Vivian Elementary School and Preschool in Arvada, Co

Thursday, October 7, 2010
nanny sighting 7
Not really a nanny, but a home daycare provider, I believe.
When: today, and every morning Tuesday-Thursday, between 8-8:20.
Where: Vivian Elementary School and Preschool in Jefferson County, 25th and Kipling, Arvada Colorado
Description: Caucasian woman in her mid-thirties, about 5'6", shoulder length blond, and heavy-set. She drives a silver Toyota minivan
Incident: This woman is accompanied by 4-7 children (varies by the day). 2 kids are 5-6 years and 2 are preschool age, 2 are 12-18 month old, and one is an infant, maybe 9 months. One of the older children she is dropping off for preschool. In theory, they could all be hers, but based on the varied ages and physical characteristics, I doubt it. In addition, I've heard some of the older kids refer to her by her first name in the past, though at the time I had no reason to try to remember it.
At the beginning of the school year, she would bring all the kids to wait for the preschool door to open at 8:15 (using a double stroller for the younger ones). However, recently, she's been leaving all the kids (except the one she's dropping off) in the car. Just this week, the kids spent at least 10 minutes in the car on each of 2 separate days. The preschool is housed in modular building behind the school, so this woman was out of sight of her van for a minimum of 5 minutes to drop the preschooler off. And again, that's being generous--it always takes me at least 10 minutes to walk my preschooler around the school, get him checked in, and walk all the way back around. Even though it has been in the mid 50's-low 60's in the morning, it is inappropriate and somewhat reckless to leave an infant and toddlers with only another child for supervision in a parking lot. And this is Colorado: in another few weeks it will probably be below 30 at this time in the morning. The oldest child I have seen in the car was between 5-6, 7 would be generous.


UniDad said...

Wow. Good sighting, OP. This is dangerous not only because of weather conditions, but also because even one minute out of sight of the home care provider is a minute where something can happen to one of the kids. Choking, accidently putting the car in gear (hopefully she has the keys, but she's already shown she's neglectful), ANYTHING could happen. I even hate to bring it up because some people on this site get all bent out of shape, but someone could also grab one of the kids. I know it's the least likely to happen, but yes, it can and does happen. Thanks for posting!

Phoenix said...

when I was growing up our caregiver would always leave us in her van. There were about 8 of us kids. Once while we were in the parking lot we set off the van alarm system that triggered other alarms to go off. LOL. didn't stop her from leaving us again, we were just under strict orders not to mess around.
I say good sighting. Because this day and age we never know what lurks around the corner

you get what you pay for. said...

can't leave children in the vehicle. end. of. story.

good siting. although it is certain that the mother in question would not be concerned. After all, she skimped on childcare, which says a great deal about her.

another nanny said...

When I think about the hassle of getting 7 young kids out of the car to run a kid into preschool for 5 or 10 minutes, I understand the temptation to leave them in the car. When I think about what 6 youngs kids could do in 10 unsupervised minutes in a vehicle, there's really no way I could justify doing that.

tc said...

Op video tape the incident on your phone and take it to the police. Mmake sure you get the license plate as well. It varies state to state but there are laws about leaving kids in vehicles. There is also child care minimum standards that states a caregiver can not leave a child unattended. If she's legal then she's violated the states standards

alex said...

Wow! Is there anyway you can ask the preschool who the child is and find a way to contact their parents? I understand it is often much easier to leave the kids in the car but at those ages that is MUCH too young! And it is probably way too cold, or will be soon!

oh well said...

This mom/caregiver needs to find a solution. Maybe talk to someone in the school first? She might work an arrangement with another mom or teacher.

OP said...

OP here:
I am a nanny and I am always accompanied by my other charge, who is two. Between my charge and her many who would observe the conversation, I am hesitant to approach the woman directly. And, not going to lie, I was/am nervous about reporting this to one of the teachers I see everyday, as well, I am "just" the nanny... This is a preschool that is literally just the two classrooms and I think the adminstration office is located in the main school building, but I'm not sure. As some of the posters have mentioned, I could call the school and I actually be shortly. Thanks for your input!

Me-A said...

Yeah report the woman to the police and take away her income, possibly give her a record and destroy her life because she is trying to make ends meet. REALLY?

Maybe approach her and offer her a few suggestions in a non-confrontational way. Maybe she can ask someone to keep an eye on the van or as someone else suggested, work something out with the school. She probably doesn't really see the harm in what she's doing. I remember being left alone in the car for 10-15 minutes as a child.

Just casually walk up to her one day and say something like
"Hi my name is X I'm a nanny too. Did you know you can possibly get in trouble with the law if the children are left unattended in the car even for a few minutes? Perhaps you can work something out and have a aid come out and receive the child or something?"

No need to tape the woman and put her on America's Most Wanted or anything.