Sportech in Rye, NY

Received Friday, December 17, 2010
nanny sighting 7 Nanny growing impatient with child, blonde, brown eyes, large, regular build. Child may have had ADD. He was not listening to nanny in the store. She left holding his black and grey jacket really tightly. The nanny is jamaican as i heard her accent and could tell. She was wearing a white sweater with pearls on the collar. She has a very defined jaw line, wore no make up and had a strange hair style where her bangs looked like they were permed but the rest of her hair was slick to her head. That is all i have. Poor little boy. Besides his black and grey jacket and blond hair, i didnt notice much else about him. Sportech in rye, ny. I saw her bend over and say something to him but could not hear it. He started crying. I saw them again at family discount about ten minutes later and i saw her grab the child by his head to take him away from to toy aisle.


Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

Poor child. I hope the parents see this.

MissMannah said...

"Child may have had ADD"?!? What right have you to possibly diagnose a child you seem to have barely looked at? A child was ignoring his nanny and she was growing frustrated with him. Hmm, that sounds like a Normal Situation to me. Granted, the nanny may have reacted badly but to be honest, after your pseudo-diagnosis, I really can't take a word of your post seriously.