Most of you love your employers!

Monday, October 18, 2010
111 of you voted in our last sidebar poll. To those of you, (the majority), what exactly is it you love about your employers?

Nannies-how do you feel about your employers?
I love them! 55 (49%)
Love the children tolerate the parents. 25 (22%)
No feelings either way. 4 (3%)
I'm not a fan. 11 (9%)
We have a solid work relationship, but no more. 16 (14%)

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Manhattan Nanny said...

What I love about my employers:
They are loving and involved parents.
We have good communication,
They give me the freedom to make my own plans for the day, scheduling the classes, play dates and activities I want to do with the children.
We are on the same page when it comes to behavior and manners, and they back me up.
They really value what I do and it is great to feel appriciated!

HappyNanny said...

What I love about my past and current family:
They love their children with all of their hearts and actually WANT to spend time with them.
They appreciate everything I do for them.
They support my goals in life outside of nannying while knowing that I love and adore their children.
They make me feel like a member of the family, and are there for me like family when I need support.
They are genuinely WONDERFUL PEOPLE.
=) I feel so lucky to be able to say this about two families.

BostonAreaNanny said...

They love their children. They are ready to play the second they get home from work. They are incredible loving parents.
They regularly thank me for all I do. I know I am appreciated.
They don't question my judgment.
They support me 100% in all decisions I make.
They have excellent communication with me.
They have been a huge support system for me in times of need emotionally.
They are encouraging me to follow my life-long goals and dreams.
They allow me to plan all activities without question.
They are allowing me to play an integral part in the raising of their children, in the sense that they encourage a strong bond and do not feel threatened by me. They want what is best and it is clear to see that.
They are amazing! I feel so fortunate to have them and am thankful that they feel fortunate to have me.

Bostonnanny said...

I wouldn't say I love my family but I have a wonderful professional relationship and love the child.
They pay me on time and above average pay for a nanny in my area. Never are late and always pay for any overtime. I am allowed to plan each day and take the child wherever I want by car, or public transit. I have no housework that isn't related to the child and have never been asked to do anything.
The parents are both doctors but make sure to spend everynight and weekend with their child and take him out on playdates. They love him and only use childcare while they work(40hrs a week).
I never leave work worried that he isn't getting the attention he deserves while I'm gone. I know that when I move on, that he will forget me but his relationship with his family is strong and he will have a happy life.

Anannywhocares said...

I love the family of work with because they treat me with live and respect! They are very flexible with me when I need anything and I am the same way with them. They thank me multiple times every day and make sure to acknowledge all that I do for them. When I am there, I have complete control over the children even if the parents are home, they tell their children to ask me if something is ok. They ask my advice on issues relating to the children and act accordingly. They pay me on time and usually extra as well. They get me presents for every occasion and even gave my fiance presents when we bought our first home and became engaged. I am so thankful for the relationship I have with them and truly feel end are a team raising their amazing children!

Jeggins said...

I call shenanigans on this one. Perhaps some parents trying to make themselves look good or something? I don't know, lol. I don't love mine, and I don't know anyone who genuinely loves's a job.

BostonAreaNanny said...

To Jeggins:

I'm sorry that you feel that way. I can honestly say that I look forward to work every day. It's not just a "job" to me. I genuinely love what I do. I am grateful that I do have such amazing employers. Everything I said about my job situation is the honest truth. I even left some stuff out because I didn't want to go on for too long about how awesome they are!

Another happy nanny said...

"I don't know anyone who genuinely loves's a job".

Now that is just sad. I know a whole circle of nannies who work for families they love, but of course there are horror stories about employers as well. I am lucky to be in a large city where there is a high demand for professional nannies, so we have more choice when it comes to jobs.

Jeggins said...

I love what I do. I love the children.

Unfortunately, the parents also love what I do, so much in fact, that they find any reason NOT to be parents. Why waste the time on that when they have me, right?

Sorry, just frustrated. I would have great conversation with these people dinner or in a bar. As 'employers', well...different story.

Jeggins said...

*At dinner