Raise Poll

Monday, January 3, 2011
Only 75 people took part in this poll. Here are the final results.

Did you get a raise for 2011?

I don't know yet. 13 (17%)
No. 40 (53%)
Yes, less than $20 a week. 2 (2%)
Yes, $21-$40 a week. 6 (8%)
Yes, $41-$60 per week. 6 (8%)
Yes, more than $60 per week. 8 (10%)

To those of you who didn't get a raise, what do you attribute this to?


Texas Nanny said...

I didn't get a raise that I know of, and would be shocked if I did for two reasons.

1) I've been there only 10 months, not yet a full year.

2) The family had a second child in June, at which point I received a raise of $2/hr. I would be shocked if they gave me another raise, even in two months, because I feel adequately compensated already. Some agency nannies in my area make more than I do, but they work for much wealthier families as well. I'm perfectly happy at my current rate.

A nanny who cares said...

As far as I know I am not getting a raise, which is why I answered no in the survey. I am thinking I won't get a raise because we never talked about me getting one. I know both parents took substantial pay cuts this year and also will not be receiving a raise in the near future. I know I deserve a raise, but they treat me well and do little things through-out the year to show me they appreciate my hard work and love for their children, so that is enough for me for now. I know in this economy I'm lucky to have a job at all!

chinanny said...

I didn't get a raise, however my job got considerably easier this year with both kids in school. I'm grateful they kept me on and didn't try to add to my duties or cut my pay.

Happy Nanny said...

I have been with the family 9 years, and received my last raise almost three years ago when the fourth child was born. I didn't expect a raise because I am already receiving a very high salary. I received a big bonus, and I get a lot of paid time off when the family travels. My job is becoming easier as the older children become more independent, and I love this family. I have no complaints!

vivi said...

No wonder you nannies get walked all over. Your experience continues to grow and you should get at the minimum a cost of living raise yearly!

TC said...

I got a 50 dollar a week raise...because I asked.

I have been with the family for 3 yrs and never officially got a raise simply because my 'year' was up they both coincided with other things like one child going to school part time and another time because they had a baby.

This year was different, I had moved to another place and found out the hard way that the bills at the new place were drastically higher than the new place than advertised and then other things I couldn't avoid like car and health insurance went up so I just flat out asked. I'm sure that wasn't the most professional thing to do but I just explained that my bills had climbed pretty high and that I could no longer take money out of savings to cover them and asked for a raise. I offered to do extra work around the house and they took me up on the offer.

I had actually only asked for an extra 25 a week but thankfully for me they offered 50 a week, I do of course have extra chores but they aren't really that bad and although I complain at times overall I'm very pleased with the outcome.

Bostonnanny said...

The family I work for is trying to cut costs and giving me a raise is out of the question. instead we are doing a nanny share which works out great since I'll make $5 more and they save $5.

Black Orchid said...

I didn't get a raise, but I already make $20 an hour. They did improve my benefits. Now they pay 100% of my very expensive health care plan, rather than 75%, like they did before.

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

$20 per hour Black Orchid? Where do you live at? I am green with envy. I only make $10 per hour for one child and I live in Southern Cali. How many kids do you watch?
TC, I think it is okay to ask for a raise. People in corporations are encouraged to do so, so why shouldn't us nannies? The worst they can say is NO.

TC said...

Justmytwocents the reason I said I handled it wrong is you are supposed to ask for a raise based on your job performance not because you need it to cover your living expenses. BUT this is a nanny job and most jobs like mine are informal so I felt that it was ok to lay my cards out on the table.

You need to move to Texas, granted I watch 2 kids (one full time, the other 2 days a week) but I make more than you and I actually make somewhat on the low end of the scale, I know nannies who bring in 20 an hour or more in this area.

BeantownNanny said...

$10 an hour for your area seems very low but maybe I'm wrong? I'm in Boston and I make $17 an hour for one child and no housecleaning besides washing bottles and the babies laundry. I didn't get a raise, didn't ask for one and certainly did not expect one seeing I haven't worked a full year yet. I did get a very generous cash bonus for the holidays and work for an amazing family so I am still very grateful.

petra said...

$10 an hour is piddly. Are you in some backwoods town in California like Ontario? $15 is the average hourly nanny salary out here.

TinyDancer said...

I actually got 2 raises this year. $1.70/hr in the summer and another $.50/hr for part of my Christmas "bonus". I make really good money for a nanny in our area.

Bostonnanny said...

Beantown nanny,

Did you find your job through an agency? Did you search for months or did you luck out and find someone from the south end/back bay? I make $15 for one child but will make $20 as part of a nanny share. I was just wondering because I'm not sure what's gonna happen after a year when the contract is up. I know for sure one child is going to preschool. I want to get the ball rolling and make sure I'm looking in the right area and in the right social network.

Bostonnanny said...

Just my two cents,

I feel from all your previous posts throughout the months, you have been settling for families. $10 for a college educated nanny with years of experience raising her own children and nannying, is horribly low. Your not some 18year old girl out of hs, your a grown woman. You need to start searching and get a contract. I know you don't want one but maybe that's why your being taken advantage of, your not presenting yourself professionally. Since I started the nanny share I've made a new contract and added some clauses to protect myself, I also didn't push it to much and they got a really great deal. But I know when I start fresh with completely new employers I'm gonna ask for much more. If they can't afford to pay you decent wage and some benefits then they can't afford a nanny.

Beantown Nanny said...

I've never gone through an agency. I've actually had the most luck with

I didn't spend too much time looking for a job. I went on a few interviews in the back bay/south end area and a couple in Brookline but I don't drive so I stick to the city. I felt like I had a couple of options to choose from so I didn't feel desperate to take a job that I wouldn't enjoy and ended up accepting a position in the South End with an amazing family. Unfortunately that family moved out of State (they didn't know they would have to move when hiring me.) Luckily I found a new job right away with amazing friends of theirs that I had met through bringing the baby to classes. The family had also put that I was looking for a job on a popular blog site. Working in the back bay area and bringing kids to the local music classes and play groups I know most of the moms so even getting supplementary babysitting jobs have been really easy.

Bostonnanny said...


That's awesome, I've had similar luck in Cambridge, Somerville for babysitting. Word of mouth travels faster! I never settle but lately when I've been looking,it seems like no one wants to pay more then 10/12 per hour. I'm becoming worried but maybe I'll start hitting up some activities in the south end/ beacon hill since I can drive and we are located walking distance to peters park. We've been going to activities in the cambridge/Arlington/Somerville area a little to long because I live around there and know all the child friendly locations. Time to branch out!

NotSureYet said...

Last year, I got a $2.50/hr net pay rise after working for the family for one year. Around 6 months later, I had to talk to my employers about some issues and I mentioned how I didn't think they appreciated me. Next thing I know, they gave me a $15,000/year increase. So, now I make just over $30/hr after taxes. Am not sure what I will get this year, though I'm pretty good at negotiating!