12 Most Ridiculous Baby Trends of Today

Thursday, January 6, 2011
12 Most Ridiculous Baby Trends of Today
Who hasn’t chuckled at strange things done by parents – or been a parent that did something others thought was ridiculous? Everyone has their opinion on babies, and there are so many different healthy parenting styles that families can adopt. But then, there are some things that really go over the top. Here, we examine 12 of the craziest baby trends out there today.

1) Baby gender cakes: Sparked by the Duggars on the Today Show, some parents-to-be are now asking bakers to get in on the big reveal, creating cakes that are either blue or pink on the inside with white icing outside. Together, parents and family members cut into the cake to find out the gender of their baby. Some even choose to throw a party for the occasion.....

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world's best nanny said...

Those baby cakes are silly, I guess having children when you are a Dugger has become so common place that'll you'll buy into anything to jazz it up.

Diamond binkies?? WTF? Now you have to have an insurance policy for binkies??

Babies on a diet? They are going to need that extra padding when they start moving around.

Okay, when I first saw the denim diapers I thought they were cute. Now, not so much.

Diaper free parents own carpet shampooers.

Never seen a scary shower cake, don't wanna.

LOL with the wee block. Get a clue people.

Why is it that no one diets slowly? It is the safest way to go, and it makes it hard to gain it all back.

If you are putting pumps on your baby girls, shame on you! They'll have time in the future to grow corns, and bunions of their own.

Personal Trainer? Playground? Which would you choose?

Village said...

I'm not fond of the Duggers, but If one is going to tell the sex of the baby at a party, then I think using the color of the cake is an awfully cute way to do it. We have wedding cakes, why not baby cakes?

Nanny in AZ said...


I am with you - I think the baby cake is totally cute! :)

Love the cake said...

Pink or blue baby cake? What a cute idea and special way to announce the sex! Just think how special it would be to tell your mom and dad by having them cut into te cake!