Recognizing Great Childcare

Received Friday, December 17, 2010
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Philadelphia, PA
Childcare Provider:
PreSchool Plus
I know this blog is primarily for nanny sightings and issues, but there are a lot of wonderful day care providers out there, and I wanted to take a moment to appreciate ours. We have three kids under 4, all of which attend daycare at PreSchool Plus. The facilities are not the most impressive in the world, but the caregivers are WONDERFUL. I can't say how many times I have shown up to see my kids snuggling in a caregiver's lap being read a story or seen them run to give a hug or a "high five" to their favorite teacher in the morning. It is a true gift to be able to go to work knowing that my kids will be taken care of by such good people.


Playing Nice said...

That is so true OP. It's truly priceless to be able to leave your child in the morning and go off to work, knowing your child is well cared for and loved while you are away. I wish more parents thought like this and paid their nannies a better salary. There is no price tag on the safety and happiness a child receives while the parents are at work.
Kudos to this great school!~

Jacqui said...

I love this because I worked in daycare for 8 years. I left because the pay was so horrible and, even though it's a great job for a high school kid, it was tough to be 24 years old making 6.50 an hour. However, if I made what I make as a nanny, I'd still be working in daycare. In my 8 years, I worked primarily with infants and toddlers. We took 6 weeks to 6 years. For three years I worked in "the infant room" as the "head caregiver" (I know, trivial title in the scheme of things, but as far as pink collar day care working is concerned its elite) and I would literally tear up on friday afternoons when we would close for the weekend. I loved all the babies and every woman I worked with felt exactly the same way. We formed amazing bonds with the parents (nevermind the babies we loved so much!) and every morning when they dropped their little ones off, they were ok going to work knowing their children were being taken care of.

We had so many loving caregivers employed there and I truly believe that's the majority. We hear horror stories about daycare and there are still a lot of old school types around (mainly grandmas, rightly so, different generation) that are very opposed to daycares and working moms in general, but as someone who was a daycare provider and now a nanny, I can vouche for daycare centers and argue against the stigma against them.

OP said...

Op here. I just wanted to add an addendum. My youngest (3 months) just started today -- I realized that I had forgotten her her bottles and had to come back shortly after I left. She was already being snuggled by one of the staff and having a "conversation" (talking back and forth with an adult, which she loves). Very heartwarming for a working parent who loves her kids. Thank you to Preschool Plus and all the other wonderful caretakers out there!