Lane Road library in Upper Arlington, Ohio

bad nanny sighting This morning at the Lane Road library in Upper Arlington, Ohio, I saw a nanny with two young boys, J (around 18 months) and E (around 3). The boys had dark curly hair and dark eyes. The nanny was tall, a red head and wore a black fleece jacket. They walked in right as story time was starting and were taking off coats and hats near my charge and I. The nanny was rough with both of them, pulling their arms and even saying to E, "(cut it out or)...I'll bust you up." E even repeated his words to himself.

After story time, she ignored her charge as he repeatedly took other children's toys, pushed and climbed over me and a very pregnant mom, who he kicked quite hard in his attempt. The mom and I tried to gently help our respective toddlers with him, but the nanny never looked up. She had them dressed back in coats and hats while they played, and sweated, for about 20 minutes.
More identifying information is available privately should the Parents believe this sighting is about their children.

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Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

Wow..My hope here is that the child goes home and continues to repeat these words to his parents. Then when his parents ask him where he heard that from, he tells them that is what his nanny tells him if he doesn't do as she says. Then they fire her the next day when she shows up to work. This nanny needs to get a clue, verbal abuse is just as bad as physical. Just threatening this child w/a beating is abuse in my head.