a day in the life
By Nanny Bee
230pm: I pull into the preschool parking lot and finish my texts and make a few phone calls.
250pm: I walk into the prek, sign my charge out and go to her classroom to collect Bug. She lights up and gets ready to go.
300pm: After depositing her papers and nap mat in the car we play I Spy or Tickle Tag while we wait for her brother to come out of the elementary school.
310pm: T comes out, hugs his teacher and runs to grab my hand. We drive home, usually listening to a disney movie soundtrack.
330pm: Arrive home, I text MB to tell her we've arrived. T changes clothes, Bug takes the puppy outside while I prepare snack.
350pm: After snack we often settle in the playroom or outside to play various games or with toys until dinner.
515pm: T takes the puppy outside again while Bug asks me repeatedly what we're having for dinner. They eat while I read a chapter or two of a Junie B Jones book outloud.
545pm: MB comes home, we chat about the day and she reminds me that T has tball practice tomorrow.

*This is our school day schedule. Summer and school holidays I work 50 hour weeks and we have more interesting days.


nycmom said...

Texting parents throughout the day, just to give updates on location or random stuff, seems more common on DITLs than I would have expected.

I have never thought to ask my nanny to do this. She keeps a simple daily log, but after years together, I trust her.

Am I missing something by not asking for these texts? Is it something nannies expect/want to do? Do you perceive the parents as better/more involved because they want you to do this?

MissMannah said...

I had never thought of it either. In my last job, the parents only texted me when they had a quick question or reminder, and that was pretty rare. I don't really understand why the parents would need to know when we got home everyday--wouldn't it always be around the same time? Seems like it would be more of an annoyance than anything, but then I'm not much of a texter anyway.

OP-NannyBee said...

OP here, MB was a little anxious when I began working with them over a year ago. They had some nanny trust issues in the past and I accepted that, they're her kids. I text her when we leave home and when we get home, it is rather routine but I'm happy to do it if it gives her peace of mind

SanDiegoNanny said...

@nycmom: most of the families that I work for are also pretty hands off and it is definitely a GOOD thing. I often will send picture text updates throughout the day though just to give the parents a little window into our day!

no longerstressed out in CA said...

When you only pick up after school did you take a major pay cut ? I went part time during the school year ( 15hrs a week) then during the summer they wanted me 50 . In the 15 hrs they still wanted me to do the laundry , vacum etc...Still run the child around to actitives 4 days a week !!! I left that postion after being there for 6 yrs i had enough . Now They have him in after school care . During the summer they have him in all day camps but still need a nanny for after the camps . Mom works from home but only when she has a project @@ . Sometimes i do not understand why people have kids but they do not want to raise them .They are in the process of adopting a makes you wonder .

Reese said...

My current family texts me a few times a day. I mostly do the texting...I share a cute moment or send a photo text just to share what we did that day. They don't require it, but I like to do it since I know as a parent, you miss your child if you do not see him or her throughout the day. Plus, when you text during the day, the information is still fresh. In this day and age, texting is a great way to keep in touch w/out having to talk on the phone which can only be done at certain times.