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bad nanny sighting
My husband and I were in the playroom with our two children. There was a Jamacain woman there with a toddler about 18-24 months named Noah. She sat on the couch and looked angry, and did not interact at all with the child. He wanted to leave the playroom. She yelled "No!" and blocked the door. He seemed restless and bored, but she would not play with him. Everything he touched, she yelled "No!" in a booming voice. He looked miserable. It made us very uncomfortable. Finally I told her that if she wants him to stay in the room, maybe she should play with him to take his mind off leaving. She immediately left the room with him wihtout saying a word. She came back 15 minutes later with the same boy and an older boy, presumably his brother. At that point we left.
This woman is not good with children - if this is your nanny - please - find someone else.


Bob said...

Wow! I agree with you. That nanny is not good with children. Basing from your article, it sounded like she didn't even care for the children. Thanks for posting this, so people can watch out for that nanny.

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

Sounds to me like this nanny is not very much into "interacting" with her charge which is sad. You saw her at a public place..I wonder what happens when they are all at home.

Thanks for the post. I hope someone tells the parents that being a nanny is never "easy money."

kap said...

Damn, these "bad nanny" sightings are getting so boring. Can't any of you offer one in which the nanny beats the kid and then throws it into a wall or something? *sigh*