Woman Accused of Locking 3 Kids Inside Car in Roxbury

in the news ROXBURY, Mass. -- A woman in Roxbury is accused of locking three young children in a car.

Boston police say they found witnesses crying out of helplessness when they arrived at a blue minivan in a Roxbury shopping center parking lot.

Inside the vehicle were two 1-year-old girls and a 3-year-old boy. They were sweating profusely, their faces were red and they were hot to the touch. Police say they had been locked up in the car for at least 35 minutes.

“We look in the car and there was three infants in the car, so we said, ‘Where’s the mom?’ Nobody knew,” said Maria Gonzales, witness.

Witnesses called Boston police while an announcement echoed inside some of the stores.

“Asking who was the owner of the blue van - but they didn’t explain anything, they just left,” said Nilo Gomez, witness.

“And the next thing you know she came out,” said Gonzales. “I asked her myself, I said, ‘Can you open your door so the kids can breathe?’ So she opened the door.”

Police removed the children to a Boston EMS ambulance while they questioned 35-year-old Nicole Burton, who they identified as the nanny of the children.

Witnesses say she had been shopping inside the Hair & Gold store.

“I said to myself, ‘That must not be their mom.’ Because moms wouldn’t do that to their babies,” said Gonzales.

Burton talked on her cell phone as two Boston police officers placed her under arrest.

She has been charged with abuse, neglect of a child risking bodily injury.

“It’s sad. You go to work thinking your kids are okay but then you don’t know what’s happening with these people watching your kids these days,” said Gonzales. “That’s very, very sad.”

Police say the children were released to their father and the case has been referred to the Department of Children and Families.
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AMom said...

Right, moms don't do that to their babies ((insert eye roll here)).

Glad the nanny got caught.

unicornsparkleprincess said...

“I said to myself, ‘That must not be their mom.’ Because moms wouldn’t do that to their babies,” said Gonzales.

Uhhh, what? I think the fact it was a nanny was a more special case?

Phoenix said...

I hear more stories about mom's doing this to their kids.

question said...

Why did no one break the window of the front seat and unlock the doors from the inside??? I would rather do that and risk whatever charges came out of it than just standing by and watching! Is there some kind of law that allows people to do that if they ever see a small child left in a car??

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

As a Nanny, I am personally offended that Gonzalez stated that no mother would do such a thing to their own children. ??? What the hell??! But only a Nanny would!!

For the record, I have read stories of mothers who have done worse things to their children than this...Susan Smith anyone??! Don't get me started......

Anyway to stay on topic, this Nanny should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. To do such a thing to three small helpless/defensive innocent children is unimaginable to me both as a parent and as a Nanny. She needs to have the book thrown at her for what she did. Another five minutes or so and these children could have died from the intense heat. :(

Parents: Please keep in mind that this is an EXTREME example. It is a very very isolated incident and the vast majority of nannies would never ever do such a thing to their charges. I would rather lay down on train tracks and get run over than lock my charges in a car. Period. It's cases like this that makes parents on edge and makes all of us Nannies look bad. We are scrutinized over and over again, prior or on the job because of these horror stories.

San Diegan said...

Just to prove my point, there was a story on the local news today where a father left his child in the car while he went inside Costco to pick up a prescription. His child was left in the car sleeping. The temperature was 115 degrees and luckily a Good Samaritan saw the child and notified authorities.

So here is proof that not only nannies do this type of hideous stuff. Parents do as well. Some people just like to give nannies a bad name and this is no exception.