Queens, NY into Manhattan

good nanny sighting Great nanny sighting, Queens, NY into Manhattan. Thursday March 24, around 1pm. N/Q train from Astoria/Ditmars Blvd to Times Square.

Nanny: Very pretty and put together- mid 20s, South Asian- possibly Sri Lankan, well dressed but casual with aviator sunglasses and hair pulled back
Charge: Blonde little girl, 16-20 months old. black fur-trimed puffy jacket and navy blue folding stroller with teddy bears on it.

Everyone on the subway noticed how well the nanny and charge got along. While kids on the subway usually drive me nuts, this experience left a huge smile on my face. Nanny spoke quietly and as if to an intelligent adult to her charge (I personally really appreciate when children are not talked down to), and charge was actively engaged in a 'conversation' with the nanny for the entire time I was on the train. When Nanny took the little girl out of her stroller and sat her on her lap, the charge hugged her nanny tight, said 'I love you!' while the nanny snuggled her and fixed the baby's hair while chatting with her. She was by far the happiest and most loved little girl I've seen in a long time. Nanny kept her charge happily engaged with the scenes out the window and let the toddler try on her sunglasses so she could vamp for the other passengers. They were both quiet, polite, happy, and considerate to everyone around them. When another toddler got on the train and was being fussy, the little girl looked at her nanny and was like, 'What's up with them?'

I see a lot of nannies in this city, and this was probably the best one I've witnessed. If this is your nanny, you are very, very lucky - she clearly adores your child, and you daughter is learning to be an excellent city dweller and overall human being from her nanny.


Nay said...

I LOVE reading posts like this...I'm a nanny myself and like to think I'm one of "the good ones." =) That's really great to hear.

MissMannah said...

I agree, kids on subways are usually obnoxious but this nanny knows her stuff. She and the little girl sounded so sweet!

Good Nanny Too.... said...

The parents of this little girl have really hit the lottery with this nanny. She sounds like she is worth her weight in gold. I am also one of the good nannies and am still waiting to read a post about me on here......LOL. And NO, I am not going to write it myself and pretend I am someone else. :)