Mansfield, MA Dunkin Donuts on Chauncey St

bad nanny sighting
Your nanny drives a red Volvo station wagon, kind of old. She was of average height, a bit overweight with brown frizzy hair. She was wearing a pair of men's Ed Hardy jeans, and a yellow SpongeBob sweatshirt. Your little girl about 3 years old with blond hair dressed in a purple winter coat with white fur trim, purple leggings, and knock off Ugg type boots. Your nanny was dragging her into the store while she was crying. She got in line and sent the girl to the booth. She yelled loudly "Stop that or you won't get a doughnut!" The girl laid down on the seat at the booth, nanny yelled "Sit up, I told you to stop it!" She got a plain doughnut and a hot chocolate for your daughter. She tried to sip her drink and cried/whined about how hot it was. Your nanny yelled "It's supposed to be hot, now eat your doughnut or I am going to throw it away. The nanny took out her cell phone and began texting.

The little girl asked "Can I call mommy?" The nanny was like "No, we aren't going to disturb your mother over a stupid hot choclate!" Your child picked at the doughnut, and asked why she couldn't call her mom. The nanny replied "We are not going to call your mom everytime you feel like it!" They got up, she said "What a waste of money!" and threw out the doughnut, she took the drink with her and started to yell "Let's go, let's go." and they left. All of us were behind the counter shaking our heads. I hope a relative of hers sees this and recognizes their nanny. She needs an attitude adjustment or to look for another job!
Thank you, OP.


MissDee said...

When you go to Starbucks, they will make kids drinks to your liking. Whenever I took J, I would give him a choice of what he wanted to drink, and when I have my friend's daughter, I always ask for a kids drink hot, but not too hot.

This nanny is pathetic.

sharon said...

thank you for the posting, no nanny who contributes to this site would act like that

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

That poor child! To have to spend day in and day out with a Nanny who degrades her in such a manner.
Let's all keep our fingers crossed that someone who knows the parents (or the parents themselves!!) read this and fire that woman on the spot. That way this poor little girl doesn't have to spend another minute with this miserable woman!!!!!

Jung said...

I am not sure why this is perceived as such a bad nanny. None of her statements appear that horrible, especially in light of a whiny 3 year old and seemed to be in response to the girl's acting out. Not the best way maybe, but not awful either. Maybe just a bad day.

Also, I think it is entirely reasonable that the nanny wouldn't let the girl call her mom about "hot" hot chocolate. Some people's jobs do not allow them to take phone calls easily, ie: a nurse or doctor. Maybe the mom has told the nanny only to call for emergencies.

I have noticed there is a pattern in the descriptions of the bad nannies on this site! Overweight, frowsy,horrible hair, dressed in incredulous outfits (men's Ed Hardy jean and a Sponge Bob sweatshirt!). Has anyone else noticed this? Is someone at ISYN taking poetic liscence with the bad nannies?

Mansfield alum lol said...

I grew up in Mansfield, MA and everybody knows EVERYBODY there.

That being said, I would bet my ass that the person posting this knows the nanny in question and is trying to get her in trouble. Just a Hornet hunch. lol

In my opinion, this nanny doesn't really sound that bad. Maybe a bit impatient, but perhaps the child had been acting up previously to the incident.

STLNanny said...

I think the biggest issue here is the Nanny's way of speaking to the child. Rather than yell at the kid, she should be explaining and talking. I also don't like the word "stupid" being used around children, but that's just me.

As for not calling her mom, that is TOTALLY understanble to me. The kids I watch are constantly wanting to call their mom but I will not let them unless it's an emergency or something very important because they need to learn that their mother has to get her work done as well. They are more than welcome to e-mail her (10 and 8 years olds both have their own e-mail addys) and she will usually respond within a few minutes. Calling over things like a drink is just not necessary.

OP HERE said...

I currently live in Mansfield, MA. I do not know everyone. Maybe this nanny was from Norton, or Easton, or Foxboro. Just because she patronized a DD in Mansfield doesn't mean she lives around there. When I used to take my son to Gymboree there was a nanny there that was working in Mansfield and lived in Taunton! I do not know the woman, I've never see her before. The "skinny jean" phenom has not hit this little part of New England, yet so seeing younger ppl in their baggy jeans is still prevalent. What is so incredulous about a Sponge Bob sweatshirt when you are working with kids?? Granted the child wasn't in any physical danger, but I think this nanny could've handled it better. For all I know the child adores her and they went home to color a nice picture for mommy!

another nanny said...

I agree that it sounds like the child was acting up prior to going into the store. But I don't think that excuses the mean-spirited way the nanny talked to her. The nanny is the adult, so she should act like it. If she can't keep herself together in the face of a little misbehavior, she needs a different line of work (maybe she should have put in an application while they were in DD)

alex said...

why are you attacking the op? That is ridiculous. I would want to know if this is was my nanny. There is a nice way to redirect behavior and this nanny didn't do that. Also, the OP doesn't say how much the nanny played on her phone or texted but any excessive use isn't appropriate.

I agree that children the parents should not be called for things like that but, there would be a nicer way to say we don't need to call her than what she did.

Mansfield alumn said...


I was not attacking the OP. I was merely stating my opinion. I know what Mansfield is like, having grown up there. It is a snooty white-bread town, basically.

And what's this about "skinny jeans?" I see them every day. They certainly have hit Mansfield. I agree with Jung: an unflattering description of the nanny, to say the least. Unflattering and irrelevant to OP's point.

Phoenix said...

I don't really think she was being a bad nanny. She was saying and doing all the same things my family members do when their kids are being brats. She doesn't need to be laying on a bench where other poeple put their butts. She also doesn't need to call her mother numerous times a day when mom is working. She should also eat her doughnut she asked for (without whinning)

OP said...

Men's Ed Hardy Jeans run from $65-$140 a pair, so no I did not see her as sloppy. Skinny jeans are not huge here, not yet. Again what is so bad wearing a Sponge Bob shirt if you are in child care?

kap said...

stupid "bad nanny" post -- its place on this site is not justified