Amy Montessori Brookfield, WI

Received Tuesday, November 30, 2010
nanny sighting 7 Nanny Sighting!
Amy Montessori Brookfield, WI
Noon (pick up)
Monday, 11/29/10
Description: Maybe she was Grandma but I don't know there are nannies there who look like grandmothers. She had short gray hair, glasses. She was wearing a red fleece that zipped up. She also had glasses. She drove a gray Toyota car. I wrote down the license plate number. She had two little girls. The older one was wearing a pink coat with a brown hood and a white hat with pink flowers. I only could see the one year old's head (you'll see why as you read on) but she was wearing a cute pink crochet looking hat.
What Happened:
Grandma/Nanny left the little one in the car for a good five plus minutes while she retrieved the older one from school. Sometimes it takes five minutes to get out of that school; sometimes 20! You never know! The younger child was awake by the way. I said something out loud and my charge looked and said "you do not leave babies in cars!"


OP said...

Are you saying it wasn't wrong of her? I think it was wrong. OR are you saying I made it up?

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you call the police? That's what I usually do. Same when I see a car where kids are not buckled in or not in car seats.
I don't think it's ever ok to leave kids in the car alone, especially in that age, so if the story is true, it definitely is a bad nanny/grandparent sighting.

MissMannah said...

Viv, I think it is a big effing deal, for several reasons:

1. It can get really cold in Wisconsin...or anywhere else this time of year.

2. If the car is left running (so the heat can be left on), some random crazy can just drive off with the baby.

3. You might be thinking "It's in front of a school! People will notice!" No they won't. Pick-up time is very busy and every single school I've worked at has a specific rule stating you may not leave your children in your car because they will not be held liable. Same for any valuables that might get stolen in the parking lot.

Come on people! Don't be stupid with your children's lives! OP, maybe you can report this incident to the school's principal and she can alert the parents.

alex said...

why are you attacking op? I definitely don't think it is made up and I do think it is a big deal. You don't leave babies in cars at anytime especially at the end of November! Not to mention it is illegal and in a lot of places police will break into cars if they see babies left alone

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

Good that you got the license plate number OP!! Maybe you can track the owner and find out if it was indeed that Grandma. I do not think it was a nanny, but I could be wrong here. Anyways, the child could have been kidnapped and this woman is def crazy and lazy. Hope someone sees this soon.

world's best nanny said...

Hey, I've seen children in the front seat with a binky plugging their 5 or 6 year old mouths, no coat 35-40 degrees as nanny, mama, grandma, or whoever leaves the car running and runs into a liquor store! Or as we call'em hear packies. No matter how many license plates we get there is always going to be another idiot down the line pulling the same crap!

Bostonnanny said...

Call the cops and give them the licence plate also tell them the school and times, so maybe they can catch her in the act.

I personally would ask the school who they are and ask for them to say something to the parents. I would also prob say something to her face but that's me and I can be confrontational.

On side note, there are automatic starters that shut off as soon as you open a door so no one can drive off that easily. I have one in my car.

Phoenix said...

The world is a sad place now. I remember when leaving kids in cars was ok. My parents did it all the time to me and my sister. We never did anything wrong, we sat quietly until they returned.

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

I remember my parents did the same to me too Phoenix..but you're right. The world is a much different place now. I also remember riding my bicycle without abandon in remote canyons..something truly unheard of in this day and age. :(

oh well said...

I don't think it is such a different place. It is just that people's attitudes change. OP, before calling the cops, how about trying to talk to
Grandma/Nanny and telling her your concern? It is a hassle to get kids from school with a baby in tow. Judging and pointing fingers is easy, but we all make mistakes.