a day in the life
5:45am: I'm almost running into the grocery store, I left the house late and to a panic of texts because we are running low on milk.

5:53am: Back in the car, I turn the radio all the way up and navigate the dark, empty streets.

6:01am: The car is parked and my boots are off. I put on water for tea.

6:05am: I read through the weekend log notes, smile that they tried out the audubon center I suggested.

6:09am: I put the dried sippy cups away and unload the dishwasher

6:21am: Mom updates me on the weekend and asks me about mine. I tell her about my date and the movie I saw. She seems genuinely interested, even in her rush. We discuss the plans for the day and I tell her to be careful with icey streets.

6:34am: The toys strewn around the living room don't take me long to pick up. I sort through our massive stack of books for the ones that need returned to the library.

6:51am: Dad recounts his version of the weekend and I warn him about the ice and tell him our plans for the day.

6:57am: Dad is out the door and I'm folding my way through a load of laundry. The house is quiet now, but Tiny (18 months and a chatter box) is starting to stir.

7:15am: I make a second cup of tea and get the morning milk cup warmed up.

7:19am: Tiny is up and greets me with a "howdoyoudo!". Her curly hair is wild, but she looks happy and laughs with me as I tickle her and lift her on to the changing table.

7:20am: The laughter is short lived and her giggles turn to loud, dramatic crying for her milk. I hand her the cup after a quick "say please!" and sing our days of the week song as I hurry to change her while she is occupied.

7:21am: When asked what day it is, Tiny answers Monday, as she does everyday. When I inform her that today she is correct, she is delighted and nearly wiggles off the table with glee.

7:23am: I have managed to tame her mane with a pony tail holder and a cute clip. She is busy brushing my hair.

7:25am: I jot down a note in our log and then Tiny and I walk around to all the windows, open the blinds, sing our weather song and make our weather observations and predictions. She loves snowy weather and we sing that verse over again.

7:31am: A neighbor and her dogs walk down the sidewalk. Tiny nearly loses it, running to the window, greeting the oblivious woman with barks, bow wows, hi's and hellos.

7:39am: Into her little purple chair she settles and we take turns picking book after book to read.

8:24am: Chasing Tiny around the living room, tickling her and spinning her around starts to make me dizzy, so I declare it breakfast time.

8:29am: Tiny plays with her babies (named only by the colors of their clothes) on the kitchen floor while I warm up extra french toast I froze last week and cut up a smorgasbord of fresh fruit. Occasional cries for berries or to buckle her baby in it's car seat slow me down, but Tiny waits patiently for the most part.

8:47am: We sit down for breakfast and it isn't long before she is covered in her yogurt. Self feeding is a goal, and that Mickey Mouse spoon is reaching it's intended target more and more often.

9:03am: I snap a picture of the food covered princess and send it to mom and dad with a quick note letting them know our day is off to a great start.

9:18am: We battle over hand and face washing after breakfast, but her joy is restored when she chooses to have her turn first brushing the four adorable teeth she has. I finish up and we head into the nursery to get dressed.

9:30am: Tiny picks a dress from her closet and is mesmerized by the twirling ballerina in her jewelery box while I find leggings and a onesie.

9:34am: Her love of clothes works to my advantage today, as she works to dress herself, pulling her arms in sleeves and chatting with me about the different colors of birds ( talk of purple and turquoise birds has her in stitches!).

9:42am: I recite Chicka Chicka Boom Boom while she flips through the book and I change her sheets and gather laundry up.

9:56am: In the laundry room she watches, awe struck, as I load the washer and turn it on. The water rushing over the window on the front loading machine becomes mesmerizing.

9:59am: I check the diaper bag to make sure it is ready to go (it isn't. I find a gross cup of old milk) Gathering coats, shoes, bags and books is easy as Tiny plays in her kitchen near me and brings me her tasty "salad", complete with cupcakes, corn flakes and a spoon.

10:02am: We dress for the weather and Tiny changes shoes, twice. We make it out the door and I text both mom and dad to let them know we are heading to the library for story time before we leave.

10:11am: Pulling in the parking lot, I hear squeals of "Again! Again! AGAIN!" for the three little kittens song and after I park I text mom and dad, announcing our arrival.

10:16am: Barely in time for the baby story time, we rush into the library. The librarian shoots me a dirty look as I remind Tiny to use her library voice (she is loudly expressing her excitement at our upcoming guinea pig watching opportunities). We take our time as Tiny climbs down the seemingly endless staircase, as I walk backward, holding both of her hands and praising every wobbly step.

10:18am: I'm bored by the lackluster librarian singing along with the cd and whisper about the books in Tiny's ear to keep her quiet and focused.

10:39am: The mom next to me is wowed by Tiny's verbal prowess and is shocked to hear my little vocabulary vixen isn't yet close to two. I wonder if she realizes I'm not mommy (it seems obvious, my light hair and skin and blue eyes are a contrast to Tiny's beautiful Indian complexion and rich brown hair and dark eyes).

10:51: I don't have long for my musings, as Tiny is at the door, begging to see her beloved "gummies" (babyspeak for the library pets).

11:20am: We have gotten our small animal fix, played at the train table, pretended with animal puppets, done a few puzzles together when I start my "bye bye countdown".

11:32am: Even though she had several warnings, when bye bye time comes, so does her (loud) frustration. I calm her with the script from a social story she loves and reward her self regulation and control with an elevator ride. I'm anticipating naptime already.

11:40am: We are both buckled in the car and the three little kittens song is again melting my brain when I text mom and dad to let then know we are heading home.

11:52am: The garage door closes and Tiny takes that as a sign to begin begging for her milk like she has never eaten before. I alert mom and dad to our arrival home.

12:04pm: We are finally settled in the rocking chair, with a cup of milk and a fresh diaper. I take a deep breath and remind myself that these quiet moments alone with her snuggled up on my arm are growing increasingly more valuable (little sister is on her way, Tiny proudly tells all who ask that new baby is coming in June). I try to relax into the moment, as she slowly fades into sleep and her eyes close.

12:26pm: I lay Tiny down in her crib and flip the monitor on. More water for tea, a lovely quiet moment to use the restroom (who knew finding 30 seconds for the bathroom would be so difficult?) and I pop a microwave lunch in to cook.

12:50pm: Kitchen tidied up from the breakfast (did a pint of blueberries explode in here?), laundry in the dryer. I text mom to tell her we are having a good day while I clean out the refrigerator.

1:17pm: Lesson planing for next week is done. I use a thematic preschool weekly program with her, next up, monkeys!

1:26pm: I wipe down counters and the table, lightly sweep the kitchen floor. Laundry is ready to fold, and I text with a friend while folding the little clothes.

1:59pm: I grab a handful of chips and go through the stack of catalogs that came over the weekend. I circle, star and tab the things we need (er...want...) and leave them on Mom's desk for approval.

2:13pm: I'll admit I'm tip toeing around the house and hoping for a three hour nap, I'm tired. I make coffee and pat myself on the back for remembering the peppermint mocha creamer at the grocery.

2:24pm: I start lunch when Tiny starts stirring.

2:40pm: It is a crabby Tiny I find when I go to get her up. She cries without giving reason and tries to kick while I change her. I sing, anything and everything I can think of until she finally calms during the counting to ten song.

2:45pm: In her high chair, I smooth the grumpies over with some cheese and broccoli. Tiny chatters away and I check our log book to see what activities are going on this afternoon.

2:53pm: A quick text to mom has a,trip to the indoor playground approved. And after she finishes, we change clothes, bundle back up and head again to the car.

3:28pm: She hasn't forgotten about the damned three little kittens song. I text parents to report our movement and we head out.

3:35pm: I can't take the kitten song anymore. I flip to the radio and the anguished screaming begins. I loudly point out things we are passing and talk about stop lights.

3:38pm: The screaming has turned back to amiable conversation, I'm smiling again.

3:43pm: I catch myself right before a string of loud, angry expletives come flying out of my mouth in an fit of road rage. She wants her cd back on, I give in and resign myself to a night full of nursery rhymes playing on repeat in my head.

3:51pm: At the indoor play ground, we check in with mom and dad before we check in at the desk. Tiny takes off and I'm following her around as she climbs, scoots and plays.

4:26pm: I try to avoid the basketball area, but Tiny is determined. Several unsupervised preschoolers lob the big balls, and one tries take a ball right out of her hands. I try to help her with the sharing, but the unruly 4 year old pushes me and runs. I look for her caregiver, but all I see is a woman with her ipad out. I'm out of luck.

4:31pm: I console a very disappointed Tiny, purposefully carrying her, shrieking "share share no no no!" on the edge of the court where ipad lady is standing. When she gives us a dirty look, I smile sweetly and say to Tiny, " Some children just don't know how to use their good manners."

4:40pm: Tiny says she wants to swing, so we walk over and I give her pushes while we sing and talk about butterflies and dogs. I start the goodbye count down.

4:53pm: Back in the car, I text mom and dad, start the cd from the top and contemplate the best way to avoid rush hour traffic. We head home, both of us quiet.

5:16pm: We beat both mom and dad home. When I tell her we are back, mom asks me to get dinner together for Tiny.

5:22pm: After a diaper change, I put Tiny in her high chair, text a friend to save me a seat at the bar, I'm happy hour ready.

5:29pm: I'm serving Tiny a quick dinner and writing in the log. I'm watching the clock, Tiny is telling "jokes" and saying all her favorite silly things.

5:35pm: She makes a hilarious face in response to me sticking out my tongue and I genuinely laugh out loud. Dad walks in the door and asks about our giggles. Together we share the highlights of our day with him.

5:37pm: Dad goes to take a shower and I return a text message. Tiny gets annoyed at my inattention and throws some edamame on the floor.

5:58pm: We transition quietly, as dad takes over the feeding and I straighten up a few things and finish the log.

6:01pm: Mom comes home and I fill her in on our day too. We chat for a few minutes. I want to keep talking, but my happy hour time is slowly ticking away.

6:11pm: I kiss the messy Tiny on the forehead, we say our special good bye and I'm headed out the door.

6:13pm: The garage door shuts and I change cds. I turn the music up,glad to be back in grown up world.


Anonymous said...

What a joy to read that "day-in-the-life!" Sounds like you have a great position with a nice family. Best wishes to you, OP!


NervousNanny said...

Wow, I love that you take this job so seriously, and all of the singing! I sing with my charges constantly, and people have commented to me on more than one occasion that they've never heard someone sing that much.
I find it interesting that you are so in contact with the parents over the course of the day. I've never had parents that connected. Usually there is one text from mom during the day, if that, to check in. And I'll send pictures from time to time. I'm just curious-is that your choice, theirs, or mutual?
You sound like an awesome nanny. Wish you were in my area so we could hang out!

njnanny said...

You sound like a seriously awesome nanny, and I love how serious you take your job! I agree with nervousnanny, and wish you were in my area, and we could hang out! Your not in the NYC/NJ area are you??

However...the texting all day to my bosses, would seriously drive me nuts!!

CareAndKeeping said...

OP here.
The texting is mostly at their request. I will send them pictures of her once or twice during the day, but they ask that anytime we get in the car we text before and after we are driving. I thought at first they were just nervous with me driving her, but now, I think they just like to know where we are incase something were to happen. Sometimes it does get a little bothersome, but I respect that they want to know and it is a little thing that helps them feel more connected to Tiny during the day. And anything that helps keep that bond active during the day is something I am willing to do without complaining.
Mom will usually text once during the day to ask about how Tiny is doing, and of course, I reply. That is no bother at all.
We are midwesterners, but thanks for all the compliments. I appreciate it!

MissDee said...

I love this! You sound like you love your job and the work that you do with this child. Keep up the great work!!!

Nanny of 4 said...

This makes me miss the days of just Nannying for one ;-)

Nanny B! said...

your day sounds JUST LIKE MINE! right down to the little girls looks and age and how i can't seem to convince the librarian I'm not her mother (even though I'm very fair skinned and little one is Indian). Not going to lie...kinda creeped me out a bit cuz yeah just like my day. Sounds like you have it good as well :)

LA Nanny said...

Do you have a link for the thematic pre-school program you use? I look after a 14 month old and would look to start adding something a little more structured.

You can also email me if that's easier.

Anonymous said...

Now THAT'S a nanny.

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

AWESOME!!! I was wondering about the frequent texting to mom and dad, but your explaination makes sense.

Question about the thematic preschool program - is this something you have "always" used as a nanny, or did the parents request that you find a program to use? I have never done anything along the lines of a specific program, and would also like more info if you have the chance. (I'm more of a Reggio Emilia oriented nanny, and focus on experiential learning!)

Thanks for sharing - I love that you managed to drink tea and still do some chores, lol!

FLnanny said...

I was wondering how you did the 'schooling' with her. I am wanting to do something like that with my 20 month old charge, but can't seem to find the motivation.

nycmom said...

You do sound wonderful!

As a parent, I can't imagine needing/wanting that many text updates throughout the day. I do like a basic log so I can talk to the kids about their day in the evening. I know my nanny has a cellphone should I need to reach her and don't feel I need to know her constant location. I trust her very much, she has great initiative, and that much reporting would feel overboard to me. Of course, all jobs come with little annoyances (that I'm sure I provide for my nanny too in a differnt form : ) and this seems like a minor one in an otherwise great relationship all around!

Do you also work 6am-6pm Mon-Fri? Long hours!

akpeach said...

This was fun and sweet to read. If I ever needed a nanny for my brood, I'd sure hope to have someone just like you! Your tone throughout showed a true love for your job and your charge.

Wow said...

Assuming you were once a preschool teacher? It makes such a difference when you have a plan for the week. My preschool teacher days automatically transferred to my nanny experiences and the parents seem to appreciate it.

Just one question? Does Tiny have anything other than milk before nap time? That's a long time for her to go without eating and it would explain her "crying without giving reason" while getting her diaper changed. Children that age often don't know how to express hunger. You might want to give her lunch before nap and a snack after, or a full snack before nap and lunch after.

Thanks for sharing! Very nice contrast to the other Day In The Life experiences.

MissMannah said...

I loved reading this post! It really made me miss nannying and in fact, has inspired me to start checking around my area to see if any good jobs have opened up lately. It's plain to see you really love your job and I think the parents are lucky to have you. Also, it is adorable the way you call your charge "Tiny." :)

NVMom-movedtoTX said...

Great post. OP, I am curious about your use of a social story with your charge. Are these the type that are kind of like scripts that explain what is happening and give some perspective?

For those who don't know a social story is used, verbally or in writing, for children with special needs but I've long believed that there would be a lot more happy toddlers if people used such strategies with all kids including Social stories, picture schedules, etc.

nycnanny said...

You sound like a great nanny. One question-why do you get there so early if they dont leave until later and the baby gets up later?

nanny consultant said...

Love it! Love it! Love it! But you must be exhausted, 12 hour days?!?! yikes!

I wanted to write a similar post, but am not as creative with writing as you, OP. My days run very similarly to this. Happy to know there are others out there like myself.

GwendolynP said...

I have been waiting for a post like this. I am a nanny to a little boy and this sounds like just like my day to day life. I am blessed to have my job with this family and am glad someone else enjoys it just as much!

MC2 said...

This post made me really miss being a Nanny. I am now a pre school teacher and it's a true joy but you sounded so much like me when I was with my Nanny kids. Great post!


Does their house smell like curry powder?

Marypoppin'pills said...


I am trying my very best to be fair with you but you're coming very close to crossing that fine line.

Wow said...

Monkeyshines... this site is NOT defunct. It is evolving into something that I believe is very much needed - a forum for nannies to go to and converse. I am grateful for the site, as I don't know any other nannies in my area. And I am grateful to MPP and Jane Doe for their openness and flexibility in allowing the site to evolve!


I did not make that last comment someone took my moniker!
When I curse it is in patios not english

Nanny E said...

@ MONKEYSHINES.. I hope the curry comment was someone else's too, cause that was kind of uncalled for


who are you talking for
I am Jamacian there is curry in all my food
how do I stop this person from taking my moniker?

Nanny E said...

@ MONKEYSHINES Asking if their house smells like curry sounds really racist, that's the problem with your comment

AustTXNanny said...

I wonder if it would be possible to ask the blog owner to check ip address? Might be worth it to make a fuss

MissMannah said...

I believe you MS when you say you didn't say eff this site. Where else would you go to show off your daddy-boning abilities?

For the record, my parents' house smells of curry all the time and I always immediately wash my clothes when I get home to get the stink out of them. Some of you people are way too quick to cry racism. Though I'm still not sure why MS felt the need to ask it in the first place.

CareAndKeeping said...

OP here!
We usually get a snack ( a cheese stick, chick peas, etc) before the nap, but sometimes the sleepyness sneaks up on us and Tiny needs her nap RIGHT NOW! :)
We use Barbara Backer's The Weekly Preschool Curriculum as a base, but I add or subtract from that as I like. It was my idea to use a more structured curriculum for inspiration, but mom and dad encourage and support it.
I work three twelve hour days and two or three shorter days each week, so its not too bad at all.
I arrive when I do so that if Tiny were to wake while mom and dad are getting ready for work, they wouldn't be delayed.
Monkeyshines, to protect your moniker, try using a google identity. They are password protected.

Marypoppin'pills said...

I know that wasn't you, MonkeyShines...

I went ahead and deleted the comment because they used your moniker in a negative way pretending to be you.

Marypoppin'pills said...

And to the asswipe pretending to be MONKEYSHINES...

Traffic for ISYN right now is the highest it has EVER been since it's inception.

So take that and shove it.

ATL Nanny said...

I love this post! It makes me miss having a toddler. My days right now are slightly different (just one pre-verbal infant) but still the tone/attitude match mine so closely. If you were local, we'd definitely need to be friends. :)