.... WHAT?!

1) Alternative family seeks live-in fulltime Nanny/Housekeeper (Oregon)
Mother: exotic dancer, nude model, artist, comedienne, student
Father: musician, rock star, comedian, student
Daughter: 2.5 years, brilliant, dancer, comedienne

We are seeking a full time, live-in nanny. We both go to school and work and enjoy a night out on the town, so we are seeking a person experienced with toddlers, especially with interaction and correct discipline. Must have valid drivers license, and be somewhat of a homebody, since we will need you more often than not and don't want to interfere with social lives. Bi-lingual a plus. Also interested in non-english speakers.

You would have to drive me, the mother, to and from school and work and watch our daughter in the mean time, and also when we would like to have a night out. You would also have general housekeeping duties. You will get designated nights off, and be reimbursed in free rent (your own room), food, all utilities paid, a cellphone, a vehicle to use, and allowance; which will be discussed upon meeting.

If you think you can handle our creative family, and can seriously commit, then please send us an email. We will be moving into a new house in January and would like you to move in with us.
Please send your name, age, experience, a short bio about who you are and your expectations as our nanny. And also any questions you may have. Don't forget, we will need you a lot so please be able to commit and have few social obligations.
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BedriddenMissDee said...

I was thinking that a New Year's resolution for these parents is to think about what they can offer in terms of pay for nanny, including benefits. Apparently the holiday parties have clouded their judgment with confetti when it comes childcare and what they can afford.

I have missed this...what a great way to help cure my flu!

You Must Be Crazy! said...

I responded to the New Years about the mother and father who wanted a babysitter within the hour to watch their two kids while they "ran down the street" until 2am. I said...

You cannot be serious?! What parent in their right mind would post an ad on Craigslist at 9:00PM asking for a sitter to come to their house and watch their children for that same night (presumably within an hour or two). As a person who has worked in conjunction with law enforcement prosecuting perpetrators of crimes against children, I can tell you that this is irresponsible and downright dangerous! You are going to risk the safety of your children so that you can go out for a few hours and celebrate the new year?! I don't even care if your children are older and/or asleep. What if you child wakes up to find a stranger in their home? How terrifying! Not to mention you cannot possibly do your due diligence in checking out the provider, their references, their criminal history, their credentials...
No respectable provider would show up to a strangers home, knowing nothing about them, to watch unknown children late at night!

I hope to God that nobody responded to your post and that you stayed home and took care of your own children. Next time PLAN is a tip: New Year's Eve is in 364 days (same time).

Absolutely disgusting!

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

There have been some horrifying Craigslist stories nationally lately and the FBI advises people to meet in a public place initially. So far is has only been people stealing expensive items like cars and jewelry, but I predict it will only be a matter of time before we hear of some child getting harmed due to a parents not properly screening a babysitter/nanny.
People need to understand the CL is a free public website and that anyone these days can access it. Even those that do not own a computer can always access one at the public library for free.
CL can be great for the free advertising, but as with anything in life..people need to practice common sense and do their homework.

Hobo Wanted said...

Wow. Why don't people just write in the ad: "Hobo wanted to provide sub-par care for our child in exchange for practically nothing."

Sheesh. It is super scary.

Kelly Star said...

@Just My Two Cents-

Its not just the children who have to be worried about improper screening. Nannies need to meet in a safe location for interviews. There have been women that have been killed before or attacked when going to an interview off of CL.

FireWoman said...

These adds never cease to amaze me! I can't believe people have the nerve to expect professional childcare with references and etc etc for below minimum wage!

Also, indentured servitude/slavery is illegal in the US. That's what some of these morons are trying to get. Telling someone that they have to work for 40+ hours per week, and all they get in exchange is room and board? That's indentured servitude! Not cool!

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

Yes, Kelly Star, I agree. It actually happened a few years ago. A young woman went to answer a nanny ad and she had told her room mate that something seemed weird about the man she spoke with, yet she really needed the $$ for a trip so she went. Later on, she was found in the trunk of a car, killed. ;(
When I use CL, about 5% of the families are willing to meet me at a local coffee shop for our interview. The rest usually don't want to pack up the kids and want to just interview me in the comfort of their homes. Those are the families that are a red flag for me. They obviously do not take into account the nanny's feelings.

Be Safe said...

I agree that it can be very dangerous. While I do not always meet in a public place I do research the parents (there is a good deal of information you can find out about someone if you are savvy enough). In addition, I leave the location of the interview and other pertinent information with my best friend, mom, or another person close with me. If I do not call within 1.5 hours of my interview time they are to call me and make sure everything is fine. It's not a surefire way of not getting killed, but I think it is due diligence.

I wouldn't mind meeting in a coffee shop but I do like seeing the families home environment etc.

Correction said...


Nanny nanny bo banny said...

i cant believe these craigslist postings. stupid parents and even stupider nannies/babysitters if you even respond showing interest in the position. its sad and dangerous, and senseless...."yes, i'd love to work overtime (40+ hours/week and make $100)." yeah right! if you cant afford to pay for in home childcare, there is something called daycare. even better, if you are that broke ($2.50/hr!!!?!?!?!?) there is something called contraception...

Samantha said...

*or welfare.

Ana Paula said...

I was very afraid of returning to work after the expiration of a leave-materniade (here in Brazil we women have the right to 4 months leave). Do not want to leave my daughter with a nanny or in daycare, because I learned from my parents to care for ourselves and our children's education, but I know this is not always possible. My husband and I have always worked outside the home, but I decided to leave my job in 2009. I'm 26 years old, and my husband are 33 years and today he (my husband) started working at home via the Internet. Currently, we are able to work from home while participating in the growth of our little girl - now she's almost 5 months old. I am in favor of the parents live together with their children the most, especially while they are small and the phase of intense growth and learning. When you need to hire a nanny, I believe it is desirable to find a person who loves children and who has been a mother, or who has enough experience and good recommendations. Here in Brazil we have had several cases of nannies who looked after us very well not babies, so there were some problems, but many are excellent babysitters and caregivers pay attention and affection to babies.

Ana Paula