Richmond bound BART train - SF Bay Area

good nanny sighting I wanted to report a great nanny I saw in the SF Bay Area, on a Richmond bound BART train 3/3/11 around 10:30AM. The nanny and a 7-8 month old baby (my guess, he could be older/younger) got on at the West Oakland stop and were still on the train when I exited in Downtown Berkeley. The nanny was interacting with the baby for the whole ride. She was laughing and genuinely seemed to enjoy engaging with the little boy. I know it's not much to describe, but I really got the sense that this woman takes great care of your baby. She was light skinned AA, with a bright green pea coat and brown sneaker/shoes (with sparkly stripes on them), and she had her hair pulled back in a small, low ponytail at the back of her neck. Your baby was white (fair skinned) and blonde, and was in a red jogging stroller, with a brown skip hope diaper bag (with a circular print on it). I used to be a nanny, and watching this woman interact with your son made me miss the fun of hanging out with little kids. She seemed great!
I received a partial message through MEEBO about a bad nanny. Could the Reader who sent it in please try again. Thank you.


sharon said...

great nanny sighting! i can tell you were thinking of fun you had with your own charges ! if you see them again - take a fun picture!

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

I love watching infants at this age. It is so much fun!