a day in the life
9:28 - Walk in the unlocked door and put my stuff down. The first thing I hear is MB excitingly saying "Guess who's here?" to the babies. I walk back to find them all on the floor in Toddler's room, playing, and both kids are dressed and changed
9:30 - MB gives me a quick rundown on any big events, plus how well Baby slept and what both kids ate for breakfast and when, then hands the baby off to me and goes back to her room/office, leaving the door open
9:35 - T wants a snack, because I'm here. I give him a couple yogurts and water, put my own snacks and lunch in the fridge, and put B in the high chair with some finger foods. MB made extra coffee for me, so I grab a cup. She hasn't had hers yet, so I fix it the way she likes it and go sit it on her desk. She tells me I'm awesome. T and I chat about what colors we're wearing and where our body parts are while he feeds himself. B coos and throws cereal on the floor, then tries to grab my face when I talk to her, which T thinks is hilarious
9:50 - clean the yogurt off T's face and hands and ask him to throw the empty containers away, then we play trucks in the living room while B crawls around
10:05 - put T's shoes and socks on and make sure he's clean, dressed well (DB has some questionable tastes), and his hair is combed, then take both kids to say goodbye to MB before packing them both in the family car
10:15 - arrive at the library. T plays with puzzles while B cruises on the puzzle table, crawls, and pulls up on my lap
10:30 - story time, followed by a craft activity. It doesn't last very long, but by the end T is pulling on my hand wanting to go home and show MB his craft
11:15 - home again! B is cranky because her nap is late, but she goes down right away while T shows MB his new craft. She makes a big to-do and hangs it on the fridge
11:20 - T is hungry! I let him help me count how many chicken nuggets and tater tots we're going to cook for him, and ask for which dishes he wants to use by naming their colors
11:30 - T's "lunch" is served. I sit at the table with him and eat my own snack from home. He only eats a few bites, then asks to get down, so I remind him he'll be seeing that food again and let him go play
11:45 - Playing with T with his alphabet blocks. I point out the different numbers and letters and have him name words the letters stand for, and what colors the blocks are
12:15 - Diaper change for T, then nap time. We have a very specific nap routine, and T knows once I say "No, it's nap time" that is the end. He goes right to sleep
12:30 - settle down with the family laptop, check my email, and fiddle around online. MB comes into the kitchen and starts making lunch, so I go stand with her and heat up my own lunch. We sit down and eat together. I tell her any interesting stories about storytime, then we chat about my life, her work, and what else is going on in the family. We get into a discussion about the pros and cons of supplementing B's diet with formula, and when she's going to wean
1:00 - B wakes up. I change her diaper, then give her over to MB to breastfeed
1:20 - get B from MB and take her to the kitchen. Put her in the high chair with finger foods next to me while I wash hers and T's dishes, then roll her over to the table and spoon feed her a bit
1:45 - play time with B! crawling around on the floor, playing with toys, holding her hands to help her walk, and just generally trying to make her giggle, interspersed with doing work/mucking about on the computer
2:50 - T is awake and ready to go. Change his diaper again, because he always poops during naps. NOW he's really hungry for lunch, but he asks for his food cold. I give him back the same food from before his nap. B gets back in the high chair and gets offered more solids and finger foods
3:25 - clean up T's hands and face, and start a game of chase. Hold B tightly while chasing T in laps through the living room
3:45 - shoes and socks back on T, then out into the back yard. T plays independently in his sand box, while B sits and digs up handfuls of grass. I mostly watch B to keep the grass from winding up in her mouth, although I do text my friends a bit
4:00 - MB comes out and remarks on the nice weather, then comes back with her laptop and sits outside with us to work. I take B in and put her down for her afternoon nap
4:45 - Even with MB outside, T is bored of sand and water. Also all his clothes are wet and covered in sand. I strip him at the door and tell him to run to the bathroom
4:55 - T is in the bath, splashing up a storm
5:00 - B wakes up, so I grab her, strip her, and toss her in the bath with T. I wash T to get it over with because he'll play in the bath forever
5:15 - wash B's hair, which upsets her. Take her out of the bath, dry her, diaper her, and put her clothes back on, then let her watch T keep playing
5:30 - T finally admits he's getting cold. Wrap him up in the towel and carry him to his room. B whines a bit at not being carried, but crawls after us. I put a clean diaper and clothes on T. He wants to put his pajamas on early, but I make him put them away
5:40 - T realizes the day is nearly over and asks me for a piece of candy. I go down the list with him - were you a good boy today? were you nice to your sister? did you eat all your lunch? did you have any time-outs? Since the day was incident-free, he gets the candy
5:45 - after running through a list of things to do with T, he can't pick, so I go in his room, get a book, and sit on the floor. T crawls in my lap and B pulls up on my shoulder, and I read them the book, twice
6:03 - MB comes in. B crawls over to her, sobbing, and gets picked up and cuddled. I give MB the rundown on when and what the kids last ate and she tells T it's time to say goodbye to me
6:05 - T gives me a big hug and helps open the door. I wave good-bye to B, and MB thanks me for coming, then asks T to thank me too, which he does. I walk out to my car and stop halfway through pulling away to wave back at T again


Ms.Nanny said...

Sounds like you really enjoy (and are good at) your job. Mom boss sounds very respectful of you.

123 said...

Great day in the life! It's nice to see such a variety. I've found some of the other submissions crazy and funny, but enjoyed yours just as much, because it was very heart warming. Thanks for sharing, sounds like you're a great nanny with a super family!