does it matter in the grand scheme of things? Not so moch, but it still annoys me, and sometimes I can't just let it go. It's a weakness on my part that is fueled here by my passion for being a nanny and my desire to support good nannies and question bad ones.

Marypoppin'pills said...

NYCmom and Tales from the (Nanny)Hood,

Wow, the both of you brought back some memories! I have been around hiding in the woodwork since ISYN was about 6mo old. I have posted under 2 different monikers in all of that time (and yes, you would recognize my old moniker, but I'm not telling... only Jane knows who I really am!) ;-)

Hopefully the group we have now will stick it out for the long haul... I love the strong and varying opinions some of you have and that is what makes ISYN so interesting!

Nanny E said...

Okay, now I'm paranoid that Britney from above is Reese too!!! shifty eye side glance

And to all you long term-ers on here..I was with you, but just recently decided to share my brilliant musings with you all! ;)

Don't feel like saying... said...

I, too, have been reading this blog since the very beginning. Gosh, it's been a looong time! I miss the villainous "H" (Helaine?) the most. for her outrageous, elitist snobbery!!! And the so-called "Umass controversy" was something I wouldn't want to admit to starting (!) (lol... nycmom you cracked me up calling it that). I do remember we were not "supposed to" call each other out for who we thought one another was. I believe it had serious implications for one contributer in particular, which I felt badly about (domestic violence?). And gee whiz did 'Mom' just drop off the face of the earth? So odd how you may never know what happens to people in real life..

BTW, Marypoppinpills: I betcha I know who you are! (were), in fact I'm quite positive, but I'll keep it to myself in case I am wrong (but I give it 99:1 odds!)

Marypoppin'pills said...

I have a feeling one or two of you that have been around long enough may already know who I really am... if so, just keep it to yourselves. ;-)

NannyInNC said...

This entire day of the life made me upset.
I'm sorry but you don't seem to be engaging this child at all. I once worked for a very busy family with 5 kids (ranging from 12-3) & I managed to engage them & still get my chores done during school hours & nap time.
It doesn't say anywhere in this post that you've tried anything other than telling her no & letting her wander alone through a house that isnt babyproofed.

I think you need to learn what it is a nanny really does. Sitting around & letting a child play alone isn't what you were hired to do. Even if the mom is impossible that's no excuse for how you behave.

To all the "adults" on this board:
I'm tired of coming on to read comments & find people bashing one another. All this back & forth is ridiculous. They get so off topic & don't offer any advice once you all get going on the bashing aspect. Maybe these comments should be moderated a bit more.

Nannying is not a career, it's a stepping stone. said...

@ WOW....

You are kidding right? Give me a freaki'n break, this kid is a brat with unfit, uninvolved parents. No amount of food or stuctured play is going to fix anything for anyone. get off you high horse.

@ the postee

It's exeedingly hard to manage a child who's parents let her do whatever she wants. Eventually if you are a consistant diciplinarian and set limits as well as consequences and rewards; your charge will listen to you, although she will still always disrespect her parents. Children aren't born naughty, they are taught to be naughty. Even if you are a full time nanny, it will take a huge amount of your time and effort to change this child...you need to decide if this is woth it to you.

Otherwise, you are not respected here, it's time to move on :).

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

Nanny for 3 yrs, what an absurd thing to say..."there are waaay too many hispanic and african american nannys runnning from the law, stealing and being abuseive. they may pass a background check and will work for less but they are not worth getting your stuff stolen and kids abused because they don't like you or their job"

Because no caucasian nannies would ever do anything wrong, of course!

Thank you for providing us with a clear definition of prejudice. Can you go away now, and take your repellant views with you?

unicornsparkleprincess said...

@Nanny for 3 years

wooow. really? you're just going to be flat out racist, no apology whatsoever? i'm just pretty appalled at your attitude, any stealing that is done is just as bad you are with what you are saying.

Sorryforyouchica said...

It sounds like you and lucy are bored and I suspect that you can't do much with lucy because mom wants you to stay home not because lucy enjoys looking at the gardeners but to get your household chores done in that case lucy's well being isn't really a priority.