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Received Friday, January 28, 2011
opinion 1 I have been a nanny for several different families and all of them different. I am now in a position where I am very happy and would like to please my boss by putting together a solid daily schedule for her 9 month old boy. Right now it's very cold out so we don't go outside but luckily I work in a big building with lots of friendly people and other nannies. He has a solid feeding/napping schedule which works great for him but for in between those times I am looking for help designating time slots for reading, music, physical activity to maximize his learning potential. I know this seems like a no-brainer task but I am looking for some interesting and different ideas. He is a very smart, and advanced little 9 month old boy who is a joy to work with and I'd like to make sure that he is getting the best of me, and that his parents are getting their $'s worth as I get paid a very good pay check and have very caring employers who treat me with the utmost respect. Any suggestions, opinions etc would be helpful and thanks in advance!


LovingNanny said...

Why don't you just let him be a baby? Let him explore his surrounding without putting learning pressure on him. Is the only reason you feel the need to schedule out every hour of his day because his parents pay you well and you want to show them what a great nanny you are?
I don't see the need to maximize his learning potential. Babies are curious and will learn on their own.
Give him time to learn. Don't overtax the little boy mentally.
Show him that you are there for him and give him different options with his toys and books.
He is a little baby not even a year old. He should be allowed to be doing what he wants without having to follow a schedule. That will start early enough.

Good luck!

Bostonnanny said...

The schedule I followed with my charge when he was a baby was eat, floor play, stories, infant massage, swing then nap, eat, baby yoga, then we started from the begining again.

You don't need to do "educational" activities with an infant because everything they do is educational. Just taking him for a walk is a great activity..

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

I am a firm believer in "Learning Through Play" for kids of all ages. I think that any of the following would be terrific daily activities:

Floor time, allowing him to work his big muscles moving stretching and reaching for toys

Music time, dancing or singing while moving around with you, shaking a rattle or rhythm eggs to music - expose him to all sorts of music

Book time, looking at pictures, reading stories, talking about what he sees. Can you get library books for him?

Daily playdates with other nannies and kids so he can start to learn social skills and play next to other kids

Solo play time, allowing him to self entertain for 5 - 10 minutes in a safe place while you sit nearby

It's tough when you can't go outside to explore, but I am sure there is plenty to do to engage him! Everything is a learning experience at this age, after all!

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another nanny said...

I'm not sure if the question is more about scheduling or more about specific activities. But reading is a great pre-nap activity, because it is quiet and calming and a good cue for rest time. Active play is great before an infant's second nap, because it tires them out.
However, as he's an infant, I think you're better off following his cue and what he's interested in on any particular occasion. You might try planning a daily outing (even just a walk) during the time of day when he is most alert.

liz said...

Why don't you take him outside? In Sweden we take the kids in prescools age 1-5 outside playing for at least 4 hours a day. It is about -10C all winter, and the winter is from oct til april. When it is raining we also go outside to play in the summer.

Here in new york most people seem to think it is too cold to go outside if it is 32F and 5 inches of snow on the street, and the parents dont even buy winter clothes for the kids.

TheOriginalDenverNanny said...

Valid point liz-- great article about this:

I was trying to figure out the "safe" temps fors my charges during a cold snap here in Denver... bundle up and seems like you're good!

And the pre-service teacher inside me can't help but say READ! Any and every book--nonfiction and poetry too! Reading a variety of genres from birth has a significant impact on later succes in school :)